The Philadelphia Experiment

by Al Bielek Editor’s Note: Although we try to find interesting new stories for our readers, occasionally we come across a story that merits a re-printing or retelling. This article by Al Bielek is one of the most definitive works written concerning the Philadelphia Experiment. Hope you enjoy and I hope Mr. Bielek isn’t upset. The Philadelphia Experiment (U.S. Government designation “Project Rainbow“) had its origin in a feasibility study started in the early 1930’s at the University of Chicago (1931) and later moved to Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Studies. Involved in the Program at various times were renowned scientists that included Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. John von Neumann, Dr. Nikola Tesla, and others. Originally a theoretical study in methods to produce an “invisibility screen”, the first fully successful test in 1940 converted the program to a military project : “Project Rainbow”. As a military (Navy) program, a volunteer […] Read More


by Joe Turner Marshall’s “experiments” demonstrated that reflected light from an object could be refracted in such a way to create a mirage. This mirage would render that object transparent or invisible, a feat based on the statements made by an anonymous scientist who was given the cover name of “Dr. Rinehart,” by William Moore. Moore interviewed Rinehart who had met Allende but gave the eccentric the false name of “Franklin Reno,” derived from a road sign describing the distance from Franklin and Reno Pennsylvania. Rinehart claimed to have been one of the men who worked on some of the calculations for the Philadelphia Experiment and provided detailed scientific data up to a point. Marshall determined that if this data made no sense, did not ‘check out’, then the whole story would lose much credibility. Using the standard scientific method, Marshall carefully read Rinehart’s account and researched each scientific […] Read More

1996: The Current Whereabouts of the USS Eldridge

The Ship Tested in the Philadelphia Experiment ( reported by George Pantoulas ) The more I have correspondence with our new friend George, the more I begin to see that we have found the “Indiana Jones” of Greece. Once again, George surprises me by saying the ship used in the 1943 Invisibility Test, out of the Philadelphia Harbor, known to us as the Philadelphia Experiment is a ship now part of the Greek Navy, known as the “Leon”. So please find attached to this page, George’s account of the Eldridge in Greece including an interview with two Naval Officers that served on this ship. For those interested in contacting George directly, or to obtain copies of any film/video he has created, he can be reached at his email address at: Enjoy … what a story … ILLINOIS Date: Fri, 9 Feb 1996 19:51:42 -0200 To: From: “George […] Read More

The Sands Of Time

Alone, I walk the sands of time, The graying clouds, my thoughts of despair and loneliness. I seek shelter from this storm within myself. Delving deep, retreating from the darkness of pain and suffering. But the whipping winds of fear still build momentum. Michelle A. Guerin I wrote that poem sometime in the late 1970’s. For many years, it’s meaning had haunted me. It haunts me no more. *********************************************** On the southeasternmost tip of Long Island, lies the idyllic fishing hamlet of Montauk, NY. Quiet and sparsely inhabited during the cold, wind-strifed months of winter, the town’s population swells each summer with the onslaught of tourists, fishermen and those fortunate to have season residence in this quaint seaside village. Many “day” visitors flock to see the historic landmark, the Montauk Lighthouse, commissioned by the “Father of Our Country”, George Washington. But there is a darker side of Montauk Point […] Read More

Philadelphia Experiment: Montauk Experiment

I first heard about the Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments in 1991 when I hosted the television talk show “The Metaphysical Experience” in New York City. A friend had told me about Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek, all of whom claimed to have been involved in both experiments which according to them actually link. The Philadelphia Experiment was a time travel experiment that took place in Philadelphia Harbor in August of 1943. It was also an invisibility experiment. The goal of the US government was to make the navy ships invisible to defeat the German navy. Allegedly the Philadelphia experiment was our government’s first attempt at stealth technology, making a ship invisible to radar. The navy ship, US Eldridge purported became invisible for a period of time. The ship became invisible but the personnel couldn’t take the effects. When it materialized again, several hours later the bodies of […] Read More