She was just shopping for ingredients to make “smores” at a cookout, early last August… That’s when Beavercreek Police shot and killed Tasha Thomas’ boyfriend, John Crawford III. Now a video of that disturbing and cruel police interrogation has just been released (scroll down for video).

The video goes well beyond the definition of “cruel and unusual” psychological abuse… and Tasha had not even given them reason to believe she had committed any crime at all!

Beavercreek Police Detective Rodney Curd brutally interrogated Tasha, accusing her and John of planning a massive heist of the Walmart Pharmacy to get thousands of dollars in drugs.

You really have to see this to believe it. Watch the disturbing video of the heartless Beavercreek Police at work…

Detective Curd asked a serious of disgusting questions in his attempt to frame John Crawford and Tasha.

The fact that John was on the phone with the mother of his children LeeCee Johnson, and his own mother, who was watching his children while he went to a cook out in the Dayton area, spurred a cold-hearted question by Detective Curd:

“Did he ever mention, ‘Shoot that bitch,’” Curd asked in his frame-up attempt.

He also discussed several disturbing scenarios that neither Thomas nor Crawford had given any indication of through their actions. Curd had criminalized their completely legal behavior and repeatedly tormented Thomas for failing to implicate herself, or the boyfriend who trigger-happy Beavercreek Officer Sean William had just killed.

At the very conclusion of the interrogation, Curd blames John for his own death and in doing so informs Tasha for the first time – and in the most unimaginably heartless way – that her boyfriend is dead.

(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

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