This simple dreaming while awake practice pulls the unconscious mind into the realm of the conscious mind. Meditate with a partner at dusk or in a low light situation with your eyes open. Look into each other’s eyes for a long period of time while blanking your mind. Let your eyes be slightly soft focused and see. Allow any change in your vision to occur naturally.

Be aware of the entire peripheral area and notice the highlights and shadows intensify. The face may disappear all together, or may change to other faces. Whatever you see, there is nothing to fear. A variation of this practice is to stare in a mirror in a low light situation.

Another practice is to meditate facing someone, with your eyes closed. Allow yourself to be pulled to one of their chakras.

Now allow an image to appear that has meaning to the person. Ask yourself what message is being conveyed by the image. If you cannot see anything, imagine what you would see if you could see something. Deliver the information to your companion in a compassionate manner.

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