You’re traveling through this dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of heavy greed. A journey into a flipped out land whose boundaries are that of the darkest  imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Real World!

After reading and viewing the following information, I can’t even think of a good explicit remark.

Why isn’t this being investigated no hold barred, something is wrong in Disneyland, Lucy.

I remember growing up and bees were everywhere, and stepping on a bee was common fun summertime activity. 

The future now holds, you might step on a Robobee, and they probably bite. WTF!  

Well lets start this ride and see where we end up. Fasten your seatbelts and  we will start with the Basic’s from Wikipedia, for better understanding

Colony collapse disorder collapse disorder Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon in which worker bees from a beehive or European honey bee colony abruptly disappear. … 


The pesticide makers claim they are just figuring out that pesticide are bad for bee’s.

Come on if you believe that I have a bridge on some prime quality swamp land to sell.

We have all heard of bug killer, wasp killer, insect killer, do I need to go on and its been around for how long. We know that pesticides kills every other insect and mutates everything else, includings plants and US.

The United States has a bug issue, most of its citizens wants them all gone, and will use anything it can.

The Pesticide makers know certain chemicals are super nasty, and sometimes here in the States, we have smart lawmaker who decides after much pressure, to ban those chemicals.

These righteous companies then agree to stop selling to American business. 

It doesn’t mean they won’t sell it to other countries and try to persuade others to buy it. Which is used on its own people or things that they sell to us. 

Pesticide toxicity to bees toxicity to bees
Colony collapse disorder: Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a syndrome that is characterized by the sudden loss of adult bees from the hive … 

EPA tour reveals 7 in 10 beehives dead – 19 Many in the honey industry believe that the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder is in part the result of new and stronger pesticides that remain potent for years, meaning that they are in the pollen bees collect over time.

America’s Honeybees Are Dying Off Faster Than Ever – Business Insider
Business InsiderAmerica’s Honeybees Are Dying Off Faster Than EverBusiness InsiderThis means that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) — which first surfaced in 2005 when annual honeybee losses jumped from 5 to 10 percent to 30 percent — is decimating popu …

Bee Deaths From Colony Collapse Disorder On The Rise As Researchers Point … – Huffington Post
The Japan TimesBee Deaths From Colony Collapse Disorder On The Rise As Researchers Point …Huffington PostColony collapse disorder — which follows a “sudden loss of a colony’s worker bee population,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency …

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As Earth Day looms, a few warning signs … – Columbus Dispatch
Columbus DispatchAs Earth Day looms, a few warning signs …Columbus DispatchThe plastics were loaded with toxic pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs. • Colony collapse disorder, which has …

Ain’t it great when the people with the shit happening to (bee owners), have to figure it out for themselves, because the important rejects, (those in power) feel there is no problem and doesn’t concern them.

National beekeeper of year focuses on dying bees – Sci/Tech – 6 Since it was recognized in 2006, colony collapse disorder has destroyed colonies at a rate of about 30 percent a year, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

Top 10 Craziest Ends to Civilizations As We Know It – 2012 A phenomenon termed “colony collapse disorder“, where worker bees simply disappear from hives, could very possibly prove a major disaster for world-wide food supplies, which depend upon these bees to pollinate critical crops food-providing crops.

Real bees going and robobees coming? and I bet they cost a lot more!

New Green Technology And Other Innovations Unveiled By Inhabitat – The Droid Guy

The Droid Guy New Green Technology And Other Innovations Unveiled By Inhabitat The Droid Guy Because of its significance, a team of Harvard and Northeastern University scientists are working on flying Robobees that can pollinate flowers. In the future, …

Activist Post: Robobee – Robotic Pollinators to Replace Dying Bees http://www.activistpost.comWed, 17 Apr 2013 16:27:00 GMT Related articles covering Colony Collapse Disorder and the world of nanobots: EU Bee-Killing Pesticide Ban Crumbles Under

New project aims to upload a honey bee’s brain into a flying – io9 http://io9.comTue, 02 Oct 2012 19:00:00 GMT pollinator could provide a solution (either temporarily or permanently) to the problem of dwindling honey bee populations — an organism that’s currently dealing with the devastating effects of colony collapse disorder. In fact

The Heart of Innovation: The Cool But Creepy Futuristic World of http://www.ideachampions.comFri, 06 Jul 2012 04:31:07 GMT Kurzweil sang the praises of self-replicating nanobots that could increase our intelligence, cure us of any “defect” in our DNA and keep us living, well, forever! Imagine — red blood cell nanobots could be introduced published a book entitled A Spring Without Bees. In it, he correctly identified the “culprit” responsible for the world’s rapidly diminishing bee populations due to “Colony Collapse Disorder” whereby bees become disoriented and fail to return to their hives.

Creepy? yes!, Greedy? yes! These ass holes know if the bees are gone they control the prices. So if you need pollination, be prepared to PAY!

This guy says he knows who the guilty partner is!

Government tyranny: Illinois Department of Agriculture secretly http://drleonardcoldwell.comThu, 24 May 2012 14:24:46 GMT and beehives stolen from him by theIllinois Department of Agriculture(IDofA), as well as more than 15 years’ worth of research proving Monsanto’s Roundup to be the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) destroyed.

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Swarm intelligence intelligence
Ant colony optimization … the possibility of using swarm intelligence to control nanobots within the body for the purpose of killing cancer … 

 Well you’re probably over reading this BS, so now is the time to set back and let your eyes do the wandering.

A Disastrous Year for Bees: ‘We Can’t Keep Them Alive’

For America’s beekeepers, who have struggled for nearly a decade with a mysterious malady called colony collapse disorder that kills honeybees en masse, this…

Colony Collapse Disorder, Bees disappear, World News, morgellons fiber

CCD Colony Collapse, Bees disappear, World News, morgellons fiber Subscribe to rusticranchfarms I do not own this video. Creative Commons Attribution license…

Monsanto Killing the Bees to Introduce Genetically Engineered ‘Super’ Bees For Lots of Cash

Monsanto Bees Is Monsanto and Bayer the cause of the killing of the bees? Probable Cause for Honey Bees Dying Posted by: “Janice Smith”…


MONSANTO KILLED MY FAMILY’S BEES! Read my personal story below. We have been seeing cases of ‘colony collapse disorder’ all over the place for the last few y…

Science Nation – RoboBees: Design Poses Intriguing Engineering, Computer Science Challenges

It started with a TV show, “Silence of the Bees,” about honeybee populations in steep decline. At Harvard University, electrical engineers Rob Wood and Gu-Ye…

Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee)

The Harvard Monolithic Bee is a millimeter-scale flapping wing robotic insect produced using Printed Circuit MEMS (PC-MEMS) techniques. This video describes …

As Bees Decline in Number, Robobees Could Pollinate Flowers

As bees decline in number, robobees could pollinate flowers. A team of scientists from Harvard University and Northeastern University has designed robotic be…

 Well kids I hoped you enjoyed your little trip through this bizarre world we live on.

A world where it better to kill real things and to replace them with human built robotic replacements.

I think they think they are GODS. I think they are just Greedy mothers.

To that I bid you sweet adieu and remember Smile it pisses them off. 

So Click your heels 3 times and say I want to go home………….

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