If killing a small child for holding a toy gun, failing to convict the police officer who shot said small child and refused to medically assist him afterwards wasn’t enough, forcing the family of the murdered child to pay for his ambulance ride and hospital fees appears to be the icing on the cake for Cleveland — now officially the worst city in America.

The family of Tamir Rice, the young black boy shot to death by two Cleveland police officers in 2014, are to be sent a bill for $500 by for “advanced life support” and Rice’s ambulance ride after the city filed a creditor’s claim today at court. Reported Gawker:
This afternoon in probate court, the city filed a creditor’s claim for $500, saying that Rice’s family still owes them for the ambulance and paramedics that tended to the 12-year-old’s body after he was shot by a police officer in November 2014.

In the language of the notice, the city states that the Rice family is responsible “for emergency medical services rendered as the decedent’s last dying expense under Ohio Revised Code.” Broken down, the city is billing Rice’s family $450 for “advance life support” that did not save him and $50 for the mileage driven by the ambulance to the hospital where he died.

This is, for lack of a better word, utterly fucking disgusting. Just thinking about the petty, bureaucratic sociopath who signed off on this is enough to send shivers up one’s spine — a move so unbelievably soulless that the entire population of Cleveland should revolt against the city and everyone associated with this terrible affront to the Rice family’s dignity.

Just remember, the officers who shot Rice, one of whom was deemed emotionally unstable by his previous employer and unfit to be an officer, stood by Rice for four minutes as he died without attempting to administer first aid. That alone should have been enough to convict them of murder, yet as is often the case in America, the legal system deems the life of black children expendable.

So expendable in fact, that black families are being charged for the murder of their own children.

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