It had been happening in many talk circles. Yes, fewer and fewer people were willing or wanting to talk about geoengineering and chemtrails spraying, all the while the massive daily spraying continued evolving into what would become a catastrophic drought throughout the United States which had started on the west coast. With farmers struggling to keep their crops going, slowly the mega-sized criminal corporations like Monsanto waited in the wings to rescue the farmers with their GMO seeds. These were the same ones they had patented years prior.

A critical piece of information that many activists raised to authority figures only to be ignored and ridiculed. The official takeover of all land and resources had been well underway. It happened under everyone’s very noses as the dangerous spraying programs continued nationwide and globally. And as a strange contingent of bloggers, commentators and fringe individuals who had earned positions in government-funded projects, enough to label themselves as “experts”, all worked together posting reassurances to the general public that the chemicals in the sky everyone had been complaining and concerned about were all nothing more than condensation trails of water vapor and nothing else. The deceptive messengers of the water vapor theory would leave their mark on the entire experience and existence of humanity in ways even they themselves could not have imagined.

Looking back in time, as the suns rose and set behind their chemicals every day, the mainstream media had begun their fear-mongering, telling the public the drought meant water shortage and water shortage meant possible chaos. In religious circles, many had begun to attribute these events to bible prophecies of drought, famine, and destruction. They saw it as a “fulfillment” of prophecies instead of blaming anyone for the weather and climate problems. Many in the general public had developed a strange JFK/9-11-like, thought-short-circuiting reaction when they heard about chemtrails.

They had refused to believe that this world could be that evil and so they chose to believe the documentaries and websites that assured them that all the airplane induced whiteouts of our skies were simply condensation from jet exhaust. Deep down, none of them would admit that they had not seen any actual experiments that proved this phenomenon. No one had actually conducted their own experiments that could have proved these stress-reducing comforting claims of “persistent contrails”.

Nevertheless, deep down they knew that under no circumstances would they ever let their guard down and allow themselves to consider that the masses really were being sprayed with chemicals high in the sky. Subconsciously, they knew that persistent contrails had to be the explanation otherwise they may not be able to function very well as human beings due to fear of what could happen. This fear of losing one’s orientation to one’s self-existence was a phenomenon that they had been determined to not allow. That is how those who had made the decision to continue educating people about “persistent contrails” were able to keep a sizable percentage of the masses in the dark about the chemical spraying programs.

Long before any of this had happened, those who had carefully reviewed the options and strategy for this global geoengineering takeover had also taken into account the psychological component of this battle. They knew that if they could appease the imagination of those who “want” to believe that the government would never tamper with nature or spray down upon their own people, they would be effective. The task of putting out the reasonable-sounding “persistent contrails” rationale would be given to a few. The massive campaign would launch and the conspiracy debate over chemtrails versus contrails would take off.

From the beginning, the disinformation campaign had one goal and one goal only and that was to buy the globalist control freaks the time they needed to get the overall agenda done and claim full control of the planet. This waiting period would put them in a position to commence massive size genocide and or declare the inhabitants of the planet their slaves. The dream of mastery over the world would be complete. The mother ship conspiracy would bring this home and make all their dreams a reality.

No longer could the average person live free of control because they simply didn’t have enough water to live. No longer could someone eat abundantly without paying their dues to the new goddess of the earth called Monsanto and her partners. Finally, the psychopaths that gained control of all resources, water, and food production, could admit to their crimes, laugh you in the face or just ignore you all together without fear of being taken down. All because they now controlled everything in a “god-like” manner.

Many would turn to their gods and gurus with few answers leaving many wondering how this could be. The global criminal cabal behind these acts would be referred to by many as the global elite or Illuminati. Others would refer to them as the restructured global government or the new world order, while others pointed specifically to the corporations and bankers behind these schemes and calling for their heads.

With so many problems in the world, slowly the climate drought and natural resource depletion would become the front-page story all over the nation. As the world continued to lament the tragedies unfolding throughout the United States the “solution” would be rolled out to the cheering of the mainstream media and politicians. With the coordinated effort of U.S. government climate scientists, NASA and various weather modification companies, the open and admitted spraying of our skies would begin. These courageous and willing organizations and entities would agree to spray in every city that needs water. The mainstream media would cover these stories progressively assuring us that we should all expect to see the rain making geoengineering planes spraying us every day for our own good. These patriotic and altruistic spraying operations would then be hailed as a good deed for humanity. Chemical spraying planes, images, and pilots would soon be glamorized by Hollywood and the mainstream media. Somewhere in America, a young boy could be heard saying it. “I want to be a chemical spraying pilot when I grow up”. After playing the chemtrails video game where the pilots save the day, many peers of this child would agree on how cool it would be to be one of the real pilots who get to spray the planet and be a hero.

Meanwhile back in overcrowded cities, tenants would have to get used to water taxation and rationing programs. Homeless people would be found dead at an alarming rate given the scarcity of water. The government would step in and control water rations as they quadruple the water tax. The final separation between the two classes was done. You were either filthy rich or you were a peasant, expendable useless eater.

Thanks to this one mother ship conspiracy, the geoengineering operations would turn out to be the grand conspiracy that brought the new world order to full fruition. This mother conspiracy turned out to be the turbo booster for all the other U.N. agendas including their agenda 21 plan which fell nicely into place. Without the geoengineering chemtrails spraying conspiracy they would have never achieved this final goal and they would have never been able to reduce the population by over two thirds. Those in control would be openly thankful for the geoengineering mother conspiracy without which none of their goals would have happened.

As the stories mounted about disease and famine in many parts of the world, and as millions died due to the “unknown”  contaminants dropped on them every single day which the government would regularly rule out as “conspiracy theories”. The reports from mainstream media about the different colored sprayings, assuring viewers of the “safety” in all of the spraying seen. One TV network could be heard in the distance explaining that brown spray is the best kind of rain making a spray and if you see it in the sky you should be thankful. Typical stories like these would circulate all the time, some media coverage assuring the audiences with full panels of “experts” that the purple rain-making sprays are the ones that clean the air. Younger generations not surrounded by the suffering and agony but by the riches of their parents, would adopt styles of art that would glorify the lines in the sky. These ideas would be ingrained into them from an early age by watching TV commercials and magazines and reading about it in the government educational system textbooks.

This would turn out to be the full story behind those “chemtrails” activists that the masses had been warned about. Those so-called “conspiracy theorists” who would never shut up about chemtrails were now part of the distant past. Sadly, humanity never really figured out what hit them. Remaining small pockets of critical thinkers would speak to deaf ears. The new era of arrested consciousness had officially begun.

The enslavement of humanity that would last for several hundred years would be arguably attributed to by many historians to the geoengineering of the planet. Some historians would argue that it was more related to the mind control technology the controllers were able to achieve. While others would attribute this coined “second dark ages” to a combination of factors. With human genome now radically different, consciousness lost, and purpose of life completely obliterated, segments of human consciousness would wonder for an eternity over who humans really are, while other segments would wonder where we came from, what our original purpose is and was and where we are going.

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