In the following stories, people are having encounters with Fairy-like creatures. Creatures which, for all that we know, shouldn’t exist. 

Story related by Lisa A.

This beautiful encounter with a faery or brownie took place on May 31, 2008, in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Earlier that Spring, I met two Native American women who have had very vivid encounters with the Faery Realm, but I wasn’t sure if these interdimensional beings were real. I prayed that God would let me meet one of these “Nature Guardians” and I forgot my prayer.

On Memorial Day weekend that May, our family got into a huge argument, resulting in my sister cursing out my father, slamming the door and taking my nephew with her. Our home fell into a gloom of sadness and depression that entire weekend, and I wasn’t looking forward to being home from work that following Monday. Monday morning came and I dragged myself up from the bed and sat by our window with the morning sun pouring in. Listlessly I daydreamed while looking through sections of my hair in the sunlight.

Suddenly, I was aware of a sense of being watched, and at the corner of my eye, I saw a small feminine face looking at me with total empathy. She did not seem aware of me staring at her in shock. Her eyes were totally beaming unselfish concern about me, as though she sensed things were not right in our home. Her face was not human, but very “otherworldly” and beautiful. She had soft, light brown, cocoa-colored skin and wide-set eyes that tilted up a bit. And her eyes were totally all dark chocolate brown with no irises. They were not scary, though; they were full of love. She had high brow bones, high cheekbones, a high forehead, and a delicate nose and lips. She looked very delicate and regal. And there was a sense of innocence and humility about her as well as royalty.

After a good minute of me staring at her hard, she realized I was able to see her and she got this look on her face like, Uh oh… she sees me. I better disappear. And with that she did, but I still feel a connection with her to this day. Seeing her has not only showed me how our Creator really does hear everyone’s prayers, and showed me that the Faery Realm really does exist. But it taught me to love and respect Nature and the Environment more because now I know that there are faeries out there and they see everything we humans do to Nature and the wild animals. They see us dumping trash out of our cars and cutting down trees, etc. I don’t think they are very impressed with the humankind.

After my encounter, I started picking up trash in my neighborhood and transplanting maple tree saplings that sprung up in our yard every Spring. I started feeding the wild birds and just plain loving Nature with every opportunity I found.
I’m personally interested in the change in behavior that the witness had after her encounter with the “fairy”. It’s not unlike the kind of spiritual development that some Alien abductee’s or Contactees undergo as well.

Faery Friends by Marlene

It was on the 22nd of June, 1999. I remember it so well. It was around 9 p.m. and I was outside under the growing moon. I was facing the east with my arms stretched up to the sky and I was asking for blessings for all the beautiful people upon Mother Earth. I turned around and looked up on top of the roof of the house, and there hovering about four feet above the tiles were two glowing lights! At first, I was logically thinking, maybe it’s a cobweb and is glowing under the moon’s rays. But no, whatever it was hovering up and down – both of these glowing lights!

Suddenly, I had this feeling come over me that whatever it was wasn’t bad but good. I held my left hand out (the hand to receive) and I said, “It’s okay, you can come to me. I mean you no harm.” The glowing balls of light hovered down. Then I could see quite clearly that they were faeries. The female one landed right on my left hand, and I could see there was a male faerie hovering just back from her about eight inches away! My feelings told me that these beautiful beings were there for me for a special reason.

Just then my eldest daughter came running out the back door; she was having trouble getting the lid off something and needed help. They were scared away. They just disappeared like that! I was taken aback with awe and wonder what I had just experienced. After my encounter, I did much research into the faeries to learn all about them. I feel that these faeries have some connection with me now; I feel them close by even though they have not shown themselves again to me since this night. I leave them gifts.

Anonymous poster to

As a little girl around eight about fifty years ago I got awoke about dawn to hear the sound of what I thought was children laughing and playing. I looked out the window and saw about four to six separate individual light glimmering yet almost transparent beings dancing in a circle.

I grew up to be very artistic and since I have begun to explore that sighting some fifty years ago it came to my attention that some of my paintings especially are an almost exact replica of Mary Schulte fairy pictures.

I have led a rather miraculous life I do not seem to age and I would pass for 35 without surgery and there have been events in my life that are rather unique for someone growing up in small-town Saskatchewan, Canada.

I am always been gifted with second sight which was passed from my Scottish grandmother which I have always accepted as quite normal. Part of my life’s journey was to pursue that of a career in counseling working with all factions of disenfranchised people which I have done very successfully and competently and with much love compassion and empathy. There has been trauma in my life which I recovered from and always feeling very blessed in an innate knowing of the wisdom that the trauma gave me, in fact, feeling blessed that I was able to survive what I survived.

Needless to say, that wisdom has been invaluable and supporting people who are in need of emotional support. I often wonder if that wisdom was not the residuals of seeing fairies and what other lessons I will have and whether or not I need to share this with other people.

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