The heartbreaking hit-and-run murder of 11-year-old Robbie Silva made headlines almost a decade ago. But now, a police officer is coming out and saying that the reason the case has still not been solve is “political.”

Silva was sledding when a driver of a white ford pickup truck drove into him back on December 1st of 2005. But a Blue Island, Chicago area police officer who was once in charge of that investigation has blown the whistle on his department.

Sgt. Ismael Haro says that he knows who killed the 11-year-old, but his superior officers are not allowing him to continue the investigation, nor make arrests, for what he calls “political reasons.”

“The nurse and a doctor and another nurse came down the hallway and I just saw the looks on their faces and I knew Robbie wasn’t alive,” Robbie’s mother, Bethanne Thomas explained.

Thomas says that it has been almost a decade and she is still waiting on police to do their job and find her son’s killer.

“I knew that this case was probably not investigated right. I kept saying it from day one, something’s not right. Something’s not right,” she added.

On Wednesday, however, Sgt. Haro filed a whistleblower lawsuit (PDF) against the police department he works for, as well as the acting chief Michael Cornell.

Attorney James Vanzant of Kurtz Law says that his client is seeking compensatory damages over $50,000. The suit also alleges that Haro has been retaliated against since he opened the investigation back in 2006.

“What Sgt. Haro found and what he reported is something that is protected under Illinois law, and that is something they cannot retaliate against him for,” Vanzant explained. “We hope this lawsuit shines a spotlight on what happened here so that it doesn’t happen in the future.”

Haro said that he identified a Blue Island man as the primary suspect almost immediately. But he has been road-blocked at every turn.

“Shortly after the incident he had been very remorseful with Robbie’s mom. Very apologetic. He actually helped erect the roadside memorial, not having any, or significant contact with the family to have prompted him to do so,” Haro said.

A spokesperson for the State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says that they are reviewing the allegations, but they have no comment on the lawsuit at this time.

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(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

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