The United States Tried To Detonate A Nuclear Weapon On The Moon & Somebody Responded

In the 1950s, Colonel Ross Dedrickson was responsible for maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC, and for accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons, among many other duties. As his obituary states: He was assigned to the US Atomic Energy Commission. A long service with the Energy Commission between 1950-1958 included, contract administration duties at Nevada test sites, Pacific Nuclear Test Area west of Hawaii, nuclear weapon manufacturing and quality assurance in Albuquerque, and inspection of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities throughout the country. He served with the 5th Air Force in Japan and later as a ranking Colonel, Officer in Charge of the Pacific Unified Command (TM)s alternate “command and control center” in Hawaii. In 1962, he was transferred and served as Deputy for Material for the 832 Air Division at Canon Air Force Base, Clovis, New Mexico. He retired from […] Read More

Will The August 21st Solar Eclipse Begin A Period Of “40 Days And 40 Nights” For America?

Next Monday, we are going to witness one of the strangest events in U.S. history.  This will be the first total solar eclipse to ever be seen only in the United States and nowhere else. Millions upon millions of people are going to flock to areas of the country where the full eclipse will be visible, but everyone in the continental United States is going to be able to see at least a partial eclipse. There are lots of very unusual numbers associated with this eclipse, but in this article I want to focus on the number 40, and as this article unfolds you will start to understand why. Our planet is the only place where you can view a total solar eclipse, and that is because our sun and our moon appear to be the same size in the sky.  Of course the sun is much, much larger than the moon, but because the […] Read More

How an 1892 ‘Trip to the Moon’ Changed How We Think About Space

An illustration of “Scene #6: Solar Eclipse as Seen from the Moon,” from “A Trip to the Moon.” Scientific America/Public Domain Most days in 1892, ticket holders at Manhattan’s Carnegie Music Hall enjoyed programs of standard entertainment: the New York Philharmonic; a famous speaker; a ragtime show. But starting in February, every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, they got something a little different. As soon as the theater’s lights went down, the sun came up again, rising over an onstage lake that rippled just like the real thing. Next, the moon began to rise next to the sun, and gradually, dramatically obscured it. This was Scene #1 of A Trip to the Moon—a perfect rendition of the total solar eclipse of 1887, yanked through time and space and reconstructed inside the theater. “Audiences had, in a sense, seen it all,” writes the media scholar Artemis Willis. But when curtain lifted […] Read More

The 17​th​-Century Moon Mission That Never Got Off the Ground

A 17th-century map of the moon. Library of Congress/LC-USZ62-95176 When Dr. John Wilkins looked out into the night sky in 1640, he was sure that in his lifetime humans could find a way to sail among the stars—and he knew how they would get there. Over three centuries before spaceflight became a reality, Wilkins had a plan laid out for space travel: voyagers would lift off of the ground in a winged, open chariot, break free from gravity as if opposing a magnet, and land delicately on the moon to meet the alien beings who lived there. Wilkins had reason to believe that anything was possible in his time, even something that seems more like an episode of Star Trek than science. The 1600s was a century full of natural and technological discoveries; microscopes were beginning to reveal cells, Galileo studied the stars and planets using the newly improved […] Read More

China is Going to the Moon – the Reason Why NASA is Worried

According to a recent PolicyMic story, “China is in the ‘final stages’ of preparation for its Chang’e 3 moon lander, which will lift off via a Long March 3B rocket in early December. The ambitious probe will orbit the moon before propelling down to the surface and unleashing a solar-powered moon rover to explore the lunar surface.” [1] This news has worried NASA and the awakened communities are wondering why… “Despite all the promises and science fiction movies, humans would not build bases on the Moon, mine for minerals or use it as a stepping stone to other planets. In fact, the Moon would soon be forgotten and ignored by space research – why?”I can think of several reason, and I will share them with you right now: I. Extraterrestrials are protecting the Moon – the real reason why NASA abandoned the colonization of the Moon In an article […] Read More

In 1178, five Monks at Canterbury saw part of the MOON explode

“…Out of the middle of its division, a burning torch sprang, throwing out a long way, flames, coals, and sparks. As well, the moon’s body which was lower, twisted as though anxious, and in the words of those who told me and had seen it with their own eyes, the moon palpitated like a pummelled snake. After this, it returned to its proper state…” The moon is without a doubt, one of the most enigmatic objects in the sky. Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations observed the sky, watching in awe Earth’s faithful companion. Since time immemorial, the moon has also been the subject of numerous myths and conspiracy theories. All kinds of strange ‘things’ are connected t. Interestingly, in 1178, a group of monks from Canterbury observed how the moon ‘suddenly exploded’ into ‘sparks’, taking a ‘blackish appearance’. If we look history history, we will realize that man […] Read More

China Reveals That a Massive Alien Outpost and Mining Facility is Operating on the Moon

Ever wondered why no one has set foot on the Moon for decades? And why there’s no permanent outpost already established there? Is it because the Moon is not a viable celestial body to harness, or maybe because all of the above mentioned are already happening, but we are not being told about it? The answer to these questions may be easier than first anticipated, but complex at the same time. Dr. Michael Salla has pointed out that there is a military industrial extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) on the surface of our ‘natural satellite’, and there’s a strong possibility of an alien regime currently operating on the moon in tandem with humans. To support his claims and those of many others, the Chinese have released an intriguing photo of what appears to be an artificial complex operating on the lunar surface. The image represents yet another confirmation of secret operations […] Read More

Apollo Images Show Huge Structure/Space Craft on the Surface of the Moon?

Is it possible that these Apollo images show huge structure’s on the surface of the Moon? by Ancient Code A recently uncovered set of images of the Apollo missions possibly displays what seems to be a huge structure/space craft on the lunar surface. Could this be the reason why we haven’t been to the moon recently? A film clip from the famous NASA mission shows a huge triangular object on the surface of the moon. According to UFO hunters, the shape of the object appears to be tridimensional in nature, suggesting that it might be either a giant alien spacecraft or a base on the lunar surface. NASA’s Apollo 8 mission is one of the most famous manned missions to the moon and was the first time human beings traveled to the moon. Interestingly, a set of images and videos from the journey to the moon indicate that the […] Read More

The Blair Cuspids: A Legitimate Lunar Anomaly?

These days, news sites and blogs are rife with claims of the discovery of artifacts, anomalies, and alien spaceships all over the lunar surface. The majority of these purported anomalies are spotted in the multitudes of existing lunar photos supplied by NASA over the years; stories which often suppose that the mystery objects in question were “missed” at the time folks back in NASA’s photo labs were airbrushing out all the weird stuff often accompany these grainy pictures, sometimes featuring “enhancements” by amateur moon watchers. Mars appears to be no different really, at least as far as anomalies go, with everything from monkeys and bunker entrances, to sightings of Bigfoot turning up all over the place. No, seriously… you haven’t seen the “Martian Bigfoot”? Among the more recent headlines involving the appearance of mysterious lunar structures had been the claim of a massive “spire” some interpreted to be a flying saucer landing pad, […] Read More

Aliens Forced Americans out from the Moon

Komsomolskaya Pravda – translated by Maria Gousseva, Pravda One of Russia’s central television channels, RTR, has recently aired a documentary about US astronauts who allegedly came across extraterrestrial civilizations. The film showed Russian ufologist Vladimir Azhazha and astronomer Yevgeny Arsyukhin telling that expeditions to the Moon launched within 1969-1972 allegedly came across UFOs. The researchers state that flying objects of extraterrestrial origin were persistently spying on American Apollos. They said the expeditions to the Moon looked very much like a race and presented a film demonstrating a luminous object closely following an American spaceship. Records of communication between astronauts and the Mission Control Center were also included into the film but they were absolutely inaudible as they had been purposefully jammed by Americans. They expected that the expeditions would find something astonishing on the Moon and with the view of keeping their communication with the surface secret they encoded their messages to the […] Read More

A Second NASA Scientist Tells Us That ‘Somebody Else’ is on the Moon

by Arjun Walia We live in a strange world, and as Neil Armstrong once said, there are “great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth’s protective layers.” (source) (source) Fast forward to today, and a number of people have become aware of the fact that not all of what goes on behind the scenes is made public. This is precisely why the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was created; it’s a federal freedom of information law that allows for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government. There are still many obstacles in the way of full transparency, one of which is the use of ‘national security’ to keep information classified and hidden from public viewing. This has become more evident with the revelations of WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden, but the problem goes deeper […] Read More

City on the moon

The ufologist and researcher Marcelo Irazusta surprises us once again with this new discovery. This discovery proves to us the existence of bases on the Moon. Incredible and exciting NASA images in Google Moon. In the video the coordinates are for all to verify. Related articles Is The Moon An Artificial Alien Base Are We On The Verge Of Finding Extraterrestrial Life 1978: Escazu, Costa Rica Sighting 1978: Francisco and Carmelo Nuñez Encounter 5 “Truths” About Earth’s Magnetic Reversal Was a Mysterious Underground Structure Found On the Moon?

Private Rocketeers Fundraise to Send Tiny Payload to Moon

How much do you think it would cost to send a paperclip to the surface of the Moon? Do you think a private space company could do it for less than NASA? We’re about to find out as a group of private rocket engineers has launched a 30-day fundraising campaign to send a 1 gram payload (that’s the weight of a large paperclip) to the lunar surface. Moonspike co-founders Kristian von Bengtson (a Danish spaceflight architect) and entrepreneur Chris Larmour started the company in February 2015 with the goal of building a rocket from scratch and using it to launch a tiny payload to the Moon. There would be no scientific mission for the payload – it’s sole purpose would be to allow the team to say “Dudes … we sent a rocket to the Moon!” In keeping with that spirit, Larmour gave his team two simple rules: No […] Read More