The Sands Of Time

Alone, I walk the sands of time, The graying clouds, my thoughts of despair and loneliness. I seek shelter from this storm within myself. Delving deep, retreating from the darkness of pain and suffering. But the whipping winds of fear still build momentum. Michelle A. Guerin I wrote that poem sometime in the late 1970’s. For many years, it’s meaning had haunted me. It haunts me no more. *********************************************** On the southeasternmost tip of Long Island, lies the idyllic […] Read More

Philadelphia Experiment: Montauk Experiment

I first heard about the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments in 1991 when I hosted the television talk show “The Metaphysical Experience” in New York City. A friend had told me about Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek, all of whom claimed to have been involved in both experiments which according to them actually link. The Philadelphia Experiment was a time travel experiment that took place in Philadelphia Harbor in August of 1943. It was also an invisibility experiment. […] Read More

2013: Montauk Project Updates

Here we are in 2013 and the supposed never happen, thing is it’s still around for us to see. Here is some of the latest things I could find that is new….. DIA “Blucifer” Has Connections To The Montauk Project ByChris Geo on Feb 14, 2013 “Mustang,” aka Blucifer: No one’s asking for it to be removed despite DIA conspiracy theory By Patricia Calhoun Even before Denver International Airport opened in 1995, conspiracy theories were taking off– and they show no sign […] Read More

1997: Montauk Air Force Station == Active or Not?

(c) 1997 John A. Quinn  PO Box 106 Laytonville CA 95454 (707) 984-7178 email: All rights reserved ::: FORWARD ::: Camp Hero (Photo credit: SeeBeeW) I’ve conducted a two year investigation into allegations made by scientist Alfred Bielek, Preston Nichols & Peter Moon (authors of the Montauk Project book series) and other people regarding ultra-top-secret experiments carried out by clandestine units of government intelligence and military agencies, corporations such as A.I.L., Siemens/ITT, as well as certain divisions of […] Read More

Reptilians at Montauk

by Michelle A. Guerin On the southeastern most tip of Long Island, lies the idyllic fishing hamlet of Montauk, NY. Quiet and sparsely inhabited during the cold, wind-strifed months of winter, the town’s population swells each summer with the onslaught of tourists, fishermen and those fortunate to have season residence in this quaint seaside village. Many “day” visitors flock to see the historic landmark, the Montauk Lighthouse, commissioned by the “Father of Our Country”, George Washington. But there is […] Read More

2008: Who or What are the Montauk Boys?

Andy Pero – A Victim of the Illuminati’s ‘Super-Race’ Projects and Montauk Experiments 3/8/2008 Dr. Chris This short story is about Michael Andrew (Andy) Pero, a Montauk Boy and his first introduction into mind control. The details and research involved in the Montauk Mind Control Project can be quite traumatizing to those seeking an understanding of what Mind Control involves. The MK-Ultra program was first exposed through the freedom of information act and since then, an overwhelming amount of […] Read More