Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Earthquakes on an intensity never before experienced by present-day humans. An enormous tidal sea inundating the Midwest USA. All this suddenly caused on a Polar Doomsday when planet Earth’s poles do a drastic shift. Come on now, let’s be real!

Who would believe such a monstrous tale? It’s so awesome, terrible, and deadly, that even hearing about it sends one into emotional withdrawal. However, I now invite you to listen to the true actual facts about this in an objective manner.

In my research data of over 250 abduction cases, we find the gem of over 20 Nordic type alien experiencers who, in their altered state mode have been given warnings and scenes of a terrible cataclysmic time coming to Earth. It is truly incredible how these tall, blonde, human-appearing aliens have been so much the authors of these massive end-time messages.

I am convinced that my small total is only a fraction of the real total of these messages being delivered. I will now describe briefly how this ultimate disaster will affect our planet as told in the messages received. Man’s longtime destruction of his own natural environment and the alteration of the planet’s temperature will have finally brought forth violent changes.

We live on crustal plates 60 miles thick that float on more fluid-like interiors called Litosphere and Asthenosphere. Geologic evidence shows that Earth’s past pole shifts have been sudden. When the gyro forces of axis stability fail, the poles can end up 45 degrees on opposite sides of the planet in the equator regions. The horrendous rampage of a berserk nature then comes to full fruition. The crustal plates, like ships in a violent storm, are broken, subducted under each other, or thrust up.

Immense fissures and volcanoes will spew forth their white-hot magma over vast areas. High winds that sweep everything before them and walls of seawater miles high will be created. The waves we have seen and life loss when the Asian and Pacific Plates clashed off Sumatra was only a tiny sample of the future. Many of those nations ringing the Pacific Ocean will be destroyed. Certainly, the fragile island nation Japan will go under. A great new continent may arise out of the deep in the Hawaii region.

The western USA will see only the tops of the Rocky Mountains as islands and its western regions will become sea as far as western Nebraska. Los Angeles and San Francisco will be under miles of water. The same for New York and New England for that coastal region is going under.

It is easier to list some of the tentative safe areas. They are Southern and Eastern Canada, New England inland, the Appalachian regions of Easter states, northern Great Plains, and Rocky Mountain areas in Western states. This is all predicted, but let’s get back home to our Midwest.

Some scientists suspect that a deep fault stretches from southern Ontario Canada to Arkansas in the USA. There are eight known earthquake regions in the Midwest. One of them is the New Madrid Seismic Zone located in the Midwest. It is most active with the 1811-12 years quakes of 8 intensity or more being possible harbingers of things to come.

It is likely that in the pole shift period, this latent fault may explode into a mega-quake. In this gigantic upheaval, the St. Lawrence Bay and Great Lakes region would become a vast extension of the Atlantic Ocean reaching across the former Great Lakes and west into the Mississippi Valley and on down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Among my abductees receiving the Nordic messages was a lady who lived near Niagara Falls, Canada. Like other uninformed persons, this startling news was suddenly given to her. Along with scenes of destruction on both coasts and her own locality, she was urged to move north into Canada.

Pamela of Mississippi, an ordinary housewife, who could do spirit typing, was also nearly floored when she received a two-page message telling of the same effects on our country and specifically naming Oklahoma and New Iberia (I think it’s in that region somewhere). The originators of this message called themselves “The Lifeforce” and addressed the message to me. Pamela is a Nordic abductee.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Nordic desire that I get their message through the series of abductees I have known.

The following is what I have received from my most recent Nordic cataclysmic experiencer named James. He is a middle-aged man, an art director residing out west in the USA. Very strange things had been happening to him all his life so he took my questionnaire test and we were able to unravel some of the enigmas of his life. Actually, I classify him as an elite abductee.

James is quite psychic. He had a girl who was murdered in his neighborhood, talk to him and wanted him to warn her mother of the one who killed her. He urged the girl to go into the white light and that was the last he heard from her.

James sees plane crashes ahead of time, but does not know where they will be. He can read minds and one college professor was freaked by this and called him “the Mind God.” James knows nothing about abduction, nothing about Nordics, and not a thing about the concept of massive destruction.

Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

James thought his altered state meetings with the beautiful robed figures were just vivid dreams. He never knew others were having the same kind of so-called dreams replete with all the destruction. The following are his descriptions of his meetings with the Nordics in his own words.

James’ Dreams

# James began with, “In the first very vivid dream I had I was in a place surrounded by very bright, light and there were blonde men in robes. I’m positive they were all Jesus-like because I thought this must be heaven. There were six standing around this altar-like table and looking at the top of it. A seventh man approached and said, “You need not worry about what is wrong with your body. All you need to know is that you are chosen.” Boom. End of dream.

# James continued, “In the second dream I was with the same six men around the altar. Nothing was said to me, but they showed me a map of the USA and in the midwest was water running through it splitting the nation in two. A vision came on the table of my sister and me helping people to get out of flooded areas to drier ground. It was like we knew exactly what to do when the situation came around. Boom. End of dream.”

# More on the dream guys from James. “I think they had blue eyes and they were a little taller than me, maybe 6″3.” I can’t remember if they had beards, but I am pretty sure they wore belts made of rope and tied at the waist. I remember they looked like high priests or something. I would say they looked different ages.”

# “The person who came to me and told me I was ‘chosen’ was older and different. He definitely had a beard, and I am almost positive he had grey hair. He wore a red thing over his white robe and held some type of long pole in his hand or something. The red pole had symbols on it like maybe religious symbols. Are these still Nordics?” (Sure, they are all the same group.)

# Jim then said, “I do not remember any walls. It was a very bright and glowing kind of what my idea of heaven would be. More on the vision. As far as the Midwest being underwater if ran from the Great Lakes which were no longer Great Lakes, and flowed more like one body of water from Northern Atlantic around through the Midwest west of the Missouri River, north through Ohio to Iowa and down into Texas to the Gulf. In the vision, it seemed I was a participant helping people from Texas to go north. The place we are trying to get to is Canada. For some reason, Canada is a safe place.”

# “There are many islands in between the water where the ground is higher. I am instrumental in leading the people along a correct path and identifying currents and helping them get from island to island either wading or swimming short distances. My sister and I were showing people how to use their clothes as floatation devices and getting competent swimmers together to help those who weren’t competent.”

# “I was with the same six men around the altar. Nothing was said to me, but they showed me a map of the USA. The Midwest had water running through it splitting the nation in two. A vision came from my sister and I help people to get out of the flooded areas and to the drier ground! It was like we knew exactly what to do when the situation came around! The dream ended suddenly. The odd thing about this is I was watching a show one day and a lady claimed to have had the same experiences with men around this alter. It blew my mind.”


We are faced with the vital question of how soon is all this going to happen. I really don’t know but I do know that in the pages addressed to me through Pamela, the Mississippi abductee, the aliens said it will happen in my lifetime. I am going on 84 so how long yet can it be?

In one case, that of a Virginia man, I did get the opportunity to get him to pressure his Nordic, whom he named Thor, for an answer to how soon. Thor said that only our creator knows and added that it is a natural happening and will be for the best in the end. In the present time frame, we see our world that has become a dangerous place that has enough nuclear devices to destroy its own self.

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Perhaps the aliens know that cleansing is, as they say, “for the best in the end.” And of great importance, too, let us not forget these very same aliens are conducting a vast relentless human abduction project, obtaining human sperm and eggs, and creating uncountable entities of their own design. This intelligence is omnipotent, knows what is coming for us and has plans most beneficial to itself.

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