On 01/15/15 a band of patriots STOOD UP to tyranny in our courts!

image: Grant Seim JR. (my Dad) taking one for liberty and refusing to stand back silent in the face of tyranny.

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Ask not, when will people stand. But rather shout, I WILL STAND!

The corruption in out court system has never been exposed to the world like this. — Around the nation, Kangaroo Courts are abusing justice and once people walk through those doors, their rights are regarded as dung and they are silenced in fear of tyrant judges and a system that has nothing to do with justice.

What we see here are 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th amendment violations! But what precipitated all the events in this courtroom and the open defiance of the 1st and 6th amendments by Douglas County. Why did they only allow approved press to record? Press that went out and reported exactly what the State wanted them to! Because they are perverting justice and don’t want to be held accountable.

“Who Stands With Me?” That’s what my brother Nathan Seim said when he was grabbed by police and dragged out of the courtroom. Simply for being a patriot. — We were attacked, violated and arrested for defending the Constitution, our right to due process, our right to free speech and our neighbor. It’s happening all over America behind closed doors. It’s time to take back our courts. It’s time to take back our liberty.

The justice of tyrants is to accuse their victims of the very actions and crimes they have committed! This was a rigged trial of a young man that Douglas County Washington officials wanted to make an example of. What was his crime? He asked a police officer why he was being stopped! You can see that video here.

Seeing ongoing obstruction from the County, a band of about 20 patriots showed up in support and to make sure the defendant got a fair trial. They started up cameras at the defendants request and sat to watch and support.

Patriots keeping the cameras rolling. This is how to face a tyrant.patriots-film-in-douglas-county-court

Then all hell broke loose! Officials attacked, swooping in and dragging Nathan Seim out of the courtroom. The judge had not even entered the room. As he was pulled form his chair Nathan called out to the crowd and the group of patriots stood up, blocking the way. Deputies used Nathan as a human battering ran, slamming into the men, blocking their path and kidnapping him from what moments ago had been a peaceful courtroom.

I had momentarily left the room before the trial was to start and returned to pandemonium. The courtroom was chaos and defiance. I moved to the front just as the judge entered.

I challenged the restricting of cameras from the courtroom and even more so the removal of my brother, Nathan, which amounted to abduction. After some oral arguments with the judge, police rushed in and tackled me to the floor as the crowd erupted in anger. Soon after my dad was also arrested. We spent about 24 hours in jail together and it was not a good place. You can read about my thoughts on that here. We were not in jail for doing evil, but for doing good. For that we should always stand tall.

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Douglas County District Court obstructed justice in nearly every way during the trial and Tell was convicted by the tainted jury. All this because a man asked an officer a question and he was too big a bully to do his job. Tell was handed a sentence of 5 days in jail and a year probation plus fines. That’s like a sentence that an assault or DUI offender would receive. JUST FOR ASKING A QUESTION. He is appealing and we all an attorney now.

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My own and my dad’s trials are coming this Spring. Douglas county is beside themselves with vengeance. They have made up charges of Obstructing a Court, Disorderly Conduct, and Contempt of Court. Which are in fact only some of the crimes that THE JUDGE and her lackeys committed. My dad was charged with Obstructing a Court and Disorderly Conduct. Due to the nature of the charges we have hired renowned Constitutional attorney Stephen Pidgeon. We are not backing down. We ask for your support and prayers as we stand up to the rising police state!

The message here is not failure, but liberty. Americans cowered to lawless tyrants for too long. Yes, we were arrested. Yes, liberty is a sometimes rocky road. Yes our stand comes at a price. But this was a victory. We opened the door and are just getting started with an example of exposing tyranny and of how much power the people hold if they simply stand up!

About half the jury pool was friends or family of the police. It was a Kangaroo trial and I expect the same in my trial. The Wenatchee World was the only media allowed. Not surprisingly they were there to only watch the courts antics so they could go report a very biased story. They did just that! Apparently thinking no one would expose what they had done. Oops.

On a side note. I’m a photographer by trade and I know what photographers look for. I remember going down and seeing that reporter with his camera and thinking “I have to stay classy. I’m not going to give him the photo he wants; that shot of a kicking screaming activist that they can paint as crazy.” And he did not get it!

It took time to get this video together. Much of it was recorded by myself and the brave patriots in the room that day. Some of it was demanded from the County cameras under discovery. There was a LOT of logistics to get it all in one place. But we did get it and this was a great reminder that had those cameras not been rolling, the outcome could have been very different.gavin-seim-filming-his-own-arrest-425x268

That’s not my devious smile. I’m trying to wrench my cuffed hands into a position for the camera in my hands. At the time I had no idea how many other cameras were rolling.

I remember holding on to my backup camera like I never have before when they were cuffing me. I twisted my hands around to get the best angle I could and keep the video rolling because I have learned from experience how important the message is. The key here is to expose the tyranny and awaken the hearts and minds of all of you, the people of The United States Of America. There was a certain peace in that courtroom. The peace that comes from knowing that God is on your side and liberty will eventually win.

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Let me also say this: I’ve seen many videos where tyrants abuse citizens for speaking truth while the people sit as silent slaves! NEVER be those slaves America. NEVER be silent in the face of evil.

I’m proud of the Seim’s. Of my wife Sondra. I’m proud of Tell for refusing to bow down to tyranny and defending himself like a champion, even though they blocked him at every step. I’m told at one point he even pulled the Constitution out of his pocket, held it towards the judge and asked “do you use this for toilet paper?!”

I’m thankful for the support and calls people put out when they heard what had happened. And I am proud of every one of the patriots there that day. They had the courage to come into that courtroom, to stand on principle and on liberty; to look tyranny in the eye with bold defiance and say, I WILL NOT COMPLY!

We must fill the seats of every court in this land with principled patriots who will stand in DEFIANCE of injustice from the bench. It’s not an easy road. But as we stand up to them, cameras rolling, we will educate the people and restore liberty by standing strong.

“When injustice becomes law. Resistance becomes duty.”

— Gav

How you can help:

We need your support. Legal fees and taking on corruption comes at a price. Please donate if you can. Your ongoing prayers also mean a lot. God is with us when we stand for what is right. Finally please share this everywhere and call one of these officials if you can.
Numbers you can call:

Douglas County Non-Emergency Line: (509) 663-9911

Okanogan County Sheriff (holds political prisoners for Douglas): (509) 422-7200

Douglas County Sheriff: (509) 884-0941

Douglas County prosecutor Steve Clem: (509) 745-8535

Douglas County Commissioners – Ken Stanton, Dale Snyder, Steve Jenkins: (509) 745-8537

You can read more from liberty speaker and activist Gavin Seim at his site where this article first appeared and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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