2003: Contents: The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 1

Session 1: Violent Reaction Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat’s Heart Session 3: Interview Session 4: Remote Viewers Interfere Session 5: Testing members at a famous CEO’s House Session 6: Mind Control on a Decommissioned Naval Ship Session 7: Transported to Mars © Stephanie Relfe 2002 Download THE MARS FORCE: PAT’S STORY Related articles How 9/11 Truth Looms in the Background of the CIA Torture Stories 1954: The day UFOs stopped play 2014: UFOs Demonstrate Shape Shifting Ability Over Massachusetts […] Read More

2003: Preface: The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 1

How Pat’s membership in a Military Cadet Program led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of her Psychic Abilities. First Published June 13 2002 In 2001 a woman in her early 50s named Pat contacted me after she read “The Mars Records” (www.themarsrecords.com) and decided to have clearing and kinesiology sessions. She lived quite a distance from where I was, but eventually she was able to make the journey and spent a week undergoing sessions with me. Pat had […] Read More