The disappearance of Atlantis into the dimensional limbo she called home for thousands of years shattered the True Atlantean Empire but was not unknown to some True Atlanteans before the event happened.

A few clans of True Atlanteans, the clans of Tarquises and Gilbatro had argued against the experiment saying the experiment would have massive repercussions on the entire Atlantean culture. They were correct.

After Pandora’s Box was opened and the magic wand over the planet, the scientists of clans Tarquises and Gilbatro predicted a cataclysm happening to the continent of Atlantis which would scatter the clans and cause living conditions on the surface of Atlantis to become unbearable and impossible. In an attempt to prevent the greatest loss of life, the clans decided to explore the caverns underneath the continent to see if there was a way to create a livable area where the clans could go when the cataclysm they predicted occurred. While the clans were doing this they attempted to convince other clans of the coming danger and gain support and help for their expeditions.

Few others believed their claims to be more than “doom-saying” and, especially after a few decades passed and no cataclysm struck, the Tarquises and Gilbatro clans were dismissed as nothing more than paranoid Atlanteans who were ignoring their obligations to protect the other inhabitants of the Earth from the monstrosities the True Atlanteans had unleashed.

The Tarquises and Gilbatro clans continued their explorations, though, and made a number of discoveries which gave more fuel to their want to create a habitable area under the continent of Atlantis.

Their expedition teams discovered a plant that produced oxygen, such as trees do on the surface, through an exchange with carbon-dioxide. They also discovered three great chambers that housed these plants, plus a mushroom, which was eatable and contained the nutrients needed for Atlantean survival, and water sources in each of these caverns which were contained in great lakes.


The Construction of the Three Cities

The Tarquises and Gilbatro clans decided to go ahead with their plans to construct habitable areas in these caverns without consulting the other clans since the other clans have scoffed at their ideas of a great disaster which would befall Atlantis.

For hundreds of years the clans used stone magic, though sparingly, to construct three great cities in the caverns they had discovered. These cities were named Atlantia, Avalon and Pandora (in remembrance of the great disaster so it would never happen again.) Each city was designed to hold hundreds of thousands, and many of the clan proceeded to inhabit the cities to prepare them for the great cataclysm.


The Exodus

When the cataclysm did finally occur, the Tarquises and Gilbatro clans lead a mass exodus to the cities, which included survivors of ten other tribes who decided to accompany the Tarquises and Gilbatro clans into the caverns once the fact that the cataclysm they had predicted came true and the other clans realized that the Tarquises and Gilbatro clans had prepared for the event.

Everyone who descended into the caverns carried as much of their belongings as they could, though many magical instruments were discarded since the Tarquises and Gilbatro clans knew magic would be unavailable to them after the cataclysm. The only magic items which were taken were clan artifacts that would not be abandoned to the cataclysm. 

The exodus was dangerous, with the turmoil Atlantis was going through causing cave-ins and quakes which killed tens of thousands as they journeyed deep underground into the three cities. The cities also suffered damage, but only a few thousand True Atlanteans died in the cities themselves. Once Atlantis had finished her journey into the limbo and the quakes had settled, only a few hundred thousand True Atlanteans were left of an exodus of nearly one million.

These survivors began to cope with their new lives deep underground and without their magic to assist them. Many more would die, some from suicide, before coming to grips with this new, dark life.


Life Underground

The lives of the True Atlanteans underground was not easy by any means and many sacrifices had to be made. The supplies, the water, the mushrooms, and other reserves were limited in the quantity and the clans had to be very careful not to waste any of the precious necessities which all were dependent on.

To find ways to better preserve the supplies they had, the True Atlanteans turned to technology to find ways to reuse and recycle what the had. No liquids or food were wasted and other foods were found which could grow in controlled environments with less water. Over the centuries, the True Atlanteans underground came to relay on technology as their ancestors had relied on magic and great technological advances were created in the three cities.


The Rediscovery of Magic

While in the limbo a few explorers came to discover pockets of magic underground which had built up before the cataclysm and had remained after the journey into the limbo. Many of these pockets were squandered by those who wished to bring back magical wonders. It was finally decided that these pockets of magic, when discovered were to be used only by those with the most experience and only for the good of all in the cities and not for personal experimentation.

At one point it was decided to send out a team through one of these pockets of magic back to Earth to see what had happened on their native planet. The team was sent from the city of Avalon to the European continent where it was discovered that the human race had become a war-like race after the disappearance of Atlantis.

To their amazement, the True Atlanteans discovered a clan of True Atlanteans on the Isle of Britain who had decided to create a kingdom to better protect the humans of the Isle. This clan was the Pendragon Clan lead by Uther who was building a nation form the warring tribes on the Isle of Britain.



The team went and reported this and also reported that magic was begin to resurface, though very slowly. The True Atlanteans of Avalon decided to resend the team back to assist Uther in hopes of finding a way to use the magic to return Atlantis from it’s limbo. But, the team was told they would have to remain there until another pocket of magic could be found and they could be contacted again.

The True Atlanteans from Avalon helped Uther build a nation until Uther became under the influence of a supernatural creature, Zazshan, who was portraying the wizard Merlin. Uther and the True Atlanteans did not see through Zazshan’s disguise soon enough and Zazshan had gotten a grip on Uther’s kingdom.

Merlin was then able to arrange for Uther’s demise and began ruling the kingdom without the interference of a king. The True  Atlanteans from Avalon were able to hide Uther’s son, Arthur, before Merlin could have him killed also. Merlin knew Arthur was still around but needed a way to bring him forth, so he created the test of Excalibur, which Arthur accidentally stumbled into. 

Before Merlin could have the boy killed, the True Atlanteans stepped in and protected the boy from Merlin, using court politics to keep the boy alive. Merlin bided his time, but found that he had made a mistake in not simply killing Arthur the first chance he got.

Arthur grew to be a powerful king who was able to thwart many of Merlin’s plans and create a strong kingdom based on noble and good acts and laws. Merlin finally decided that Arthur had to fall and arranged for Arthur’s step-brother Morgan to raise an army to fight against Arthur. Merlin also placed Sir Lancelot and Guinivere, Arthur’s wife, under a powerful spell which caused them to fall in love with one another and betray Arthur. Merlin hoped this would lead to Arthur’s downfall.

Morgan attacked Camelot right after Arthur found out about the betrayal of the two people he loved most in life and Morgan could have won if not for Lancelot once again coming to Arthur’s side. Arthur was wounded in the battle and would have died if the True Atlanteans had not been able to open a portal back to Avalon and carry him there to recover. Merlin believed he had won the war but an occurrence happened that he did not expect. The magic which Merlin had been using to control his kingdom waned and in the mist of the battle, Merlin trapped himself into a tree until the magic returned hundreds of years later.

Arthur recovered in Avalon along with his wife, Guinivere, who he had forgiven and lives there still. Arthur is making plans to confront Merlin once again and reclaim his kingdom, lost to him so many years ago.


The Return of Atlantis

When Atlantis resurfaced great quakes once again suck the underground cities causing buildings to fall in and caverns to collapse. Magic also returned underground with pockets of magic appearing, killing many when they appeared in massive explosions and also opening rifts which allowed creatures to enter the underground cities and prey on the True Atlanteans.

By the time the True Atlanteans were able to recover from the disaster and contain the magic and the monsters, many decades had passed. After a great deal of deliberation, it was decided to send teams to the surface to see if Atlantis was finally out of the limbo she had been in for the last thousands of years.

It took another decade to clear the tunnels to the surface once again and by the time the True Atlanteans had made their way to the surface the Splugorth had control of Atlantis. The Splugorth had begun the construction of their cites and had amassed great armies to protect their new holding.

The True Atlanteans had no weapons, for they had fought no wars in the time they were underground and in limbo so they had no hopes of retaking Atlantis form these invaders.

Atlantis had fallen into the hands of evil, supernatural intelligences and there was no way for her true descendants to once again claim her lands as their own.


The Coming of a Myth

While the Splugorth were busy building their new kingdom, the True Atlanteans deliberated about what to do. Many suggested that they construct weapons of war to fight these creatures, but it would take centuries before they could even hope to match the technology of the Kittani. Others suggested that they find ways of using the returned magic to help, but the underground clans had not used magic in so long that it would take as long to relearn the magic as it would to build war machines. Others suggested they do nothing and continued to live underground, unknown to the surface world.

It wasn’t until the use of an ancient artifact was used that the answer came to the True Atlanteans. One of the magical artifacts which was brought along by the original exodus was a device believed to allow dimensional travel through it’s gate. The device was built like a full-size mirror, crafted from the spine of an ancient dragon. During the long years in the limbo, one clan studied this device to see it could be activated with a pocket of magic to allow the True Atlanteans to find their scattered brethren. This clan believed they had figured out how to use the device and decided to activate it to call to their brethren to see if they could gather a force strong enough to free Atlantis from the clutches of the Splugorth.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the device was not actually a dimensional doorway, but instead a communications device used by the original thirteen clans of True Atlanteans who used it to communicate with one another while they explored the megaverse. These devices were truly ancient and had not been used for tens of thousands of years. The original thirteen clans had vanished tens of thousands of years ago, with the last or their number dying and being replaced by the clans of today; or so all believed.

When the True Atlantean activated the artifact, instead of reaching out to find a location of True Atlanteans it reached out to one of the other devices; a device held by one of it’s true masters. When the devices contacted each other, the owner of the second device decided to investigate who exactly had come to possess the other device and use it.

From out of the mirror, for the devices could be used to transport individuals as well as contact them, stepped Milo of the clan Menengard, an ancient True Atlantean belonging to one of the original thirteen clans who had not stepped foot on Atlantis in over ten thousand years. Milo was one of the last of his clan who had found a way to survive the years and grow to great power. Milo had not intervened in Atlantean affairs after his clan had wiped themselves out in a war of brothers which lead to the death of over 99% of the Menengard clan.

Milo had known of the loss of Atlantis to the limbo, but had deemed this a worthy punishment to the foolishness of his “kin,” but the conquest of Atlantis brought anger even to Milo, who had forgone war after the end of his families feud.


The Arming of a Nation

Milo offered his services to the Three Cities who accepted him with open arms. Milo decided not to send the True Atlanteans on a path towards magic, for it would take them too long to relearn the magic and this could lead them to the events which caused the accident in the first place. Instead Milo decided to continue the True Atlanteans on their path of technology and use the facilities they had to build war-machines.

To do this the Milo had the True Atlanteans send out spies to all corners of the Earth to find the technology of the humans and bring it, or the plans for the weapons, to the Three Cities so that they could build and modify the weapons.

Milo also had the True Atlanteans contact others of their kind who brought Tattoo Magic to the cities once again and they began training a few select warriors in the art of magical combat. Milo saw this as a needed weapon in the upcoming fight.

For centuries the True Atlanteans built weapons of war, trained in the arts of combat; both technological and magical and prepared for the coming war. But Milo was not convinced they could reclaim Atlantis, even with the weapons they had created. The technology the True Atlanteans were making and using was no more powerful than the technology used by the Minions of the Splugorth and the True Atlanteans could not hope to retake Atlantis without an edge over the Splugorth.

Milo continued to search for an answer, which came to him in the conquest of an empire in another universe.


The Discovery of Robotechnology

Milo was using his magic to search the megaverse for a technology to be used against the Splugorth when he discovered an empire in the fourth quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy that was using a race of cloned giants and powerful technology to conquer the galaxy. Milo also discovered that one of these “Robotech Masters”, as they were called, was planning on sending his shipped to Earth in an attempt to both cripples the empire by denying the Masters their energy source and in hopes of helping the human race cease their warring and come together in peace.

Milo realized the Masters would never allow their technology to fall into the hands of another race and would track down the ship and eradicate any who stood in the way of their recovery of their energy source.

Milo also knew the human race to have the best potential to take the technology and create a force powerful enough to repeal any invaders, and if Milo could get this technology it could be used to defeat the Splugorth.

Milo took this plan to the clan elders and it was decided to send a detachment to True Atlanteans to infiltrate the human populace of the Earth and be there when the technology was created and also to help encourage the humans to build the weapons to fight the empire. Many True Atlanteans did not like the idea of encouraging the humans to create weapons, but Milo convinced them that the war was coming to this Earth and the True Atlanteans could either helped the humans fight off the Masters and their giants or let the humans fend for themselves. Milo’s arguments held and a contingent of one hundred thousand True Atlanteans journeyed to this alternate Earth and infiltrated the various countries to be their to receive and help when the spacecraft crashed.


The General and the Robotech Forces

Milo himself journeyed to this world and infiltrated the Robotech Defense Forces working his way through forces, rising in rank to once again learn the art of war and familiarize himself with this technology. Over a few decades, the True Atlanteans stayed with the Robotech Forces and fought with them in their wars until Milo had risen to the rank of General, gained control of a fleet of over one hundred ships and a factory with the ability to build more of the ships and robotechnology.

Finally, with the wars over and peace established on the Earth and in what was once the Master’s Empire, Milo gathered the True Atlanteans back together under his commanded and had the ships under his command fold into space. The fold technology was known to be unreliable and could send ships anywhere was used by Milo to bring the ships to a secret location where the next stage of the conquest of Atlantis could take place.


The Infiltration and the Desertion

The True Atlanteans decided to bring assistance in to help them with the fight for Atlantis. The True Atlanteans contacted dragons who were allies of the True Atlanteans and convinced them to help in the fight. The dragons who agreed infiltrated Dragcona by the thousands bringing with them True Atlanteans who posed as slaves and servants.

The True Atlanteans also gained an ally in the fight which tipped the scales greatly top their favor. While spying on the Kittani in Ki-Talon and studying their technology, the True Atlanteans were able to contact many important Kittani and were able to convince the Kittani of Ki-Talon to rebel against their masters in exchange for Ki-Talon given free state statis in the new Atlantean Empire.

The True Atlanteans were able to convince the Kittani by showing them the benefits of being a free people; benefits which included the ability to study magic and even rune-magic if they wanted. The Kittani decided that though life under the Splugorth had been good, freedom would be better. Ki-Talon and the Kittani in her city joined the True Atlanteans in their attack on Atlantis. 


The War

The war itself was a short series of precise battles and attacks which lead to the expulsion of the Splugorth from Atlantis.

The attack began in a series of interconnected events spanning the continent. The first of these events was the sinking of Splynn. This was done through the use of Stone Masters who had labored for decades to create tunnels under the city itself, placed in strategic locations on the fault lines.

When the attack began the Stone Masters caused the tunnels underneath Splynn to collapse and the fault lines to erupt into great earthquakes shaking the city to the ground, and even far underneath in. Millions died in the initial collapse, while the same number escaped through dimensional rifts before these collapsed or disappeared under buildings.

Those who survived were attacked by hordes of troops from hidden tunnels outside of Splynn and by squadrons of Veritechs and Destroids who were able to literally appear on top of Splynn using micronized fold drives built into them. The True Atlanteans tried to save as many slaves as the could during the attack on Splynn and the other cities, but many innocents died to free Atlantis.

As Splynn fell the other assaults were launched. In Ki-Talon, the Kittani turned on their masters and slaughtered them to the last one, declaring Ki- Talon a free state. In Dragcona, the dragons and True Atlanteans who had infiltrated the city attacked with the help of Veritechs and Destroids and proceeded to burn the city to the ground. Styphathal and many of his loyal minions were able to escape to the Kingdom of Lagarto before the fall of Dragcona.

Between Metztla-Xym and Alvurron, one of two Robotech Ikazuchi’s folded into the atmosphere to launch her squadron’s against the gargoyles and unleash her main gun on the Metztlans. Troops also came out of tunnels below Alvurron to attack the gargoyles, while the Metztlans were left to the veritech’s and the destroids.

The other Ikazuchi appeared directly over Splynncryth’s Pyramid located in the Refuge and attacked also with her main gun and then launched veritech and destroid squadrons to completely destroy the pyramid. Splynncryth himself teleported to one of his secure worlds to recover from the shock and decide what to do.

Once the Ikazuchi’s had leveled their targets and dispensed their troops, they folded once again to RiftsSpace where they and a small fleet of Robotech ships lay hidden among the Graveyard in case the Splugorth decide to attempt a retaking of Atlantis via space. The ships remain in hiding to not bring any fear to those inhabitants of the space stations over Earth. The war itself lasted only a few weeks, with pockets of resistance appearing from hidden places in and around the cities which were all, finally burned to the ground.

After the continent of Atlantis was secure, the Stone Master raised pyramids over all the possible ley-line nexus’ to ensure that the Splugorth could not rift in any resistance. They then began the construction of cities to house those True Atlanteans who wanted to leave their underground cities and those True Atlanteans who wished to migrate to the reclaimed Atlantis.

Milo had a number a military bases built in strategic locations to protect the inhabitants of Atlantis with the Robotechnology they had acquired and the technology that was built by the True Atlanteans underground.


Reactions Around the World and In the Megaverse

Splynncryth does not plan to let the True Atlanteans get away with stealing his continent. He is making plans to retake Atlantis and to do so has began to establish a base on North America and Africa (with the help of the Phoenix Empire) to lead this retaking.

The Gargoyle Empire in Europe sees the fall as a omen of ill for them and detest the True Atlanteans for doing it, mainly because the gargoyles have now lost their main weapons suppliers. The gargoyles, though are too worried about their own fight with the NGR than to think about helping the Splugorth.

The Kingdom of Lagarto is now under the direct control of Styphathal who has decided to focus his attentions on South America and leave Atlantis to Splynncryth. Styphathal is actually happy to be out from under Splynncryth’s shadow.

Manoa and the other True Atlanteans scattered throughout the megaverse, including in the Three Galaxies, have mixed feelings of the reclaiming of Atlantis. Some see it as a blessing and one of the greatest moves that the True Atlanteans could have done. Others feel it will only bring about ruin as the previous True Atlantean Empire did long ago.

The Empire of the Sun believes this as a bad omen because the True  Atlanteans brought about the downfall of the previous Incas Empire and might do the same now. The Coalition knows very little of the events which took place, though reconnaissance is coming back to them of the battles on the continent and reports of a large contingent of monsters appearing on the east coast of North America. 

This is worrying the Coalition and they plan to send troops out o investigate.

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