2017: Princess Diana’s Daughter Meets Prince Charles, Accuses Him Of Murder

Princess Diana may have had a secret daughter named Sarah, who was kept hidden from the public due to pressure from the Royal family. In 2014 Sarah confronted Prince Charles during a secret meeting in England where she accused him of killing her mother. The entire confrontation was apparently caught on tape by Globe Magazine, who recorded the confrontation between Sarah and Charles on a surveillance camera. Thedailybeast.com reports: Globe magazine claims that after Charles and Diana married the fertilised eggs were supposed to be destroyed but a rogue doctor implanted one of the embryos into his wife. The mag alleges that a 33-year old New England woman, who they say is called Sarah, was born before William and Harry. Globe says she is now living incognito in New England in the United States, and has feared for her life following Diana’s death in a Paris car crash in 1997. It’s quite a tale, and one bolstered by […] Read More

2006: Diana: Mystery of 12 men in the shadows

http://express.lineone.net/news_detail.html?sku=496 02/10/06 By John Chapman MYSTERIOUS “men in suits” were lurking in the tunnel where Princess Diana died in a car crash, a key witness has revealed. The witness claims he saw a dozen people standing in the shadows seconds before her tragic death in August 1997. Record producer Jacques Morel, 59, believes that the group, which included photographers, expected to see Dianas Mercedes “brought to a halt by another car.” He claims her death was a “stunt” which went disastrously wrong. Diana (pictured), boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and driver Henri Paul died in the Paris tunnel when their car careered into a concrete pillar. Morel, now living in Tunisia, says his evidence will prove vital and could provide the key to the most controversial investigation in history. He has told British detectives: “I remember exactly what happened on the night of the crash. “I was driving home after […] Read More

The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

by John Edginton and John Sergeant {Editors’ Note: In April 1988, John Edginton, a British independent film maker, began an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Edginton had just completed a film about King’s life (“Promised Land”) and was intrigued by comments by King’s friend, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, that King was murdered by government forces. By January 1989, Edginton had gathered enough evidence disputing the official verdict that BBC Television agreed to fund a documentary: “Who Killed Martin Luther King?” John Sergeant joined the team as associate producer. The film aired in England in September 1989 and on cable television in this country in March 1990. The following article is derived from information gathered in their investigation and raises questions about government complicity in the assassination of the civil rights leader.} Introduction Equivocation, uncertainty, and doubt have never been fully dispelled […] Read More

2008: Sonny Bono: Murder Conspiracy Coverup Continues

by DAVID MARTIN It is now news in Australia that new evidence has turned up that California congressman Sonny Bono was murdered and did not die in a skiing accident as we have been told. Although he was an American whose job was to represent Americans, as far as the mainstream United States press is concerned, this news is unworthy of the attention of the people of the United States. This is the same American press, of course, that has never breathed the slightest hint of suspicion that there might have been foul play involved when the experienced skier Bono was reported to have slammed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski resort in Nevada on January 5, 1998. There were no witnesses, the autopsy report was not released to the public, and Bono had shown himself to be something of a thorn in the side of official Washington, […] Read More