by Robert Kreuk

This article will probably seem like a shot in the dark at first, but there are actually many similarities between the two. If the passage of time is any indication of proof or lack thereof, the descriptions of such beings, either the Little People or the modern UFO alien name of “little green men”, then both seem to be well lined up for further investigation on historical stories handed down and reported alone. With time our names and terminology change. We describe things as they would make sense to others around us to understand us. In this same regard, perhaps, at least a few of these instances are the same thing.


In a previous article, I proposed that the common described way of dress of the Little People was as our own fairy tales describe. Bearded, dressed in brown or green clothing, short in height, and even pointed hats.

That”s an example of one sighting of a fairy, where many more describe them either in green dress, or some having a greenish tint to their skin color. Green is a common color among the look and dress of those that have fairy sightings. Often it is either their skin or clothing that is green, rarely both. To an extent, much of a fairies appearance to us may be from their “glamour”, an ability to shapeshift or disappear at will, commonly known in Scottish and English folklore.

This means, that the being that we see may be something we can recognize and understand, even if it”s a little odder than our accepted norm.

But what of the flying objects?

If Little People live under the earth, a place they call “The Lands Beneath”, then what of the sightings of flying vehicles or UFOs?

In August of 1956 in Badajoz, Spain a UFO was sighted flying just 10 feet above the ground and 150 feet away from a group of ten adults and twenty children, who ran towards the craft gesturing at two entities they could see inside.

The occupants, of which they were only able to see the head and shoulders before the craft flew away, appeared to them to have greenish skin.
Numerous sightings like the one above exist to show an overlapping description between a UFO entity and the tales of Little People, where nature spirits or other fairy sighting show the beings to have similar skin tones or dress. While the phrase “little green men” is more out of our lexicon than “alien” with some research the reports and sightings can be found that show both Little People and Little Green Men share more physical characteristics than they do not.

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It was once suggested that aliens had bases beneath the Earth that they used to launch and land their vehicles. These beings could be one and the same and appear to us as we think they should appear. The subject of a world under the Earth is a complicated subject and one I hope to look into later.

With reports of alien beings who look greenish and Little People who often do, any number of things are possible here. They could be different races communicating or the same race doing business in sight of us we could not imagine.

The theory of a Hollow Earth is on the far fringes of any reputable science so a race and world underneath ours is not something they”ll look into as the sightings and stories, as mentioned above, are just as fantastic.

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