Preface “The Mars Records: Book 1″

In December 1996 I began doing one-on-one Clearing sessions in Australia with an American man in his early 40’s named Michael. I am an Australian. I had known Michael for a year prior to this. His life prior to 1995 had been spent in the USA. During these sessions we came to discover a vast number of astounding things that he had done, and which had been done to him, of which he had been totally unaware. These things included having worked on Mars for the US government, remote viewing, time travel, age recession by 20 years, being given false memories to cover his time on Mars, abductions and other experiences. Michael is a successful professional working in the information technology industry. He previously worked in the U.S. Navy. He is of sound mind and body, is highly intelligent and healthy. He has never taken recreational drugs or alcohol. Before the first clearing session, one would […] Read More

Table of Contents “The Mars Records: Book 1″

TABLE OF CONTENTS Photographs Preface by Stephanie Relfe Summary by Michael Relfe Definitions of Healing Therapies Used Deliverance Understanding the Time Line Chonological List Of Events Visual Representation of Time Line Clearing A)Clearing Biofeedback Meter. B) Acknowledgements. C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. More on the Biofeedback Meter The Mind The File Clerk To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter: Tone Arm (TA) READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long Falls Floating Needle ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Rock Slam Underlined v. not underlined words Other Abbreviations A summary of symbols used Organisation of The Mars Records: Sessions & Chapters Metabolism Drugs Repeating Technique The Clearing Practitioner’s Code of Ethics Kinesiology Emotional Stress Release ‘The Wernicke’s Correction’ Session 1: Remembrance of Mars Session 2: Killing with Remote Viewing Session 3: Battle in Space Session 4: Drugs in Restimulation Session […] Read More