Published on May 7, 2014
Americans are being selected for disposal, no indictment, no trials, no jury. Go directly to torture and death sentence. Thousands of Americans are deliberately being murdered after being selected for “total access”. They are slandered out of their employment which leads to losing their homes, losing everything through a Nazi-like selection process. The death sentence is in these programs: Morgellons, Radiation and Gangstalking.

For a complete view of military terrorist tactics being used against Americans (DEWS, Gangstalking, Biomission), please see the most recent version of Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies

For Terrorist Psychological Operations being used on Americans, please see

At 14:14 the remark about using TI’s got on the wrong frame so I apologize. I might try to fix this and if this video disappears, it will be replaced by the exact same video with better sound and those frames repaired. There will be a script later on

You have to know a little about the scenes that stalkers use, they are pretty standard, to sensitize each target with a particular pose, like using a phone, coughing, hanging an arm out of car window. You have to assess each one as to whether they are just a person using a phone or a stalker. The ones in this video were assessed to be stalkers because of their actions before and after the frames you see. If you haven’t studied organized stalking, and you put derogatory remarks on this video, you will be blocked and the remarks removed.

Remember the 600,000 Americans who died in the Civil War over slavery? Slavery is here again! Only this time its a total takeover of a human being by means of controlling the mind and body with more modern weapons–Directed Energy, Acoustics and Remote Neural Monitoring. Those who control others by any means become the master and the person whose mind is altered and controlled is the slave.

The slaves are being tortured and killed by means of the programs of Electronic Harassment, Gangstalking and Morgellons, among others. These programs eliminate the victims from the population by taking away their health, their jobs, their homes and control over their own bodies — their lives. Some stalkers have been heard to brag about having killed/caused suicide of 3 targets in a week’s time.

This is a federal government program with carefully phrased documents outlining partnering with businesses and gangstalkers.

Start Here:…
Community Oriented Policing Service:…
Hiring Program:…

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Partnerships and Technical Assistance (PTA) Division
•The PTA Division helps create change in the police profession and in the communities it serves by developing and sustaining partnerships (partnerships means they gave them money and weapons) between law enforcement and key constituents; developing curriculum and delivering training to law enforcement and the community; providing technical assistance to law enforcement agencies; and producing products and resources. Partnerships between law enforcement, educational institutions, the private sector, community groups, and other government agencies provide the framework for the development of specialized training, innovative ways of providing technical assistance, and the opportunity to introduce new audiences to the importance of continuing to emphasize community policing.