The Illuminati and Proofs of Conspiracy

“Secrecy gives greater zest to the whole….The slightest observation shows that nothing will so much contribute to increase the zeal of the members of a secret union.” “…We must try to obtain an influence in…all offices which have any effect, either in forming, or in managing, or even in directing the mind of man.” “I have contrived an explanation which has every advantage, in inviting to Christians of every communion; gradually frees them from religious prejudices [and] cultivates the social virtues… My means are effectual and irresistible. Our secret Association works in a way that nothing can withstand.” – Adam Weishaupt (from Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy The Illuminati Exposed Mysterious Beginnings (1) Islamic Parallels “Sufi historian Indries Shah traces the name of the Illuminati back to a verse in the Koran which mentions a shining star…” – Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger “The term ‘Illuminati’ was used by […] Read More

Secret Space – Illuminatis Conquest of Space

A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation’s links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies. This film exposes NASA’s secret space programme controlled by senior Occultists. We analyse UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials. Featuring DAVID ICKE, JAIME MAUSSAN, MARCUS ALLEN, VALERY UVAROV and CHRIS EVERARD – for the first time all on one film. Hip Hop Chronicles describes SECRET SPACE as ‘A jaw-dropping exposure of how the American Illuminati families seek to dominate planet Earth by controlling Space …the most important film about alien contact and the control of humankind ever made. Astounding footage…” SECRET SPACE takes you deep inside the dark occult world of NAZI Germany, where Jews and ex-French Resistance fighters were used as slave labour to develop rocket-based weapons such as the […] Read More


Mon Jul 13, 2009 19:21;article=125515 Message received worthy of spreading = “Of course secret societies, the interior govt., and the intelligence agencies and negative ETs and the spiritual forces of darkness can and do. Here’s some red pill information. Richard X 1) People (such as limosine drivers) that have been around the movers and shakers of the world report that they have overheard them bragging about their use of technological (mind) controls. 2) The Illuminati leadership often say that their best protection is that no one would believe what is happening and how they do it. 3) It’s said that the Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan center in the United States … some say they have planned to divide the United States into 7 major regions … some say 2 major sections with Atlanta the capital for the east and Denver (an already known major NWO […] Read More

Illuminati Reveal Their Crazy Apocalyptic Agenda

[link to] by Henry Makow Ph.D. “Thrust in your sickle and reap, for the time has come for you to reap, for the harvest of the earth is ripe.” Revelations 14:15 The world may soon resemble Jonestown if a sick Illuminati plan to “harvest” souls in 2012 comes to pass. On Oct. 18-24, 2008, a person claiming to be a “generational member of a Ruling Bloodline family” appeared on fuck_off forum. Using the moniker “Hidden Hand,” he gave a convincing explanation of the demented Cabalistic beliefs motivating the Illuminati. He described how they find this world consciousness (“Third Density”) to be “very constricting and uncomfortable” and want to be united again with Lucifer (“the One,” the “Creator.”) This will require them to stage an apocalyptic human sacrifice or “harvest of souls” in 2012. The background according to “Hidden Hand” is this: Yahweh had been running a “benign dictatorship” […] Read More

Illuminati Plan

“The secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat … in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order.” (Page 27 Behold A Pale Horse ) I. British Intelligence announced, with great fanfare, that they had broken up a huge terrorist plot to destroy multiple passenger airliners in flight from London to American airports. While travelers were struggling with tremendous gridlock and were being badly terrified at such a prospect, articles appeared immediately which demonstrated that this great “terrorist plot” was undoubtedly a huge fovernment hoax. First, let us address the bare facts of this bogus terror alert, and then we shall discuss the articles which demonstrate that the Illuminati staged this event in order to generate enough public support for the next generation of British dictatorial laws, scheduled to be introduced into Parliament this […] Read More

2007: Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati

Interview with Benjamin Fulford, Tokyo By Henry Makow PhD 6-30-7 A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46. They contacted Fulford, a Canadian ex pat, after he warned that the Illuminati plan to reduce the Asian population to just 500 million by means of race-specific biological weapons. “The Illuminati, with the exception of Japan, is very much a white man’s game,” Fulford says. The secret society confirmed Fulford’s information and asked him for advice. He provided a list of 10,000 people associated with the Illuminati, mainly members of the Bilderberg, CFR and Skull and Bones. Neo Cons are also high priority targets. “I have been promised that not a single person will die if they negotiate in good faith,” Fulford says. Fulford […] Read More