Do you hear the sadness as it races across the winds?
Can you hear the crying that happens within?
Can you see the hurt and pain within my eyes?
They grow dark and dim, as heavily clouded dark skies.

There is a constant battle with many souls,
There is pain that has long grown old.

Inside there are voices that express many fears,
All with different faces, and many tears.
The heart within this body aches and grows old.
From the crying of the many souls.

There are six that linger in my mind,
All alike, yet different in places and time.

They find no rest or happiness,
The grow unsettled with fear that never grows less.

Trust is a hard word for them to understand,
It is hard for them to let go and take a loving hand.

Pain, abuse and nights filled with unspeakable terror,
Are all I see when I look into life’s infinite mirror.
If happiness is alive, where is it in my life?
Where is the love and joy and why all this pain and strife?

Each day is always the same,
Each day feelings of pain always remain.

And each day as I grow more and more old,
I hear the pain and sorrow in the Crying Souls.

© Copyright 1989 Renee Womble

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