Star Wars V

Galaktyka Accordin’ to dr. Richard Boylan, three large “draco- reptilian- sirrian B” ships came into this solar system, hiddin’ in the tail of Hale- Bopp comet, only to “jump ship” as the comet was swingin’ arround the Sun, takin’ up orbits arround Mercury. Some of the remote viewers colaboratin’ to this “release of information” saw egyptian hieroglyphs on one of the great ships, while one psychic felt there was consiredable “fear” inside the ship and forewarned not to get to close… (Do you remember what the psychic involved in the “gettin’ through” – mission of the “greys” “headquarters” felt like ? Just about the same… fear.) Another info source revealed that from 130 remote viewers, the Hale- Bopp object got 130 different “readings”. Accordin’ to Alex Colier, what appears to be the Hale- bopp comet is in fact a very large craft made to appear as a comet, with […] Read More

Star Wars VI

Star Wars VI  Section A  The Phi-Summum Project and beyond                                                  This one’ s for Mae Brussell    Accordin’ to Maia Schamayyim, the time-travel project “startin’ point was in 1923, with an experiment gone awry involvin’ several key Nazi occult(ist) figures as well as a few peripheral participants, includin’ Aleister Crowley. Through Dietrich Eckhart and the Thule Group, (…) and Aleister Crowley’ s Lodge, the Astrum Argentinum, a hybrid project was created called the Phisummum (PHI). The order that controled the PHI was the Order of the Black Sun (OBS). The whole purpose of the OBS was project PHI,whose focus was time travel and originally for the purpose of retrievin’ the Holy Grail from a past century (…). But once a small distorted window in time was opened to them, they began to feel the overwhelmin’ power of such an operation. The Spear of Longinus was used as a magic […] Read More

Star Wars – Episode IV Sec. A

Section A The political mythologem The Synarchy “Ideas were made for humans, and not humans for ideas.” Comin’ from greek, the term “synarchya” ethymolgykaly means “the collegial  (as in “league”) power”. Theclassic example is considered the system set up in Athenes durin’ 510 b.C., by Clisthene (grandfather of Pericle), who reformed the Constitution of the fortress in concordance with several principles inspired from Pitagora” s phylosophy, accordin’ to whom the actual power – meanin’ the influence over the whole social activities – has to be exert by a “choice of society”/ elite, includin’ scholars and mystiks. * The Ordo Illuminatorum Society, founded in 1776 by adam Weishaupt, had thirteen pyramidal degrees, strictly compartimented in three levels. The influence of the order manifested in England in France, and had been very important in the development of the French Revolution. Several jacobyns were members of the Bavarian Illuminati (the jacobyns club […] Read More

Star Wars – Episode III Sec A

“Social issues & stuff” Section A “First thing first, man, you f*ck with the worst.” (Wu-Tang Clan/ Old Dirty Bastard) As you figured it out, the name Machandi is a combination from Ma (most likely, comin’ from Ma’ at and Kali Ma ) and Chandi, the warrior goddess of Hindu religion. It’s also pretty interestin’ that Kuan Di is the Sumerian god of time (while the psychic Maia Schamayyim mentions “the Kali rift” in the space-time continuum…) There is also Macha. And, another important element: Machandi had this vertical violet spot on her front head. Violet… A calcholytik religion of the goddess merged with the symbol of the thunder, mostly in Cappadocia. Later on, the fire-light of the thunder got worshipped by the Iranian Magi, whom religion god was Zurvan ( the two-faced god of time ), translated to the Roman god Janus. What’s the link- bar of these? […] Read More

Star Wars – Episode I and II

Star Wars – Episode I According to the Romanian researcher Cornel Dan Niculae (“The Unseen war” – 2nd volume), the Canadian company “Gabriel Resources” owns the license to exploit the resources of Rosia Montana/Red Montana, a region located in the Western Carpathians (Apuseni). The financial investment was given by the Washington branch of the “Rothschild Bank”. (Previously, durin’ the XVIII-XIXth centuries, the owner of the gold mines from Rosia Montana was a Jewish named David Albert.) Another Canadian company, “The Gold Corporation”, got involved by foundin’ the Romanian branch, named “Rosia Montana Gold Corporation SRL”. The name beyond these companies is Vasile Frank-Timis, a “Romanian-British-Canadian”… Jewish, who sponsored a lot of the Secret Services (SIE, SRI, etc.) actions, next to this Ovidiu Tender. There are rumors that the shadow-name beyond these is, in fact, the Jewish billionaire Marc Rich. “The Independent” (January 2004) was noticin’ that Frank Timis’ phantom-firm “Balcan […] Read More