Over the weekend a very strange event happened at the Georgia Guidestones. A maintenance crew showed up at the monument and without fanfare leaned a ladder on the slab of granite that speaks of the reduction of the planet’s population to 500 million in order to keep it sustainable. A man climbed the ladder and removed the stone that had the numbers of 20 and 14 on it. He then climbed down the ladder, took out a large hammer and proceeded to break up the cube into pieces. He handed the pieces to onlookers without saying a word.

There were other numbers on the cube and there were also letters.

The other numbers were 8 and 16. Just out of plain curiosity I decided to add the numbers up.

8 + 20 = 28
14 + 16 = 30
Then I decided to reduce them down like a dime store numerologist.
8 + 20 = 28 (Reduced Sum) 2 + 8 = 10
14 + 16 = 30 (reduce Sum 3 +0 = 3

I assumed that this would be a date like October 3rd, 2014. I also added the 10 and 3 of course and got the unlucky number of 13. I was thinking that perhaps there would be a major announcement on October 3rd, or the 13th pertaining to the so called culling that everybody was expecting with the 500 million count.

I won’t about to decipher the letters on the cube and I am sure that someone else could come up with some theory. Your imagination can run wild when you are in the conspiracy theory world.

Today is October 1st, 2014 and today I am concerned about the new case of Ebola reported to be in Dallas Texas, a place that is oddly enough situated on that Magic 33rd north parallel.

The numbers always seem to pop in and out from the numbers 13, or 33 and they are seen as the power numbers of sacrifice and death. You may recall the show we did about the King Kill 33 and how the numbers have occult ties to bloodletting and sacrifice.

Ebola of course is hemorrhagic disease and it would be appropriate for such an event like isolating patient zero on the 33rd parallel and having the disease begin its journey of death in the region.

Aristotle commented that “From time to time it is necessary that pestilence, famine, and war prune the luxuriant growth of the human race.”

I am sure that media will once again water down this crisis and treat it like it really is not all that much of a problem and with the habit of washing one’s hands we can fight this disease.

Well, it all seems hollow now. Our patience about this virus has reached zero as we all knew that it would somehow make it here in the United States.

We supplant one crisis for another as the mainstream narrative always has a menu of items that they can use to motivate you to spend money on cures, remedies and vaccinations that end up becoming iatrogenic artifacts or so-called cures that eventually kill the patient.

There is this underlying concern that has been talked about off and on with regard to a major viral outbreak that could be the result of an accidental release, or an intentional release that is meant to wipe out an enemy quietly and without much fanfare.

We need to understand that viruses evolve and with the help of science and the development of warfare agents we can see a contagion force multiply and be kept under glass until for some reason it is released as a sure fire way to eliminate an enemy or to cull the herd.

It is important to point out that such weapons are aimed at the cells and that little by little we waste away if the immune system is compromised and, like a deadly alien, invades the host and continues to destroy the cells until the host dies.

Modern medicine does have some antiviral medications in its arsenal, but the highly evolved viruses have been known to mount a resistance.

New and emerging diseases seem to generate some underlying panic brought on by political and economic design. The plagues, pandemics and even the proposed mass inoculations are connected to money generating operations. These plagues seem to be self induced. They are reported for the fear factor and resolved by government by creating more laws and more provisions that will take away your freedoms.

Now that the United States is reporting a case of Ebola in Dallas Texas it is not enough to know that the disease is dangerous it is also important to know that this is not the only time the United States has been up against the disease and it is also important to know that this may not be the same type of Ebola virus that we have heard about in the past.

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The initial outbreaks of the Ebola virus occurred Zaire in 1976. This outbreak was followed by another one in western Sudan, also in 1976. In total, these two outbreaks have been traced to the deaths of 340 people – resulting from the 550 plus cases that were identified in these two nations.

The Ebola virus once again appeared in 1979. No cause was identified as 34 cases of Ebola were identified in Sudan. This occurrence brought the deaths of 22 patients – showing a fatality rate of more than 60%, just as in the 1976 outbreaks.

The Ebola Zaire strain was discovered once again on April 10, 1995 when a patient hospitalized for what was believed to be Malaria infected the surgical team during an operation. This outbreak occurred in the city of Kikwit, Zaire. In this most recent, approximately 233 deaths have been caused, and 293 cases identified as Ebola – bringing the fatality rate to nearly 80% in the outbreak of 1995)

Ebola was also detected in the United States in 1989, however, this strain of the virus, known as Ebola Reston, is not harmful to the human population. A shipment of African Green and Rhesus Monkeys arrived in Reston, Virginia from the Philippines. These monkeys were infected with the Ebola virus, yet no human cases were documented.

On 24 November 1995, a Swiss researcher on the Cote d’Ivore of West Africa contracted the disease from an infected chimpanzee in the Tai Forest. The researcher was rushed to a Swiss hospital where she recovered. After an autopsy of the chimpanzee indicated that it was showing effects similar to those visible in human patients, a search began for the locale the virus is indigenous to. However, the Tai Forest comprises over 4200 square kilometers, and field researchers were unable to locate the virus.

Another outbreak of the Ebola virus occurred in rural Gabon in western Africa. This outbreak occurred in February of 1996.

Also in 1996 there was a Russian laboratory contamination of Ebola that reported.

In the year 2000 and 2001 The Ugandan Ministry of Health informed the public that a patient with suspected Ebola Hemorrhagic fever died on May 6, 2011 in the Luwero district, Uganda.

The Disease remained in Uganda and was pretty well contained until March of 2014 when the Ebola virus had been found in multiple countries.

In December of 2011, there were a few documents that were leaked to the British press regarding a preparedness plan proposed for a future threat of Ebola to the United States. This plan featured a number of documents and contracts from Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) regarding the contracting of services for what are called environmental danger camps.

These camps are known in conspiracy circles as Federal Emergency Management camps, the very same internment camps that were utilized in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

However, these documents had more to them.

In an article called “15 Million plastic bags,” there was a haunting and very real addendum to the camps that KBR was proposing. KBR also were authorized to handle any and all contaminated body disposal in case of a pandemic mega death scenario.

KBR had indicated that they could also provide mobile mortuaries that could be set up and used in remote areas in case of a major outbreak, biological attack, or nuclear attack.

The US operates the Disaster Mortuary Response Team (DMORT), a DHHS program designed to assist local authorities in a mass fatality incident which has overwhelmed their capability. The DMORT consists of three core groups, the Disaster Portable Morgue Unit, Family Assistance, and the WMD Team, and the core component of these teams are: Medical Examiners, Pathologists, Funeral Directors, Mental Health specialists, Evidence Specialists, Technical Specialists (Fingerprints, DNA, Odontologists, Photographers, etc.), as well as administrative support.

Decontamination and human remains is always a tricky subject as the natural putrification is in itself a bio-hazard. While safety for the living is first priority , it looks as if all of the rumors about the so called FEMA coffins, mass burial vaults and body bags Appeared to be in in preparation for an as of yet mass death scenario.

CBS News in Georgia confirmed that on September 29th, 2014 The Centers for Disease Control had issued guidelines to U.S. funeral homes on how to handle the remains of Ebola patients. The three-page list of recommendations include instructing funeral workers to wear protective equipment when dealing with the remains since Ebola can be transmitted in postmortem care. It also instructs to avoid autopsies and embalming.

Three days later the CDC confirmed the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States.

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Patient Zero is said to have returned from Liberia and was symptomatic for at least 5 days before he was isolated in a Dallas Texas hospital. Patient Zero is named Eric Thomas Duncan a Liberian national. Mr. Duncan is said to have traveled to the United States on an immigrant visa through his wife who is an American citizen. The victim left Liberia on the 19th of September and arrived in the United States the next day.

While symptomatic Mr. Duncan allegedly had contact with 5 Children at a home he visited during the weekend. These Children attended four different schools, which authorities said would remain open. As a precaution, they said all the schools including one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools would undergo a thorough cleaning.

It is being reported however so far not confirmed that the CDC has confiscated all lab samples at the Texas health Presbyterian Hospital and anyone who was scheduled for elective surgery is being told to wait at least 21 days as a precaution. All lab samples are being sent to Atlanta for testing.

Three Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics and several emergency room workers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital are off work and under observation after making contact with patient Zero and the ambulance that carried the patient has been roped off and has been declared a bio hazard.

Before Dallas became the U.S. Ground Zero for a confirmed Ebola outbreak the initial reports of the fast paced outbreak came from the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a bio-security level 2 bio-weapons research lab. It was immediately shutdown after the outbreak.

This has led to speculation that the Ebola Virus was a force multiplied biologically engineered disease and that it was released either accidentally or with intent.

It was reported in MSDS Online, a company that provided Material Safety Data Sheet information. that The primary Ebola strain being spread right now was bioengineered by the US Department of Defense & Tulane University with the knowledge and instruction p from pharma/biotech giants such as Monsanto, Alnylam, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Pfizer and a much smaller pharma company based out of Canada called Tekmira.

Coincidentally, the partners and people leading the viral fever bio-weapons lab inside Kenema Government Hospital In sierra Leone include Tulane University , Tekmira, Scripps Research Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego, University of Texas Medical Branch, Autoimmune Technologies LLC, Corgenix Medical Corporation, Kenema Government Hospital (Sierra Leone), Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Nigeria) and various other partners in West Africa.

A known Ebola strain from Central-Africa was allegedly used as the base, and was bio-engineered to become a new hybrid respiratory illness (a combination of Ebola Virus & Lassa Hemorrhagic Fever, weoponized via Tulane University & USAMRIID at Fort Detrick, making it become a genetic variant of the original strain.

This bioengineered hybrid allowed for airborne human-to-human transmission, an extended incubation period to increase spread and threat, and a slightly toned down virility (to have the ideal initial wanted mortality rate of 40 percent.

A top German virologist has caused shockwaves by asserting that it’s too late to halt the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia and that five million people will die, noting that efforts should now be focused on stopping the transmission of the virus to other countries.

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine in Hamburg told Germany’s Deutsche Welle that hope is all but lost for the inhabitants of Sierra Leone and Liberia and that the virus will only “burn itself out” when it has infected the entire population and killed five million people.

Now that it has now arrived in the United States we must use caution and be prepared for anything. Be aware of the symptoms.

The Symptoms of Ebola are sudden Fever, weakness, muscle pain. headache
and sore throat. These initial symptoms are then followed by: vomiting, diarrhea,
rash, limited kidney function, limited liver function internal hemorrhaging and external hemorrhaging.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sent out a warning to hospitals and doctors in a six-page Ebola “checklist” to help healthcare workers quickly determine if patients are infected.

To my knowledge hospitals are not testing for Ebola, however things may change really quick if this contagion spreads quickly in the United States.

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