Twenty years ago disgraced Soviet cosmonauts were airbrushed out of official group shots. David Percy would have us believe that, for nearly 30 years, NASA has perpetrated the biggest hoax of all time, faking evidence of man’s activities on the Moon. You, the readers, looked at the evidence presented by Percy in FT94 and uttered a resounding: “Oi! Percy! No!” Bob Rickard wades through the biggest postbag we have ever received. David Percy’s question: “Did NASA fake the Moon Landings” drew the biggest response from readers that we’ve ever had. Only a handful of letters offered qualified support for Percys notion of a conspiracy. Overwhelmingly, they disagree with Percy ­ his rules were questioned, his analyses of photos refuted and his conclusions scorned. The mildest included phrases like “total nonsense” and “load of bollocks”. Peter Grego asked: “Where is the sport in this?” Before laughing this off, pleaded Bob […] Read More

1997: Science Q & A: Lunar Atmosphere

By C. CLAIBORNE RAY Q. Did the Moon ever have an atmosphere? A. It has one now, though it is a very thin and highly dispersed collection of molecules, not suitable for breathing by Earth creatures. The existence of a lunar atmosphere was reported in 1933, based on observation of the Moon using a mask that filtered out moonlight in order to study the spectrum of light emitted by sodium. Although sodium is believed to be just a trace in the Moon’s atmosphere, it is studied because it is relatively easy to detect and is used as a marker for other components, like potassium, neon, argon, and helium. A 1993 study of lunar sodium, by Boston University scientists using improved instruments, determined that the atmosphere extended at least 5,000 miles above the Moon’s surface. The molecules, however, are few and far between, only an estimated 10 million per cubic […] Read More


Vol. I, Issue 3 Aug 18, 1997 Dear Reader, Stop your world for a moment, get in touch with your feelings and imagine that you are an Apollo astronaut standing on the moon. Your fellow astronaut is nearby inside the lunar Lander and you are out there all alone, in your spacesuit, standing on the powdery, barren surface of the moon. It is beyond eerie. It is unearthly, alien. No amount of training could ever have prepared you for the way you are feeling right now. Your heart is pounding. The landscape is stark and flooded with searing light. With no atmosphere, the stars blaze all around you in a black sky like headlights pointed straight at you. You can see the earth above (below?), hanging like a light blue tree ornament in the perpetual night. You can almost reach up and touch it. Your family is there, so near […] Read More

1998: Apollo 10 & Alien Space Ship

APOLLO 10 GETS GLIMPSE OF AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL MONOLITH IN SPACE LATER A SECRET MILITARY SPACE SHUTTLE RETRIEVES THE SPACE BEACON By Richard Boylan, Ph.D. © 1998 The following information was disclosed to me by a reliable confidential informant, who previously worked on contract for the National Security Agency, and maintains connections within the Intelligence community. This informant, whom I shall call “Jesse”, has over 40 years of notes from a very close relative, who served as CIA liaison to the National Security Council on UFO/ET matters. This information has been confirmed by a second source, Dr. Michael Wolf of the National Security Council’s unacknowledged subcommittee, the MJ-12 Special Studies group. I have talked with Dr. Wolf about the notes’ author, Jesse’s relative. Dr. Wolf said that that CIA official “was like an uncle to me.” The reports which follow are thus not “leaks”, but rather based on planned releases […] Read More


The idea that we went to the Moon – and that we were successful in our Apollo endeavors – is so firmly embedded in the cultural lives of most people on this planet, that to voice the opinion that this might be untrue smacks of paranoia and to present evidence for these doubts smacks of heresy. If this opinion is correct, then the majority of us have been conned; that, we’ve been taken for a ride that has lasted 27 years. A ride that’s been generating its own momentum and most of us are still on it! Throughout aviation history and space exploration, the prime and lasting record of our achievements has been preserved as photographic images, movie film and in recent times, television coverage. We are in no doubt that these records reflect the actual events as they occurred, disasters and triumphs included. Particularly in the exploration of space – and going to the Moon is a perfect […] Read More

1999: Footprints on the Moon

America’a Apollo 11 lunar module photographed a human skeleton on the moon when it landed there in 1969. That’s the blockbuster claim of Chinese astrophysicist Dr. Kang Mao-pang, who first stunned the world when he released pictures of bare human footprints on the moon at a news conference in Beijing last winter. The scientist claimed to have received those photos — which were so secret the Apollo 11 astronauts didn’t even know they existed — from “an unimpeachable U.S. source.” The photograph of the human skeleton was included in a second batch of photos and documents he received from the same source this fall. “The Americans have conspired in a cover-up of monumental and possibly even criminal proportions,” Dr. Kang told newsmen in Beijing. “They hid photos of bare human footprints on the moon for 20 years and managed to keep the human skeleton secret even longer. The implications […] Read More

1999: Moon & Mars Research Fact Sheet & Contradictory Statements From NASA

The purpose of this fact sheet is to get you to become aware of what is going on around you. There are many contradictions and discrepancies in NASAs reports. All you have to do is open your eyes, ask questions, and/or do some research. The men who invented the radio, Marconi and Telsa, both reported receiving intelligent radio signals from Mars. In 1927 a government experiment to contact Mars with radio-telegraphy resulted in Morse code dots and dashes drawing a human face on a graph made from signals from Mars. For several decades astronomers reported seeing moving and flashing lights on Mars. Dr. Martin of Viking Control (Mars mission probes) said the biology instruments on Mars recorded positive signs of life and that there was carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sufficient amount of water trapped below the Martian ground surface that could be released to cover the entire planet with […] Read More

2000: Enceladus

Imagine if you will earth with not one but two moons. Some are certain that such was the case up around sixty-five million years ago. One was called Selene, one was Enceladus. The word Enceladus means ‘to go in’. Now imagine if we had two moons and one of them fell. Would such an impact shatter the earth into plates? Would not the subsequent fall of water and nuclear winter that would ensue change the face of the earth forever? Take out a map of the world and focus on the Pacific Ocean. Theoretically, if such a moon fell, and it came in from the southwest, would not the Pacific Ocean be the crater of such a fall? Think about it!

2002: Moon is younger and more Earth-like than thought

NewScientist.com news service Maggie McKee It’s a good thing the Moon doesn’t have any feelings to hurt. New research suggests it is actually 30 million years younger than anyone had thought, and that it is merely a ‘chip off the old block’ of Earth rather than being made up of the remnants of a Mars-sized body that slammed into Earth billions of years ago. That violent impact was thought to have taken place 30 million years after the solar system began to condense from a disc of gas and dust 4.567 billion years ago. The event was thought to have melted the Earth, generating a magma ocean that covered the planet and allowed iron and other metals to sink to its centre, forming a core. At the same time, the Moon was thought to have coalesced from a disc of molten debris blasted off the Earth and the Mars-sized […] Read More