Social Security Declares 9,000 Americans Dead Each Year Who Aren’t

Can you imagine what would happen if you were at the grocery store checkout and your credit card was flagged for fraud? Not only could you not buy food for you and yours, you’d then have to go down to your bank or call to get things straightened out. Only, what would you do if your bank told you there was nothing anyone could do because the government had officially declared you dead to the system? Apparently this happens […] Read More

Social Security shelled out $17 bn in overpayments for disability benefits

Social Security’s own watchdog found waste, fraud and abuse in its disability program, citing cases where benefits had been paid to disqualified, imprisoned and deceased people. Over 15 million disabled Americans rely on the soon-to-be-insolvent program. A 10-year study by the Social Security Administration Inspector General’s office found $17 billion in overpayments of disability benefits. Recipients were found to include people who earned too much to qualify for the program or were no longer disabled, as well as those […] Read More

Expanding Social Security Is the Cheapest Way to Bring More Security to America’s Retirees

There are many ways to spread the cost of better benefits. Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from a new book, “Social Security Works! Why Social Security Isn’t Going Broke and How Expanding It Will Help Us All,” published by The New Press, 2015, all rights reserved. Order a copy here.)  How should the costs of an expanded Social Security be shared without unduly burdening anyone? There are numerous options, all quite affordable, reasonable, good policy, and fair. […] Read More

Almost Every Slice of American Society Wants To Strengthen Social Security Except Washington Insiders

Most Americans want better benefits, and they agree on how to pay for them. As strengthening Social Security becomes a higher profile issue in a handful of toss-up U.S. Senate races, a new poll of likely 2014 voters in those states and nationwide finds overwhelming support to boost benefits by taxing all Americans equally. “We tested in this research the idea of increasing Social Security benefits and paying for that by having wealthy Americans pay the same [income tax] […] Read More

Will Obama Abandon Tens of Millions of Seniors to Get a Budget Deal with Right-Wing Republicans?

Are cuts to Social Security and Medicare on the table? The next few days may be the most perilous for ordinary Americans in Obama’s presidency, as the White House is looking for a deal with far-right Republicans that takes Obamacare off the budget-cutting table, reopens the federal government and raises its debt ceiling. As the government shutdown continues, Democrats have seen their approval ratings soar, prompting pollsters to say that the GOP will be punished in the next federal […] Read More

2013: There Is a Vast Oligarch Conspiracy Afoot to Destroy the Retirement Plans of Millions of Workers

Pretending public pensions are the primary cause of state budget problems allows greedheads and ideologues to distract attention from their beloved corporate welfare. As state legislatures prepare for their upcoming sessions, you will no doubt hear a lot about public pensions. More specifically, you will hear allegations that states are going bankrupt because of their pension obligations to public employees. These claims will inevitably be used to argue that states must renege on their pension promises to retirees. This […] Read More


THE MEANING OF ART. 1, §9, CL. 7, AND ITS APPLICATION TO SOCIAL SECURITY “[T]hese documents revealed the Conspiracy to cover up the legislative intent regarding Social Security, in order to exploit the confusion long enough to fraudulently induce America into a pension contract to justify the tax…We at NITE are laboring to present an exciting and comprehensive legal strategy with this information uncovered by Mr. Fitzgerald [sic], to carry a two pronged assault, which incorporates and embraces this ground-breaking […] Read More


    Today, everyday Americans are constantly confronted with greater and more frequent requests from all too many sources that they provide to the inquiring parties their “Number of the Beast,” the Social Security number (“SSN”). The examples of this modern day phenomenon are numerous and known to all. Many States are now moving to ostensibly require the display of SSNs upon drivers’ licenses. Public school officials demand that school age children obtain SSNs before those children may be enrolled […] Read More