Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition

No. 1, Autumnal Equinox 2001 John Dee by Alex Sumner Introduction John Dee was (with the possible exception of Francis Bacon) the first great English Magus. Although the exoteric world mainly remembers him as the leading Mathematician and Intellect of his generation, his magical credentials were impeccable. He was an expert in Astrology, and in Hermetic and Neo-platonic philosophy. His writings show an affirmed grasp of Alchemy, and show that he was aware that it was so much more […] Read More

An Australian Secret Society in the Global Environment

While documentation of the widespread existence of Satanic human sacrifice cults is lacking, evidence of other forms of systematic human sacrifice is available. Two examples in modern history are the Catholic Inquisition, a human sacrifice cult of a religious- theological nature, and the Third Reich, a human sacrifice cult of a military-political nature (an organized group driven by a well- elaborated theological doctrine, which for the Nazis was Aryan racial mysticism). The fact that the Catholic Inquisition and the […] Read More