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Steve Jones- Sacramento UFO Group
By Harry V. Martin
While KVON radio’s news department and the “Johnny-come-lately Napa Valley Register wallow in whether or not a telephone tower in Sonoma County has anything to do with increased flight of helicopters in Napa County, the Sentinel has obtained over 200 pages of unclassified and secret documents which outline the purpose of a special communications and government continuity base in the Napa Hills.
The documents- which focus on 26 unclassified reports, 1 “for official use” report, and 14 secret reports, relate specifically to continuity of government and emergency telecommunications systems. Participating with the government is [sic] this classified nationwide emergency telecommunications Service for National Security Telecommunications ITT,AT&T,COMSAT, MCII [sic] and TRT.
Plans went into motion in 1988 and 1989 to ensure national and international communications and the continuity of government in case of war or disaster. The plan is being implemented throughout the nation, with similar helicopter traffic and construction of facilities. For national security reasons, much work is done in secret. The National Security Telecommunications Advisory Commission reactivated the Commercial Satellite Survivability Task Force to assist the government and recommending secured telecommunications systems that would survive any disaster.
The systems are used not only in case of war, but also when disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes destroy existing commercial telecommunications facilities. The government asked the group for international augmentation from an inter- exchange carrier switch via and international gateway satellite earth station. The foreign end users identified in the report are senior U.S. civilian and military officials overseas. The problem that existed was that foreign satellites do not operate with the same type of equipment used in the United States. Satellite earth stations working together in an international link are owned and operated by different companies and agencies.
When the INTELSAT is used incompatibility is at a minimum, but when CCITT systems are used there are major incompatibilities to be overcome. The construction of new systems is part of a 12-point plan:
-That the Government establish a commercial satellite communications survivability program which will satisfy National Security requirements.
-That the Government establish a Commercial Satellite Survivability (CSS) Program Office to co-ordinate the program within the Government.
-That the CSS Program Office, in conjunction with the planning arm of the NCM, should undertake a program to develop emergency control plans and procedures to assure the capability to coordinate the restoration of commercial satellite communications systems under emergency conditions.
-The development of a capability for communications interoperability at critical earth stations to maintain emergency communications networks.
-The development of a capability utilizing the Data Encryption Standard algorithm to protect critical digital communications links if communications protection over commercial satellite systems is required by the Government.
-The development of a capability to enhance the survivability of satellite control systems through actions to achieve command link protection.
-The development of control interoperability between satellite systems to control the commercial communications satellite assets under emergency conditions.
-The development of capabilities which increase physical security of satellite control facilities and communications earth stations.
-The CSS Program Office should initiate a study which would assess the susceptibility of existing commercial satellite communications systems to nuclear effects and provide recommendations which would establish hardening guidelines for further control.

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