1999: Secrets of the Knights Templar

Baphomet I was paging through the The Sacred Fire: The Story of Sex in Religion and came across an illustration entitled: “Idol” of Knights Templar, showing semitic influences (p 177). There is no reference in the text to the picture and no source given for the illustration. However, if its a genuine drawing from the time of the Inquisition‘s investigations into the Templars, it could very well be the source for Eliphas Levi‘s goat headed, hermaphroditic version of Baphomet, the mysterious demon the Inquisition accused the Templars of worshipping.. Compare Levi’s illustration of Baphomet Let me first describe the Templar imagery and then give my reasons for connecting it to Levi’s Baphomet. Top half: Crescent moon with face in top left corner, sun with face in top right corner. Roundish vase with penis inserted in top, balls showing, in bottom left corner. Same vase with baby emerging, bottom right […] Read More