2018: Bitcoin Isn’t The Bubble – The Global Financial System Is

Pretty much every article you read about bitcoin in the mainstream press ends up in the same place. You may not hear it until the seventh or eighth paragraph, but eventually, you’ll be told that the whole thing is nothing more than a modern-day “tulip bubble.” The more creative types will also throw around the South Sea or the Mississippi Bubble. You get the point. The consensus among the very smart experts is unanimous: bitcoin is clearly and indisputably a gigantic bubble that’s set to burst. I’ve been hearing this since the early days of getting involved in the space back in 2012. But I’m not convinced. For one thing, bubbles don’t do what bitcoin has done since its inception in 2009. During my 10-year tenure on Wall Street, I saw several bubbles grow and then burst, and one thing you learn is that an actual bubble rises like […] Read More

2018: Elite Globalists Will Engineer Financial Collapse And Blame Bitcoin

By Mac Slavo Every single financial collapse has been engineered by elitists and governments as a method of gaining the public’s support for more control over their money supply. Now one YouTuber has the guts to say it and boldly declares that those same globalists will blame bitcoin for a biblical level financial collapse. The Dollar Vigilante YouTube channel isn’t walking on eggshells in their video titled “The Globalist Plan To Blame Bitcoin For Biblical Level Collapse.” The video starts off with a harsh dose of reality that many won’t like: They won’t teach you in your government schools but every major economic and financial collapse is planned. It doesn’t happen by accident. Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante [embedded content] Berwick doesn’t mince words later either, and he says that the government and other globalists already have plans to collapse the economy and blame Bitcoin. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has also stated […] Read More

2014: An Important Federal Bitcoin Decision Happened Today

By Luke Rudkowski Luke Rudkowski covers the sentencing of Charlie Shrem, a well-known bitcoin entrepreneur who received two years in federal prison because his company BitInstant sold bitcoins to a user who then sold them to Silk Road users. Apparently this is considered money laundering in the Bitcoin world. Rudkowski explains why this precedent-setting case is so important. Visit WeAreChange.org

2014: Payment Processors, Patents and a Dollop of Healthy Paranoia

Coindesk asks “Do Patent Filings from eBay and Western Union Pose a Threat to Bitcoin?” I feel the question is in and of itself missing the point. To explain this fully, I have to share a little bit about myself, particularly my weaknesses. I’m the type of person who is very knowledgeable about his strengths and his weaknesses, but sometimes I don’t see my strength for what it is, and that is tantamount to a weakness in a highly competitive environment. Case in point, in discussing whether or not competing patents have been filed for smart contract transaction processes by those who seek to be in my space with my contract engineer (a very skilled software architect and IP attorney), I displayed what I considered a healthy level of paranoid concern. I found it hard to believe that no one bothered to patent the most innovative, disruptive and groundbreaking […] Read More

2013: Bitcoin Soars Above $600: Rises 20% In One Day Ahead Of Senate Hearing

While the relentless multiple expansion (if not so much earnings growth and certainly not revenue contraction) looks set to push all three main stock indices over the key psychological levels of 16000, 1800 and 4000, with the all-time bubble high on the Nasdaq increasingly looking like the next big target, the stock market mania has nothing on Bitcoin, which only yesterday crossed $500 for the first time ever, and as of this morning is already 20% higher, having just crossed $600 minutes ago. Which means that anything prices in Bitcoin has entered a bear market in just the past day. How high BTC goes, is nobody’s guess (Raoul Pal had a truly stunning price target): once the buying frenzy kicks in, step aside, especially since China is increasingly looking like it may be jumping on board the latest mania. So is there any catalyst that has driven a more […] Read More