(June 2008) I had a “need to know” why the US soldiers on the ground were dying from lack of the equipment and the supplies they needed.
One of my intelligence students in Iraq alerted me to the fact that beverages Halliburton was supposed to supply the troops were not showing up on time. The effect on the troops was devastating. This was just one of many, many cases.
The soldier’s desperate pleas to Congress were being stonewalled by their Congressmen not being able to get the information they needed. The CIA’s job was to supply information, but they were not supplying the information on why the troops couldn’t get the basic supplies they needed.
That raised the question of whether the CIA was really working to the American people or had been taken over by an enemy, foreign or domestic. I was writing reports on the needs of the soldiers to Tenet in the CIA. My reports were going nowhere.
Not even the CIA’s analysts were getting them. I wanted to expose who was really behind the soldiers not getting enough food!
People had been denied enough food in Auschwitz as well; it made me feel sick to think about the connections that I knew about from hard facts inside the CIA and the Rockefeller Archives.

John F. Kennedy

Prominent U.S. citizens, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., had died from domestic enemies. JFK warned of a covert group taking over America from within. He said that it is our duty to expose it (please watch the 10 minute video JFK Speech at ).

A reviewer of Mark Lane’s excellent book “Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?” at wrote;

“Most fascinating of all, Lane includes some information about the CIA’s Operation Zapata (AKA The Bay Of Pigs). Lane presents some fascinating evidence that former president George Bush was, in fact, the operative in charge of that mission (something the CIA has always denied officially).
“Consider this, says Lane: Bush was involved in Zapata Petroleum in Texas, and Zapata Off Shore Co. (he was the CEO from 1956 to 1964). And the names of the two boats the CIA used? “Barbara” and “Houston.”‘

Some of the operatives at the CIA, no doubt, wanted JFK dead after he refused to support the Bay of Pigs invasion with a second air strike as they wanted.
They had a motive but did they really do it? This case delves in that issue further below.
Please see the 90-minute documentary Bush [Sr.] Link to Kennedy Assassination at by Alex Jones for the background that you need to understand this case.
Kennedy wanted to shut down the CIA as an unethical agency. The CIA had imported Nazi war criminals after WWII.
Furthermore, it had so many dubious ties to those that funded the Nazis and had attempted to overthrow the US govt. in 1934 that it was a threat to democracy and freedom.
The bodies of the fallen heros of America, such as Martin Luther King and JFK prove that such domestic enemy groups do exist, just as JFK said. Any group able to cover-up the death of a President through successive investigations would have to be very powerful and high up inside the US government.
The [Vice President Nelson] Rockefeller Commission in 1975 subscribed to the single bullet absurdity and ridiculously exonerated the CIA of any guilt in the assassination of JFK (see ).
Medical expert Dr. Cyril H. Wecht exposed the Rockefeller Commission as a cover-up ( see video above). That meant the Nelson Rockefeller was, at the very least, one of the co-conspirators in the cover-up of the JFK assassination.
A group willing to kill a US President, would not preserve the lives of mere soldiers and intelligence officers just because they were American citizens.

Many brave intelligence officers in the war zones, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Section, and even inside the White House’s Secret Service helped me collect the intelligence that went into these cases. The risk to them was high and some of them died as the result. There was good evidence that they were targeted by official(s) in the White House. One of those who died in about Dec. 2003 was a White House insider.
Cheney keeps a gun in his office; perhaps he likes big game hunting as well as bird hunting. It would be a matter for investigators to decide, accidents do happen.
They may not always happen like Cheney said (see Alex Jones Conducts Scientific Ballistics Test of Cheney-Whittington Shooting at ).
Those who died trying to protect our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, are the unsung heros of American democracy. It is perhaps a bit of a miracle that any of us survived; but out of a group resisting injustice some usually do.
Like on the battlefield, survival is both a matter of skill and of dumb luck. I am happy to say that over 90% of us are still alive, and about 70% still working for the US govt., as far as I am able to determine.

I was a bit of a rare bird because I was in high level of meetings at the Pentagon and CIA, but still collecting war intelligence while sleeping outside on the hard desert ground.
So, the reality of the wars was not something that I could ignore while I sat on meetings. I was shot at both in the war zones and once at one of these meetings. My work inside the CIA and Pentagon was much more dangerous to me — people knew who I was there and that I was coming back at fixed times. I was never a 2-star general of military campaigns; the ‘army of officers’ I oversaw were intelligence officers.
My command responsibility over them only extended to ensuring that they collected accurate and useful intelligence. I had been training officers in remote viewing intelligence collection starting in the Vietnam War. The educated guesses of remote viewing are next to worthless unless one diligently collects the hard data–regardless of the risk. Please see the Addendum about my personal experiences in war zones.

The “Cook the Intelligence” Committee was not within my domain to attend. I had started as an operative and although I had risen to the point that I was not longer under the Head of the Clandestine Dept, as I reported directly to Tenet, I was still officially associated with that dept.. Nonetheless, I did manage to obtain a full set of their minutes and informally ‘interview’ 2 of their members about the Committee’s work.
That Committee had been meeting since 1990. Many people jokingly referred to it as the Middle East War Committee since it was started about 2 days after Hussein invaded Kuwait in Aug. 1990. That committee had never been disbanded in the decade between the 1991 Iraq War and 911 in 2001.
The minutes justified those 10 years of work by saying that Bush, Sr. had not finished off Hussein and that ‘more work needed to be done to ensure US goals in the area are met’.
One major goal of the committee was to provide intelligence of the oil reserves of the Middle East ‘to politicians’. Another was to provide intelligence on the stability of the region and how to get the oil safely out of it via pipelines and tankers.
More ominously one of its goals was to recommend which foreign leaders could be assassinated to assist on getting the oil out. And its minutes showed that about 40% of its efforts went to figuring out how to start a war in the Middle East that the US public would support. It also spent about 10% of its efforts forecasting how much money could be made from going to war in the MiddleEast.
About 20% of its efforts went into writing ultra top-secret reports on how to position companies to get the most financial benefit in going to war.
About 10% of its efforts went into covering out the real motivation behind the 1991 Iraq War waged by Bush, Sr.
Oddly, 5% of its efforts centered on making sure that the JFK assassination remained covered up.
And about 10% on making sure that the Bush-Rockefeller-Nazi connections were covered up.
And about 5% on making sure that the Bush-Rockefeller-Auschwitz connections remained covered up. It was not an easy task.
Bush, Sr. had called Nixon to ask him to resign so that investigation of the Water-gate Scandal did not track back to nastier events than merely breaking into the Democratic Convention and Nixon had resigned the next day ( see Former Federal Prosecutor John Loftus confirms the Bush-Nazi scandal at ).
So, about 30% of the Committee’s efforts were aimed at keeping a lid on some very nasty historical facts. That strongly implied that those running that committee had a lot to lose if those facts were publicly known.
Why did they want to cover-up the JFK evidence? Why were they still recommending assassinations of people with that evidence, like eye-witnesses? I found in the minutes more than 3 instances in which they had recommended such assassinations.
And I was able to confirm in the Clandestine Dept. that three of those people had been killed by it. One of them was an old CIA buddy of Bush, Sr.’s from Operation Zapata who had told people that Bush, Sr. worked for the CIA in the Bay of Pigs debacle. He was killed the day before a CNN reporter was due to interview him, if I remember correctly.
Another was a woman who had been his secretary at Zapata Oil, but who was also a CIA employee. The more I looked into it the more it had appeared that Zapata Oil was a CIA front. Everyone who worked for it at the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion had been vetted by it and their salaries were being paid by the CIA.
The 3rd hit was ordered against a journalist who had been given a very incriminating piece of evidence. It was a photograph taken from behind the Grassy Knoll on the day of the Kennedy assassination just after it. It showed a crowd of people rushing towards the camera in the background.
In the foreground was a man with a rifle jumping into a getaway car. I was able to locate a copy of the photo in the CIA file of the dead journalist. I scanned it into a computer, clipped the figures out of the picture with the car or the rifle in them and asked 3 of the CIA’s photo identification experts who the two men were. They knew immediately without having to go to their files.
E. Howard Hunt was the man standing… . One of the 3 experts when he saw the picture of the man sitting behind the driver’s wheel said to me angrily, “You shouldn’t be looking into this. You could be killed for it. I could be killed for even telling you who that is a photo of.” But his photo was in many places in the CIA.

Bush, Sr., although he had been a DCI for only one year in 1976 was listed as a member of that committee. He was the only member of it not currently working at the CIA.
Occasionally, about twice a year, he did attend that meeting inside the CIA. The CIA is called “Bush, Sr’s CIA” on some of its most important signs. When I investigated it he was getting paid by the CIA’s creative accounting computer for attending, I learned some disturbing facts.

Similar to Tenet, he was paid for a ‘speech’ each time he attended. The amount was $60,000 in 2004, and had been about $40,000 in the 1990’s after the Gulf War ended. The first payment I could find was from about 1995.
But what was so alarming was he was getting paid for a ‘speech’ whether he attended a meeting or not, day in and day out. The cost to the taxpayer was so mind boggling that I had to check my findings from querying the computer. I had it print out the individual payments for the whole almost 10 years that they had been made.
I then located the corresponding forms for the recent year. They were indeed the same form the other committee members used. Each one had the box checked next to the word present.

I rushed up to Tenet to show him and ask him what it could possibly mean. Tenet turned away from me and looked out his top floor window a moment. Then he turned back and lamely offered that “Perhaps it is an error in accounting.” He was the one signing those forms day in and day out.
Unlike Bush, he usually did have a pretty good understanding of what he was signing before he put his signature on a page unless in a dreadful rush from an emergency. It was not reasonable to assume that he had been in such a rush every day of the year for almost the 7 years he was DCI during that time Bush, Sr. was paid over $40,000 five times a week.

Year Payment per “Speech” ~# of Weeks ~# of Speeches Total in Millions

1995 $40,000 10 50 $2
1996 $40,000 50 250 $10

1997 $40,000 50 250 $10

1998 $40,000 50 250 $10

1999 $40,000 50 250 $10

2000 $40,000 50 250 $10

2001 $60,000 50 250 $15

2002 $60,000 50 250 $15

2003 $60,000 50 250 $15

2004 $60,000 10 50 $3

Total 2100 $100

The amount the CIA’s computer gave for the figure was a little over $100 million. The above table is not meant to be an accurate accounting as the amount of time he was paid already in 2004 was not exactly 10 weeks, nor the amount in 1995 either.
But the jump in the fee came within a week of Bush, Jr. being inaugurated at the end of January in 2001. The signs at the CIA claiming it was Bush, Sr.’s CIA were right.
They made no historical sense, by the amount of time he had spent as DCI. I then looked up past DCI’s on the CIA’s creative accounting computer to see if they were getting the taxpayer’s hard earned money funneled mainlined into their Swiss bank accounts. I could find no evidence of that as a rule, other than generous ‘pensions’, often for only a year or few years of work at the CIA.

I called up Bush, Sr. and complimented him on a recent speech he had given that was reported in the press. Then I asked him if it was hard to be going around the world giving so many speeches. He said that it wasn’t too bad, he was only doing about one a week. I asked him what he usually spoke about. He said that he was usually talking to Defense Contractors and ‘drumming up business’.
I asked him business was going and he said, “Pretty good. I am a little disappointed that foreign govts. have not been more enthusiatic about the Coalitions efforts.” I asked him what he would like to do differently. I was taking notes and told him that I was recording his answers for the CIA’s analysts. I did give them a copy. He is a good impromptu speaking, and a brilliant man. He spoke for about 10 minutes and then asked if I had other questions. I asked his permission to forward questions from CIA analysts to him and get his response, as a one-time courtesy, if he would be so kind.
He agreed and that turned into an hour video conference call to answer the questions of the CIA’s analysts directly. Most of the “Cook the Intelligence” committee members asked questions during it. Other CIA analysts complained that they had blocked questions by taking up all of the time. They had asked more than 80% of the questions–there had only been time for 5. The fifth was not be a committee member.
But by then 90% of the scheduled 50 minutes had been taken up. Bush, Sr. did not answer the 5th question and excused himself early. I was later able to prove that the Committee had faxed him the 4 questions in advance. In addition, they had conspired to make sure that their questions were asked by the supposed independent MC. That MC had said that he had received 100s of good questions from the analysts and had chosen these based on their merits. A brief examination of the actual questions made that a very difficult to believe claim. In fact, Bush, Sr.’s answers came straight out of his usual canned speech.
Almost every one of the analysts had heard it before. In case that was not the case, I had played it on the CIA’s internal TV at lunchtime in the cafeteria the day before. That helped wise up the analysts who was on the Committee to “cook the intelligence” and how they were doing it by restricting the inputs to the analysts.
I asked Tenet why he had lied to me and how he was going to justify that $100 million dollars, if the taxpayer found out about Bush, Sr. being paid for speeches he never gave. It was a tricky question, because Tenet also was getting paid for speeches he never made. I knew that for a fact because occasionally I was with him all day and long into the night in crisis or even at social functions. He had first declined to comment. That afternoon he met with lawyers for the CIA and discussed it. The next day I pressed him to put an end to those payments. He looked uncomfortable and said, “I can’t”. I asked him why not.
He said, “Political realities on the ground here at the CIA, just like for you on the ground in Iraq”. He seemed to be referring to an incident about 10 days before in which bullets had rushed past my head. I asked him if he needed a change of bodyguards. He frowned and said that he had tried that and ‘it hadn’t held”. I offered to try to make a change in them that would stick. He said he would think about it.

He was DCI, but David Rockefeller was picking his bodyguards, not him. That meant, that he was unsure that they were guarding him entirely for the sake of protecting him.
When he had tried to change that system, he had run into major flak–a car bomb was found in his car, a bomb threat was called into the CIA and left on his answering machine, and a death threat to him was left on his wife’s answering machine, if I remember correctly the details. There were 3 threats to his life made. But they were made right before his new body guards were to start, not afterwards.
It was certainly not due to incompetence on their part. Since he usually received less than 4 death threats a month, he took 3 in one day as a warning that perhaps he was doing something Rockefeller did not like. I told him that he should buck that control and have his own guards to really protect him. He did not take my advice.

Then I queried the CIA’s creative accounting computer to ask if it was paying any Rockefellers for speeches. That was another eye opener. Each of the Rockefeller ‘cousins’ was making speeches 5 times a week at $1,000 a “speech” in the 1990’s. Since there were about 20 of them that was $20,000 a day. They had been paid that since the same day that Bush, Sr. started getting the $40,000 a day in 1995. They had been bumped up to being paid about $1,500 a “speech” when Bush, Jr. took office. So, roughly they had been paid total a fourth of what Bush, Sr. had been, $25 million. The actual figure was closer to $20 million, if I remember correctly. I then looked for the data entry forms. Each one was being paid on the same form as Tenet for the “Cook the Intell” committee as if they were speakers to that committee. They were not even allowed into the CIA building. I checked and could find only one of them who had been ‘a guest’ for a one day pass.

I then called up about 5 of them and asked them if they were willing to come to the CIA to give a talk to CIA analysts on a pertinent topic. 2 of them agreed to and I scheduled an auditorium that seated about 250 people for them at a time convenient to them. One said that he never gave talks and declined. The other 2 said that they would think about it and never got back to me. I was curious what the other 2 would have to say that would be so useful to the CIA as to justify the cost of even one payment of $1,500. One of them gave an excellent talk which the surveyed analysts said was worth that cost.
The other, a housewife, had nothing of intelligence utility to say; she had no good stories about David Rockefeller that could be used for blackmail purposes! The analysts were quickly bored and most walked out within 10 minutes. Many of them asked me why in the world I had invited her to speak. I told them truthfully that the CIA had already paid her about a million for her “speeches” and I was trying to get them to stop doing that.

Tenet heard what I had done and asked me to ‘give an accounting’ of it. I showed him segments of her video speech made into a fake Fox news report which ended with, “Why did the CIA pay this woman $1 million dollars to talk?” .
I suggested to Tenet that if he had to go on paying them they should at least be given speech lessons and sent on speaking tours to recruit CIA agents or do fund raising for the CIA. I even offered tongue in cheek to train them to be spies to send into Russia so that the US taxpayer could get something from paying them each $1,500 a day. But, Tenet neither crossed them off the books nor made them work for the pay.
Later, I reviewed the call between Tenet and David Rockefeller in which Tenet told Rockefeller that I was ‘putting the heat on him’ to take the cousins off the CIA’s books. I had not threatened Tenet with anything. I had pointed out the predictable blow back when the US public found out. Rockefeller liked the idea of putting the cousins to work for the CIA, but said that some of them already had jobs. He also like the idea of the CIA giving them speech lessons. But nothing came of my suggestions.

The costs to provide them with the full contingent of body guards that David Rockefeller demanded that they would have to have would have cost more than $1,500 a day. The body guard package he wanted for each was more than that for Tenet as DCI. When I pointed that out to Tenet he was not surprised. He said perhaps slightly unkindly, that David Rockefeller took greater care of his dog’s safety than of his. I looked into it briefly.
The statement appeared to have some truth to it. David Rockefeller had insisted that his dog be flown on a military jet with an honor guard of 10 officers when it had a veterinarian appointment in another state. It was true that animals had sometimes died in cages in unpressurized luggage compartments. I am not meaning to imply that animals should be subjected to dangerous or overly frightening conditions for them. But Rockefeller was rich enough to send the dog on one of his own private jets without the taxpayer footing the bill. He acted like his dogs were royalty, when he himself was not a king and the US not a monarchy.

I tell this story because I was one of the people forced to take the trip with the dog. I had many pressing duties at the CIA and Pentagon. Soldiers were dying. Civilians were falsely imprisoned and tortured in the US prisons, including in Abu Ghraib. The US’s Constitution was under assault and Bush had thrown away the Geneva Convention, the treaties to help prevent nuclear warfare, and the last 800 or more years of law by throwing out the right of Habeus Corpus. And the next day I was due to have a meeting with a high ranking official in the Justice Dept. I had not sought him out. He had tracked me down as the only person who was likely to have evidence in an important corruption case. I had the evidence all right. But getting it prosecuted was another matter. His case involved a thread that would logically track back to the JFK assassination; I knew that—he didn’t have a clue. The first 3 witnesses in his case had ‘gone missing’ without leaving a forwarding address. He figured that they had gotten frightened and left the country. They were dead. I sent him the evidence by fax and asked him if he still wanted to meet with me. He said Yes. I faxed back, “I will find you as soon as I have time.” He insisted I come to his office at the Justice Dept. the next afternoon.
So, when Tenet told me to go on the plane flight with Rockefeller’s dog the next morning, I said no. Tenet said that Rockefeller insisted that I go as the only person he trusted ‘to know the dog’s true feelings’ while being transported.
It was true that the dog was fond of me. I liked the dog too. I said that Rockefeller could not possibly know whether I knew the dog feeling or was just good at petting its belly because I was a relatively patient person. Tenet changed tactics and said, “He wants you because you are a physician.” I said get a vet and send me out to care for the wounded Iraqis. They need my help more than the dog.
When Tenet had me thrown into the CIA’s prison for ‘refusing a direct order’, I relented and got on the plane with the dog and the 10 military MPs with their white gloves on. I figured I could work on a laptop with one hand and pet the dog with the other.
I did not get back until two days later when the dog’s medical tests were done. Each time before then that I left its sight, I was arrested again. I was being treated like a runaway slave! A slave to a dog!
The dog was given the hotel bed on Rockefeller’s orders and I was told to sleep on the floor next to it. I slept on the bed with the dog on top of the covers nestled next to me. Midway through the night Rockefeller’s guard barged into my room that they had locked me into and pulled me from the bed. They kept doing that about every 15 minutes for the rest of the night. Neither the poor dog nor I got anymore sleep. Clearly, the purpose was not to care for the dog as much as it was to harass me. The next day I filed a police report against the guards for intention to enslave and assault me. But as in the case of the US children kidnapped by Saudi Princes, I was unable to get officials, including at the Justice Dept. to prosecute the case. They treated David Rockeller as royalty above the law.

How did that happen?
How did the US become a country in which the super-rich were Kings in all but name and the poor worked two jobs to make ends meet?
How did the US become a country in which the dogs of the wealthy got better health care than its children? How did the US become a country which let Saudi Princes steal blonde blue eyed children to molest in their beds night after night? How did the US become a country in which soldiers had no right to leave the military after their tour of duty was over? And were not fed or equipped properly?

The answer was largely the CIA and the secrecy that prevented the public from knowing who it served in practice. The author of its charter was Skull and Bonesmen Robert Lovett. Truman later said that, “had I known it would become the American Gestapo I never would have signed it into existence”. Eisenhower too warned of the dangers of the US industrial-military complex to American democracy.
I did go find the Justice Dept. official and explain to him why I had missed the meeting. He was surprised to have me knock on the door on his home at 10 pm at night. He had never told me where he lived. He invited me in and I spent until almost 4 am in the morning briefing him on the evidence as I handed it over to him.
The case he was working on was one in which the construction of a large building in Iraq had collapsed due to substandard materials being used. The cement blocks had cracked and a wall had crumbled and within 2 minutes the building lay in dust on the ground. It had been an elementary school and classes had been in-session. Hundreds of children were dead and the 50 or so who were pulled from the rubble alive were very seriously wounded.
The incident had been cover-up in the name of National Security saying that the news could affect the future of the US occupation. I never saw any coverage of it in the US; I did see a little of it later in Iraq.

The company guilty of the corruption was a US company, but it had its roots in the Standard Oil-IG Farben cartel in WWII which built the Auschwitz Labor Camp. That is, it was a Rockefeller enterprise, but without carrying that name. I had investigated it peripheral to a possible mole case in its parent company, which still did not have the Rockefeller name on it.
If I remember correctly, the name of the parent company was DynCo. As I did just find a US company making the machinery to make cement blocks called DynCo. on the internet, it appears that my memory is correct on that. Large financial empires like the Rockefellers are often very complex with thousands of companies, each having many subsidiaries. Much of the finances are “off the books” by laundering money through off-shore banks, Swiss banks, and consortiums of banks such as the International Bank of Settlements in Basel, or the Central Bank that Rockefeller managed to start in Iraq in about 2003. That laundering has to occur to hide the profits from the drug trade for instance.
The Rockefeller Fortune had its roots in the opium trade of the 1800’s. The CIA runs drugs, sex slaves, and illegal weapons sales.

The CIA is the front organization for the illegal operations of the Rockellers and Skull and Bones, including the Bushes, etc. A member of Skull and Bones wrote the charter for the CIA to allow it to hide those same illegal activities. That is what the CIA’s creative accounting computer does–it is the world’s most sophisticated money laundering scheme.
Most of the time, people never catch on because the CIA shell companies use an endless variety of names. It you have a material item and trace how it was made, then it is harder to hide the corruption related to it. But those in the illegal trades own lots of real companies making products in order to have outer shells that are standard companies to hide behind. Yet because their thinking is criminal those companies often lie, cheat, and use substandard practices.

DynCo and Halliburton were been cited by Representative Cynthia McKinney for their running sex slaves. That was not incidental to their operations–it is the illegal center of their operations.
Because the shell companies can have so many names that come and go, I largely ignore names. The names are meant to distract people and hide the truth. So, I like to focus on events. That is the way my mind works–that is what it remembers.
IG Farben was a German consortium of chemical companies that made the Zyclon-B used to kill Jews and dissidents in the Nazi Death Camps. Standard Oil of New Jersey, a Rockefeller flag-ship enterprise, conspired with IG Farben to build Auschwitz in order to have slave labor for their factories. The people not suitable for labor, were gassed, so they did not have to be fed. (Please see the many references at the end of Case 12 if you have not already.).
Director of the Florida Holocaust Museum, historian Loftus reports some of what I was able to document from within the CIA and Rockefeller Archives. In his article “Former Federal Prosecutor John Loftus confirms the Bush-Nazi scandal” at he wrote;

“The Rockefeller-Harriman front company that financed Auschwitz was called Brown Brothers Harriman. It is still around today. Our President’s great granfather, Herbert Walker, founded the company, and appointed his impecunious son-in-law Prescott Bush to the boards of several holding companies, all of which became Nazi fronts.”

Please read his whole article to understand the origins of the CIA which grew out of these business enterprises. His historical information is good, but his opinions appear to be shaped strongly by a wish to stay alive. Additional important background for this case includes the excellent 9-minute documentary The History of the Bush Family at online books, The Nazi Hydra in America at and The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush [Sr.] at .

Those people who built Auschwitz and profited for its slave labor had a great need for secrecy. Not all of them went to prison as war criminals afterwards. 2 of that management group went into making cement blocks to house slaves in the hopes of rebuilding their slave labor empire by making prisons. IG Farben and Standard had used about 28,000 slaves from the Auschwitz labor camp.
Prescott Bush was also using slaves in large numbers for his mining and steel mills nearby. The Bushes and Rockefellers had been war profitteers together in WWI and again in WWII (see the references at the end of Case 12). Those 2 making the cement blocks were in the direct ancestor company of the one that made the blocks that crushed the school children in Iraq.
The reason that this case had loose thread that tracked back to the JFK assassination is that this company changed names about 2 days after the assassination in order to hide how it had been involved in it. One of its principals had written a check that funded an aspect of the assassination to the tune of $10,000.
They were worried that their role in the assassination would be revealed as a result of that business check, so they changed the name of their company. They had been unable to get the check back it was already cashed through Rockefeller’s bank. The owed Rockefeller money and not owning the company outright it eventually became somewhat merged into the Rockefeller enterprises. The US taxpayer was footing the bill for the JFK assassination via the CIA.
But Rockefeller wanted to be able to silence co-conspirators in the plot so he asked them to write checks to support it. Then he had the evidence to hold against them, if they tried to talk, since his bank kept those checks. He had them on display in a glass frame in the lounge of the Rockeller Archives. They did not say much on them, but I was able to figure out the common connection between them and later prove it. I proved it in several different ways.
One journal inside the closed-to-the-public Rockeller Archives had been written by Nelson Rockefeller. He was dead by then and perhaps no one much cared if he was blamed for the JFK assassination. He had written in his journal about 3 days after the assassination “We pulled it off.” That would not mean anything much except that he then recounted a series of blunders and how he was covering them up.
Some of those steps including ordering the deaths of others. That entry covered 2 pages of handwriting roughly on a journal about 4 inches high and 6 inches wide which was leather bound with a red speckles marbling on ivory colored binding. That binding was what showed on the shelf when between other books. There was only the name of one co-conspirator in that section.
That was the DCI McCone at the time, and his name appeared as the one that Nelson Rockefeller was going to talk to in order to make sure the about 4 people in those notes were killed. I say about 4 because he was also considering a 5th but was undecided on it. Clearly, in that amount of space, about 8×6 inches total for about half a page, there was not a lot, and no discussion of his motivation.
All of those checks except one was written on the same day. The other was written the day after them. They were written in Lyndon Johnson’s study of his home as a photo in that glass frame clearly showed. There was one check per man in the photo except for the Rockefeller’s signature not being on the wall. He had no need to blackmail himself. That photo showed a row of 5 men seating on a long couch and a row of 6 men standing behind them. McCone was seated on the couch, the second from the left. Bush, Sr. was next to him, on the left end.
Johnson was on the top left, then Nixon next to him. That always troubled me somehow. I thought that Republicans and Democrats would not collaborate on things like that. I was wrong.
Secrecy hides many evil deeds behind its doors, including the rape of American children and the killing of some of America’s best citizens. It is time for that secrecy to end—especially in the halls of the US military-intelligence-industrial complex.

Sue Arrigo, MD former Special Operation Advisor to DCIs

Addendum: My Background as a 2-Star General on the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Tenet sent me over to the Pentagon in August 2001 to collect a moving van load of Pentagon corruption documents. In retrospect it appeared that part of the reason was to allow Halliburton and Carlyle Group to increase their “market share”.

I had been at the Pentagon on and off on assignments since starting in the Vietnam War. I had given General Schwarzokof briefings in Saudi Arabia during the 1991 Iraq ground war as the CIA’s coordinator for remote viewing data. And I had been training military officers, especially Office of Naval Intelligence ones since about 1970. So, the US military knew who I was just fine, but they couldn’t figure out how to relate to you unless you had a rank. Consequently, I had been given a wide variety of ranks over the years to fit into specific assignments. Good intelligence people should be able to play any rank, like a good actor should be able to play any part.

Since I had been training naval officers at the Naval Training Center in San Diego in advanced espionage skills, before and after the Cold War, they had assigned me a rank of Rear Admiral for well over a decade. That made sense in terms of getting the naval officers to take what I said seriously. They needed to take it seriously to stay alive when they penetrated the Russian shipyards at Vladivostok under my supervision. I was the only US intelligence person who had been inside them before. My espionage skills were quite good. I had even played the part of a Russian Admiral once in Russia and lived to tell about it.

But the Pentagon in August 2001 still had me listed as a Major from a mole hunt assignment that I had done there in about 1998. For that mole hunt, it was better for me to be able to walk the halls of the Pentagon largely unnoticed.

That was not the rank that I needed to pull off the task that Tenet had sent me to do. So, I reminded him that the Office of Naval Intelligence had me on their books as a Rear Admiral under an alias. I asked him to get me a rank of a one-star general at the Pentagon.

He called over and that issue was discussed with a 3-star general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). The general said that to be effective in accomplishing what Tenet wanted I needed to be a 2-star. In some sense that was not unreasonable; I had set up the Pentagon’s Remote Viewing Defense Protocols. No one at the JCS had a clue about Remote Viewing Defense unless I was at those meetings.

However, I did not start attending once a month until Oct. 2004 for a wide variety of reasons. Largely that was because I hate meetings and because I was in Canada starting in June 2002 for over a year. My Pentagon assignments were always done under an alias, as were my CIA assignments. But since I went back to JCS month after month, the alias was the same over Oct. 2003 to Aug. 2004.

My father had been in military intelligence. General Billy Mitchell was given a post-humus medal for accurately forecasting WWII in the Pacific in the 1950’s. The CIA wanted remote viewers and figured that they had to start with children to be able to make them.

People considered me a kind of child prodigy. MKULTRA had thrown me into the CIA at a very early age.

My military training was not standard, most of it was at the Miramar Naval Airbase under an alias, since I was already in the hands of the CIA. The military had trained me in battlefield tactics to see what a remote viewer could do playing war games. I was, unfortunately, good at it.

A Colonel under General Westmoreland felt that his Vietnam War strategies killed excessive numbers of US troops. He wanted to humiliate him over it without getting demoted. He set up a theoretical war game and asked General Westmoreland to star in it. It was billed as a “teach the up and coming” military offspring how to “win the war in Vietnam”. Admittedly it was kind of an in house publicity stunt for the San Diego military. General Westmoreland fell for it and was pitted against young minds. I was the kid who was able to beat him consistently; I was already a remote viewer for DCIs. Those war games had started out theoretical, but then moved into the war room at the Pentagon. We ended up playing with real troops on the ground in Vietnam. The game was to capture territory. He lost the competition. Westmoreland liked military style campaigns with men dead at the end of them. As a remote viewer, I was like a Zen master merged into the reality of both sides. I felt the pain if anyone got hurt. I could gain territory without anyone being hurt, though I thought it was a pointless and unethical thing to do.
The generals didn’t really like my methods even back then. They didn’t make enough kickbacks for anyone.

I was thrown into the Vietnam War on CIA assignments where I had to “walk point” on reconnaissance teams to find specific things using my remote viewing skills. I was 19 at the time and the recon grunts liked to follow female buns. It was one way to get them to go into highly dangerous situations. I was used to going by myself into very dangerous situations in Russia. In Vietnam, I was asked to find shoulder launch missiles and VC headquarters. Those were both underground in tunnels and using a remote viewer to find them was quite reasonable.
I was also asked right after the Tet offensive to lead a recon team into an area the US had lost and do an analysis of why the US had lost a battle. We got excellent intelligence by lying in the mud with the US dead as the VC set up all around us.
Then I did something that I have regretted my entire life. I sent the 8 men on my patrol ahead of me down a canyon. I had them hide in the rocks of the side of the canyon. The VC had taken over a US position on the top of that side. I made noise and got several hundred VC to follow me down the canyon, leading them into an ambush. The VC on the top of the hill thought it was US troops in the bottom. They shelled them while I joined my team in the rocks. Since we were not firing, our position was not known. The VC killed each other by the hundreds. I cried over “my hundreds of bodies” that were wounded and killed that day. I was too clever for my own good. I knew that the US should not be in Vietnam, but I had let my desire to know if I could succeed over take my common sense. It was a bitter lesson for me and one that I had to learn many times over. I was good at the war games in Vietnam, because I could ‘feel’ the positions of the VC in the jungles on the hills as if I were them over there at the same time.
Not everyone does remote viewing that closely merged into what they are viewing as to lose their separation from it. But that is the best way to be accurate. And it was due to my accuracy that I ended up as a remote viewer for Directors of CIA from the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 to 2004.
When I later played war games with Pentagon generals at Camp Pendleton etc, I always won. But I had no desire to fight and that annoyed them. Using remote viewing, I could figure out how to win without fighting and did so.
For example, once we were due to play war games the next day at Camp Pendleton in Aug.. It was likely to be blazing hot. I sent some of my men up the hills to set up noise making devices on timers at specific locations which would self-destruct.
Others I sent on a recon mission to the opposition camp. They waited until that team had packed their kits and then replaced the water in the canteens with dirt. The opposition hiked out in the morning without rechecking their kits. I had some of my men lure them up the dry barren hills to look for us. I had ordered all of my team to promptly regroup below the cliff and stay in the shade of it or in the ocean water. Many of them were not pleased with me. They said, we should be fighting the war games not just playing in the surf. I told them, there is no need for us to fight, the weather will defeat them for us. It did. They spent all day exhausting themselves looking for us in those hills and not being able to find us. They had to surrender from heat exhaustion and lack of water. All I had to do was supply the sunscreen and the picnic for my men. The other side should have had the good sense to sit down and rest in the shade. But due to their eagerness to fight they defeated themselves.

When I trained Israeli military and intelligence officers in remote viewing in the 1990’s, they also insisted that I play war games with them. Remote viewing is a good intelligence and military tool, I beat them too.
Then I challenged them to come into Chechnya with me and slow the Russian assault that was going on there in the early 2000’s. The Russians were slaughtering civilians in large numbers. It made it look like Stalin was alive again. We only had a two-week period of time, so we trained some of the locals how to prevent Russians moving their trucks into their area to set up bases from which to slaughter them. At that time the rules I enforced were no civilian deaths–under any circumstances. When they learned how to win using that strategy, then I went to having them practice winning using no deaths at all.
I like to train military and intelligence people on battlefields. I think that they should know how to collect good intelligence while the bullets are flying and not just sit at a desk giving orders that kill others. We have to learn how to do defense without killing anyone. That is the only way that the world will survive. The Israelis have a lot of brave and effective fighters and intelligence people. I wanted them to lead the way on the non-violence front.

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People think that I shouldn’t talk about this. They want all the publicity to go to war making, not how to defend people without using bullets, missiles, and bombs. They want to protect the Defense Industry from having to go Green.
The Defense Industry is not a Defense Industry, it is an assault industry. If you want to see what those people are doing to the Human Species just look at the birth defects from depleted uranium at .
The US Administration falsely claimed that they had to go into Iraq to stop Hussein from using nuclear weapons. But the US tested 4th generation nuclear weapons in Iraq that did not make mushroom clouds. Then they used depleted uranium to pretend that all the radiation was do just to that. It was not. In any case, the use of the depleted uranium was inexcusable. It has a half life of 4.5 million years and is destroying the human genome. Neither dust nor people stay in one place. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes is the future their shortsighted policies are making. The human race needs to give up playing war games and start a Manhattan Project style push to learn how to defend without weapons.

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