2018: The United Nations Wants a New World Order in Less Than 12 Years

  Wikipedia states that “The United Nations replaced the League of Nations in 1945, after World War II. Almost every internationally recognized country is in the U.N.; as it contains 193 member states out of the 196 total nations of the world.”  (source) So when I read the title of this article about the UN wanting a one-world government or what we call, a New World Order (NWO), by 2030, I went to Wikipedia to see what they had to say about it. And this is what I found … I took special notice to how Wikipedia noted that in order for this world government to come to fruition, it would be through either violence or peace, which is something that most of us in the truth movement know to be true. But I was quite shocked to see that it was actually being admitted. This goes hand in hand […] Read More

2017: Scientists of the World Urge U.N. to Ban Nuclear Weapons

By Josh Mur With global conflicts on a steady slope upward, the increased military flexing from global superpowers, and the potential of modern nuclear weapons all considered, concerns regarding the possibility of a global nuclear fallout in the near future are not unrealistic. The chemical attacks carried out in Syria, the 59 tomahawk missiles the U.S. has fired at a Syrian airbase, Russia’s angry response to the U.S. airstrike — all events that have transpired in the last week alone. But what exactly would happen in the event of a global nuclear war? Theoretically, it begins with approximately 2600 American and Russian nuclear weapons being deployed at strategic points in Europe and North America in a matter of minutes. The resulting catastrophe causes the immediate deaths of tens — if not hundreds of millions of civilians in high populated areas. After decimating hundreds of cities, around 150 million tons […] Read More