2012: The NSA – Behind The Curtain

Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:54 PM By Deep_Thought Say hello to Mr Computer… As promised, today we will take an in-depth examination of the NSA‘s global intelligence gathering network. What you are about to read will come as an eye-opener and represents the current state of the NSA’s capabilities. Some of this will be expected, some of it will come as a shock. What you will learn is that the technology that underpins this global listening network is a lot more advanced than governments would have you know. Usually wrapped up in basic, generalized, descriptions the general public is kept blind to the current state of technological development. We will take this examination in three major parts. The first part will examine the core processing system. Once this part is understood, we can then look at how information flows to and from this core and where it is obtained […] Read More

1995: The Omega Agency

This is what one means when people say orders come from above the President???. The CIA and Omega Agency and are both set up similarly. Worldwide there are thousands that take their orders directly from the Omega Agency’s ruling council. The ruling council consists of 10 to 12 people, possibly including George Bush and many others like him. The driving force behind the New World Order???, they OA’s office is on Langley AFB. In a time of less than five das, they plan to establish their NWO, for lack of a better term. When President Reagan was shot, Alexander C. Haig made a statement to the press that  I’m in charge now.??? Shortly after, he was accused of various things that ruined his name politically. Members of Congress aware of his OA council position did this. If Reagan died, Bush would have been president and Haig as Secretary of […] Read More