As most people reading this know, the ALS ice bucket challenge is going viral. Children and adults in Gaza have now started their own campaign called the “rubble bucket challenge” where they take the rubble from their destroyed homes and buildings instead of ice water. If they wanted to use water they couldn’t, it’s very scarce and there is also a lack of ice in the region.

If we continue to see war as a means for peace, it will never stop. There have been deaths on both sides, and at the end of the day it boils down to the human being that is pulling the trigger or pressing that button. All is not known in war, there are those on this planet that thrive of off sustaining conflict.

We can debate this topic all we want, we can watch the news, it doesn’t matter. It’s all pointless, death should never be a solution to any problem, and war is never a solution to peace. We’ve tried that method over and over, it’s time to try something new. We are one human race here on this planet together, unless we start acting that way we will not move forward.

As far as the people are considered, on both sides, nobody wants to see this continue. Unfortunately, governments do not usually represent their people, instead they use indoctrination and programming techniques to influence the beliefs of their citizens to help forward their desired agenda.

It’s ridiculous that we still have to protest and create awareness on the fact that children are dying and their homes are being bombed. It’s 2014 and genocidal acts continue. The consciousness of the planet is indeed shifting, and the mass majority of people can clearly see that this type of activity is clearly unnecessary, and has absolutely no justification behind it. Most people on planet Earth want peace, so why don’t we have it?

I wish I could press a button and make it all stop, but I can’t. Keeping quiet on the other hand does nothing to help.

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