Preface “The Mars Records: Book 1″

In December 1996 I began doing one-on-one Clearing sessions in Australia with an American man in his early 40’s named Michael. I am an Australian. I had known Michael for a year prior to this. His life prior to 1995 had been spent in the USA. During these sessions we came to discover a vast number of astounding things that he had done, and which had been done to him, of which he had been totally unaware. These things included having worked […] Read More

Table of Contents “The Mars Records: Book 1″

TABLE OF CONTENTS Photographs Preface by Stephanie Relfe Summary by Michael Relfe Definitions of Healing Therapies Used Deliverance Understanding the Time Line Chonological List Of Events Visual Representation of Time Line Clearing A)Clearing Biofeedback Meter. B) Acknowledgements. C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. More on the Biofeedback Meter The Mind The File Clerk To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter: Tone Arm (TA) READS: Short Falls, […] Read More