The Making Of A President

Did The Rothschilds Breed the Parents of Barack Obama, Jr.?

By Clifford Shack

By the 1950s, it was apparent to the Global Elite, on both sides of the Atlantic, that the Black population of the U.S. was maturing politically. It was evident that strong and fearless Black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, etc. were capable of reaching the highest levels of national politics.

This fact created a challenge to America’s rulers since the rising stars of Black leadership were not their political puppets. Meetings were likely held in the smoke-filled rooms from St. Swithin’s Lane to Wall Street.


“The Room” at St. Swithin’s Lane in the City of London c.1960
Background (left to right):Leopold de Rothschild, Edmund de Rothschild, Philip Shelbourne, Jacob Rothschild. Foreground (left to right) Michael Bucks, Evelyn de Rothschild, David Colville.

Beneath Jacob Schiff’s portrait NYC c.1960

(left to right) Gilbert W. Kahn, son of Otto Kahn, and Schiff’s grandsons,
John M. Schiff and Frederick M. Warburg.

The Schiff family lived next door to the Rothschilds in the old Frankfurt Jewish ghetto.
Perhaps history has shown us some of the conclusions of these presumed high-level discussions for slowing down the momentum of Black politics. There would be assassinations, followed by infiltration into the ranks of Black political movements. But was there another topic of presumed discussion that was even more subtle, more covert?

imagesCAVJSJ1YAs the Black population of the U.S. would continue to grow and mature politically, there would eventually arise a Black contender for the White House. They couldn’t very well assassinate every Black man who seemed headed for the national spotlight? The Global Elite had a choice. They could watch it happen or take a more proactive stance and make it happen! I believe that they had taken the latter course of action.

I believe that the mission of birthing and grooming the first Black president was the brainchild of the Rothschilds. Considering the popularity of Eugenics at the time and the Rothschilds enthusiasm for wine cultivation and breeding thoroughbred horses… creating America’s first Black president would be a project of supreme interest. Was it successful? Ask Barack Obama, Jr. as he is the shining result of the scheme…better yet, just simply watch a suave Obama smoothly deliver a speech in the middle of a tele-prompter malfunction.

Some will think me crazy and stop reading right here. For those I say “Bye-bye.” If you are still with me let’s take a closer look into the matter.

Barack Obama, Jr. is the product of an American mother and a Kenyan father. Just how did those two lovebirds come together? I believe that they had two matchmakers, the Rothschilds and the Schiffs. You may know these groups by their “official” names… “MI6” and the “CIA“. The CIA at the time was being headed by JFK’s nemesis Allen W. Dulles.It is also believed by some that Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham and her father, Stanley Armour Dunham, were both working for the CIA.

Why Stanley Ann Dunham was chosen to carry the seed of Barack Obama,Sr.? Why did British Intelligence chose him to father America’s future Black president? Who was the Kenyan Barack Obama?

According to Wikipedia:

“In 1959, Obama Sr. received a scholarship in economics through a program organized by nationalist leader Tom Mboya. The program offered Western educational opportunities to outstanding Kenyan students. Initial financial supporters of the program included Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, a literacy advocate who provided most of the financial support for Obama Sr.’s early years in the United States, according to the Tom Mboya archives at Stanford University. Funds provided the following year by John F. Kennedy’s family paid off old debts of the project and subsidized student stipends, thereby indirectly benefiting Obama Sr. and other members of the 1959 group of scholarship holders. During the 2008 presidential campaign, his son (Barack Obama) misspoke, saying that the Kennedys organized the initial 1959 student airlift, an error subsequently acknowledged by a campaign spokesman. When Obama Sr. left for America, he left behind his baby son, Roy, and his young wife, Kezia, who was pregnant with their daughter, Auma.”


Wikipedia continues:

“In September 1959, Obama Sr. enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu as the university’s first African foreign student. … In September 1960, Obama Sr. met Stanley Ann Dunham in a basic Russian language course at the University of Hawaii.[26] Dunham dropped out of the University of Hawaii after the fall 1960 semester after becoming pregnant, while Obama Sr. continued his education. Obama Sr. married Dunham in Wailuku on the Hawaiian island of Maui on 2 February 1961. He eventually told Dunham about his previous marriage in Kenya, but said he was divorced—which she found out years later was a lie.”

Wiki said that Barack Obama, Jr. “misspoke” about the initial student airlift during his 2008 presidential campaign. That’s a polite way of saying that he lied. Tom Mboya was his father’s mentor. Why did he Obama try to hide Mboya? Was it because of his link to the CIA? Why did Mboya take a special interest in Obama, Sr.?

Who was Elizabeth Mooney Kirk? Was she tied to British Intelligence?
How did Obama’s parents meet? The official story is that they met in a Russian Language class. If so, then why is there a photo of Dunham’s father with Obama at his arrival at the airport in Hawaii?
Let us now begin to unravel these mysteries.


Stanley Dunham with Obama Sr. at Honolulu airport in 1959.

I believe that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. were chosen by the U.S. and British Intelligence to parent a future black president.


Dunham was related to six previous presidents. She, being a white woman would also lighten the skin of Obama’s baby making the child more appealing to American voters.


Obama,Sr. was lucky. He wouldn’t have to hang around Hawaii. The assigned surrogate mother gave birth to a son right off the bat.


Barack Obama as a boy with Stanley Dunham

But the question remains, “Why Barack Obama of Kenya? Why was he chosen by the ruling elite?


Barack Obama,Sr.

The answer is simple. He had good genes.

The folks that run America are members of the Illuminati. The Illuminati are the pinnacle of Freemasonry.imagesCA1KWAMU1

The Illuminati take pride in devising ironic and elaborate schemes enveloped in impenetrable secrecy.

The Frankenstein breeding of a Black president is just one of these schemes.

As far as the U.S. presidency is concerned, the citizens as well as the governing Elite take particular pride when a presidency is assumed by a son or grandson of a previous president. This happens on rare occasion,though not always for the best, as recent history has shown. Nevertheless, it was presumably decided to engineer a Black presidential hopeful at the very least. Ultimately, it was left to Providence if the plan actually succeeded.

One of the secrets of both U.S. and British intelligence shared concerned Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was arguably the best President that had ever served the United States. “Teddy” Roosevelt was a statesman, adventurer and explorer. After his presidency, in 1909, Roosevelt ventured on a year-long safari to British East Africa, on behalf of the Smithsonian Institute and the National Geographic.


Much of what was British East Africa,officially called The Protectorate of British east Africa is now known as Kenya.


Recently, the head of the IMF,Dominique Strauss-Kahn,caught hell for allegedly sexually exploiting a black hotel employee.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn


Needless to say, he wouldn’t have had the same trouble in a hotel in the British Protectorate of East Africa back in 1909. That would bode well for European and American gentlemen with names like Roosevelt, Churchill and Rothschild to name a few. Gentlemen who had gone on Safari in British East Africa at the beginning of the last century.


Roosevelt on Safari


Churchill on Safari

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At the turn of the last century, the British East Africa Protectorate was considered a “hot spot” for the European elite. Is it reasonable to assume that while many a European gentlemen went back home to Europe or the U.S., leaving behind a little “black” secret. As a matter of fact, Kenya is presumably fraught with the sons and daughters of such European gentry. The Global Elite would make good use of some of these children. Those that showed promise may have been incorporated into more than one emerging African nation.
Perhaps one of those “secret” children would be an appropriate candidate for a non-African nation?


In their attempt to engineer America’s first Black president, did the Global Elite ask Allen Dulles to arrange a “marriage” for the Kenyan great-grandson of Theodore Roosevelt?

Was Barack Obama, Sr. the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt? If so, was Roosevelt’s genes on his mother’s side or father’s side? Did Obama, Sr. have the genes of more than one notable grandfather on either his paternal or maternal sides?

It was Tom Mboya, the mentor of Barack Obama, Sr. who led me to this query. Mboya looked familiar. Could he have been the grandson of Winston Churchill? Were he and Barack, Sr. related? Perhaps the “Kenyan” offspring of famous leaders intermarried amongst themselves. It is a fair assumption that they considered themselves in a special class amongst their fellow British East Africans. A level of elitism if you will.And you know what they say, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Presumably, these people were able to be tracked over time by the British. The Brits, masters of colonization, no doubt have used the illegitimate children of their rank for the purpose of infiltration or the establishment of a political puppet.
Was Tom Mboya,Obama Sr.’s mentor, the grandson of Winston Churchill?


Was Obama’s grandmother the secret daughter of an ex-U.S.President?


Habiba Akumu Obama, also known as Akumu Nyanjoga (c.1918-2006).Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother. Obama wrote that she was miserable in her marriage and abandoned her husband and children and subsequently married again and moved to present-day Tanzania. Luos tribe people are given names related to the circumstances of their birth and Akumu means “mysterious birth”. She took the name Habiba upon her conversion to Islam. This photograph shows her holding her son, Barack Sr, on her lap. It is on the cover of President Obama’s memoir!

Was Akumu “mysterious birth” the daughter of Teddy Roosevelt?


Was Barack Obama, Sr. a grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt?


Was FDR a cousin of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.?


Did the Rothschilds Breed Barack Obama, Sr?

Barack Obama’s father (1936–1982)was a government economist in Kenya.When he returned from the U.S. he worked briefly for Shell Oil of Kenya. The Rothschilds are major shareholders of Royal Dutch/Shell. Obama Sr. was slated to work for Kenya’s central bank but he was killed in an automobile accident before he joined the bank.

Obama, Jr. would live in Indonesia for 10 years as a child. His mother would marry an oil company executive there. Royal Dutch/Shell Shell has over a 100-year history in Indonesia.

Why would it be so difficult to believe that the Rothschilds would breed Presidential offspring? They breed horses don’t they?

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