Freedom of speech for the price? Companies and government agencies shut down Web sites s Directory
July 23, 2010

” For the first time in human history, mankind has awakened a political – it’s a whole new reality of -. It is not so for most of human history “- Zbigniew Brzezinski, May 2010
duties of citizenship in the United States began during the colonial period as the active participation of citizens in local politics through frequent public hearings on matters of an issue and the broad participation under the influence in a democracy. various factors and forces changing the ratio of the nation’s history.

Today, Sun is essentially the legal status of citizen’s right to live and work the people and enjoy certain rights and privileges provided by law. p In modern society, many still practice the spirit of citizen participation via the Internet through blogs, alternative news sites, and forums.

Recently, however, all a number of strange, seemingly unreal reports are popping up on the Internet about his right to freedom of expression on the Internet. I think I Jokes
news that the government pressure to take down 73 000 sites have lots of
brand in the mainstream media.

Although early reports that the government’s goal of action is May piracy or file-sharing is now clear, THT, the Agency was behind the takedown of no intellectual property office car and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act may not be involved. a new story is aimed at online magazine called inspiration, which links to al-Qaida terrorists and developed as a recruitment and training tool.

While some basic facts have come out, many aspects of this story yet always seem always speculation in the most important information is still deprived of the parties involved. Many questions remain about the nature of the crimes involved and the rights of users in such a situation.

It was Blogcritics on time to first use the DMCA in this size is terrible and had noted the consequences for the future.

According to the Act does not warrant or any due process is necessary because the government request, directly from the ISPs involved and administratively punished if you can not meet. There is no standard for the detection of illegal activities and no objective measure of protection under the law.

Many on both left and right sides are concerned that this will lay the foundation for defining the closed political criticism of the administration censored, either voluntarily or as part of the future campaign finance, or network neutrality legislation.
Anti-government media?

Immediately after turning off the burst. net experienced international operators, investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones has recognized his hard-hitting documentary The Obama Deception mysteriously from YouTube in what Many titles from censors.

Alex and his associates believe InfoWars video could only behind the scenes at Google, or from one level of government cyber admin access to YouTube records were pulled because passwords are carefully guarded and not likely to affect.

The film, which was attacked, was a critical time censored.

because they are transferred, however, many questions about how and why it was removed.
Main Stream Media News Content Fighting for aggressive market borrowing a page from the patent trolls, the executive director of Las Vegas resident young Right Haven began of buying copyrights to the content of newspapers for the sole purpose of suing and blogs web site that is re-posted this article without permission. And he says that money.

“We believe that the best solution,” said Gibson. “media company assets is their copyright. These companies must understand and appreciate the value that these assets have more than just the presence of advertising revenue. “

Associated Press and Reuters, which publishes thousands of pieces of material each day, are among the customers of the company, a number of major newspapers and magazines are in talks with Attributor. executives at both wire services said they were still adapting the software to decide on their needs and how to respond to their findings, but no doubt it will have some long-term value.

Sun, “For the first time now we have a unique way, the information and know what is happening with our products, but only on an ad-hoc report, “said Srinandan R. Kasi, vice president and general counsel for the Associated Press the software to be used for several months.

newspapers and magazines, financial survival increasingly means raising traffic to their Web site and revenue from online ads. executives of some major publishers requested anonymity because they were not allowed to talk about his conversations with Attributor, said they were somewhat optimistic that such software can help.

“People have to settle with us,” says Thomas Dunlap. the head prosecutor of the copyright litigation group, out-of-court settlements, whose number has declined to share goes up to 500-500 – on prices, costs of the defendants to retain a lawyer, the RIAA settlement. to be raised in almost every case, they were about the same amount.

Right Haven Gibson claims already settled several lawsuits, most of which are chronicled part of the Las Vegas Sun, for an unknown amount. defendants are willing to pay Bouzek Fred, the man who led Virginia <- -. Next page>, user-generated web pages with news about the hardcore cyclists He sued last week to the web site ran the Las Vegas Review-Journal story about the police going undercover with the Hell’s Angels.

Even if he had to fight for the welfare of the case, he says, it would be cheaper to solve. “The only choice I have been trying to raise money and offer solutions, “he says.

Bill Irvine said the Phoenix, he is fighting accusations targeting, place you in control of the above networks. site is a violation Review-Journal article on the Gulf of Mexico accused the oil spill. website is a user-generated discussion about the “conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of questions received,” and about 5 million hits a month, “says Irvine.

In the second case godlike productions (GLP), web forum where news and world events posted for discussion, the owners of the Trinity states that also through what he described as “blackmail scam running Attributor harassed in the name of the Reuters GLP”
“fair use applies here, the forum as we are … “

He goes on to say, licensing fees” to the first, in my opinion, to blackmail them to us for money, as “the use of their news. If we refuse to pay “Talk about the news,” they decided to go after our advertising with Google account. I will not give what I as a strong arm extortion tactics seem. “

He decided to fight. The article titled It’s” All Out on the War Alternative Media Sites! – We need a coalition, it is an invitation to all bloggers and alternative news websites and individuals come together to fight what many believe will ultimately lead to the end of free speech on the Internet, you can close all put together.

Many do not realize that not only the internet and freedom of speech, which was in danger. just a few weeks before as we do not learn much about the history of Europe, the establishment of the department “homeland” security – remember who else feels like the word “house” – could not raise alarm bells to have.

Naomi Wolf wrote that when Bush was in office in his book entitled End of America: Letter Warning for Young Patriot

10 steps to close the open society invoke internal and external threats – People who are afraid and are willing to things that normally would not do mystery device (inexplicably ) prisons where torture takes place -. In a secret system of government does not have any evidence of wrongdoing by their offer, may close someone wants to develop a paramilitary force -. private military force – the sole direction of “Commander “without accountability to Congress, the courts or the public – blurring the lines between civilian police and militarized police state surveillance of ordinary citizens -. scared

Who are observed to be a rare voice of opposition to believe? population in the silence, the government must be only some of the activities of anyone worried that they will follow every closed society maintains a “list” of so-called enemy, it traces Infiltrate citizens’ groups -.. spies in activist groups, the psychological pressure put on the real activists for their confidence undermined each other, can also interfere with the legal issues that capture efficiency of a group effort and release citizens -.. deterrent detention or psychological damage to those arrested and also let everyone know that someone is “enemy combatant” and could be called “missing” Target key individuals -. people are talking less likely that those who are easily visible, such as journalists, scientists, artists, and celebrities have been intimidated and threatened action against those lives, especially visible makes it less likely that people talk and takes a society leader and other opposition could trigger Limit.

– The public is less likely that the government was wrong when the government threatened to publish or transmit, reported that the government can prosecute critics frontpage. recast criticism as espionage and dissent as treason – People who protest with terrorism or treason, or if laws criminalizing the border to protect freedom of expression, rather than it can be recharged undermine the rule of law -. disappearance of “checks and balances makes it easier, is to declare a state of emergency, especially when the judiciary to exercise more power over people, but has no authority over the executive.

If we (the Board) is responsible together then the light future work as a news service can. Most certainly important news, education, and information should never as a sales tool that’s not all communities and violates the right to use the information in an easily accessible way.

If we do not act on our right to freedom of speech, then it will be removed. or encouraged by the government to increase anger in the population against a lot of questions out of control, or desperate mainstream news organizations covered the findings advertising profits and readership suppress the so-called “old media” channel drop.

Comment And unlike corporations and governments to close the website. struggle with the spirit of citizen participation in the life of a well in our country!
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