Dear Recipients:

Okay, folks– here is something really BIG.

Some in the conspiracy research field, and probably even a fair number of average Americans at this point, are at least dimly aware of some of the supposed goals and agendas of the HAARP Project, currently under the near-exclusive control of the U.S. Navy.

Preston Nichols, as noted in some recent updates I’ve provided, has found out some very interesting information regarding HAARP recently.

Early last summer, in a much-publicized situation, Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island underwent a significant and far reaching change of directorship, and also a change of direction and focus.

Subsequent to these well-publicized but inadequately explained changes at Brookhaven Labs last year, several of the Navy’s key HAARP personnel are now stationed at BNL. No public mention has been made of this.

Latest reports show that the Navy has more or less completely taken over the HAARP operations and that the Air Force is no longer involved.

A witness who would definitely know has stated that certain of the photos on the “official” Navy HAARP website betray the fact that the photos were doctored — according to this knowledgeable source, structures visible in the photos prove that the primary HAARP site is no longer in Alaska (if it ever was) but is in fact on Long Island, in the Westhampton pine barrens quite close to Brookhaven Labs. A structure positively identified as part of Brookhaven National Laboratories is in fact visible in this particular photo. The photo was doctored by adding mountains in the background, to keep the lie going that the HAARP is being operated in Alaska.

Nichols told me that he knows where this antenna site in the pine barrens is. I have totally independent confirmation from another source that the antenna farm in the Westhampton pine barrens is protected 24/7 by Delta Force– type personnel with automatic weapons. This guy was hiking there and came upon the heavily fenced and posted site without having encountered any warning signs etc.. An armed guard wearing a featureless black uniform warned him off with threats of deadly force! Needless to say he was hella shocked, dudes!

Additionally, the underground facility at Camp Hero/Montauk Air Force Station has recently been forcibly entered in some kind of (par)military operation. Apparently some folks wanted in at Camp Hero in a big way and weren’t going to take no for an answer.

Other evidence from Preston Nichols in conjunction with all this makes it fairly clear what is probably going on: that is, the Navy’s HAARP crew, after getting in at Brookhaven, got some kind of flak from the Air Force (at the base until last year, running particle beam operations related to Hale-Bopp) in response to the Navy’s intention to book into Montauk, and so the Navy (probably SEALS) got rough. My (semi-educated) guess is that these spooks want to hook HAARP up at the Montauk planetary grid powerpoint.

A source who has very substantial information pipelines to certain ultra top-secret intelligence and military agencies recently informed me that HAARP, at this point totally under the control of the Navy, currently has extensive weather control and mind manipulation agendas working. Also confirmed is that the Navy/HAARP contingent has definitely taken control of the Montauk underground installations, in a decidedly heavy-handed fashion; i.e., they were definitely not given the keys. This source informed me that one can safely assume they are “up to no good”, in a rather substantial understatement.

Now here’s where things get even more interesting. It has been known for at least a few years now and was commented on in my report on the Montauk Project, that particle accelerators are definitely in use in a number of locations on Long Island, such as at Brookhaven Labs, Montauk Air Force Station, and a number of underground locations in between these two sites. Despite endless denials and blank stares from Brookhaven flak catchers and their cohorts, there is proof positive of the existence of such a unit at Brookhaven.

No one, not even Preston Nichols, has been able to say with absolute certainty what these accelerators are used for; well-founded rumors from contacts in the area give strong indication that particle beam weapons have been deployed against what might be termed hostile incursions on the part of undesirable and ostensibly “illegal aliens”, and I ain’t talkin’ about from south of the border. As usual, this line of info is out of my chosen purview and I really can’t comment or elaborate on this angle in any way.

There are a number of accelerators at several locations on eastern Long Island including underground in the Westhampton pine barrens. The Navy/HAARP crew has now definitely assumed control of Brookhaven Labs, the Montauk base and the particle accelerators. Nichols has long suspected but been unable to prove that particle accelerators and beams were somehow being utilized in HAARP, despite absolutely no reference to this whatsoever in any public or internal documents which have ever seen the light of day regarding HAARP.

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In an absolutely astonishing event, the suspicions of Nichols and other investigators have apparently been unequivically and massively confirmed.

The contact of Nichols who had made the observation regarding the fact that the photo on the HAARP website was of a Long Island antenna farm adjacent to Brookhaven Labs received the following fax recently. His fax machine is set up with certain security systems which provides among other things the originating point of any fax communications received. All such security systems were disabled and/or overridden when this particular fax was received. Just yesterday the fax transmission was traced to Southampton via phone company records. Whether it was a relay transmission of some kind is not known.

The body of the fax itself is full of completely classified and highly technical information; as well as completely classified internal routing codes; the document makes reference to top secret internal directives and procedures; it also makes reference to totally classified technology such as the Proteus particle accelerator; and to top it all off it specifically identifies this technology as being utilized in current HAARP operations.

What is even more astounding is that by inference, this document reveals that HAARP has yet another agenda, VASTLY more secret than even the mind and weather manipulation agendas for the project. This document basically proves that particle accelerators and beams are being used in the HAARP operations to effect interdimensional and time manipulations! It would seem that since the portal apparatus at the Montauk underground has been rendered useless, another way of generating interdimensional and time portals is being pursued aggressively and massively.

And guess what? According to the text of this fax, it screwed up–big time.

Nichols told me right off the bat that he does suspect a hoax, because it just seems too good to be true; the document confirmed so many suspicions and theories which Nichols has, such as multiple HAARP sites online worldwide, the existence and use of the “Proteus” accelerator, and the x-dimension project reported on by Al Bielek, to name but a few.

One overriding question still remains however–is the document the genuine article, making reference to real events and technologies, or is it in fact some very clever disinformation, orginating nonetheless from the named agencies? This is the question that neither Nichols nor anyone else can really answer with certainty, and none of them including myself, will try.

Now it is important to realize that this document and the information within it could most likely ONLY have originated from deep within the intelligence arm of the U. S. Navy, due to the tremendous amount of classified information in the document, as well as the inexplicable way it was received. Additionally, according to the recipient, the document was produced using a version of Adobe Pagemaker which is only available to the government. It was NOT produced using the commercially available version of this software.

Granted a skilled and knowledgeable hacker could conceivably have enough knowledge of internal military security codes, routing information, internal directives and classified projects to fake the main body of this document. However, there are some significant points which argue rather strongly AGAINST it being a hoax. When the fax was received the recipient was out of town. His digital cellphone can access 12 different networks.

His cellphone locked into one particular network the day and time the fax was received, and to this day he cannot get off this network. Also, his beeper can either be on a nationwide or worldwide network; it had been on the nationwide network, and at the time the fax came in it somehow switched to the worldwide network, and has remained locked onto that network. Nichols’ cellphone can also utilize different networks. Since the fax came in, he can only access the only Milcell (military) network, and can’t get off this network!!

This kind of thing is much harder for some hoaxers or hackers to implement or fake than the text of the document itself. Interestingly as well, it is NOT commonly known that the recipient of the fax is in any way connected to Preston Nichols.

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In other words, if it is a “hoax”, it definitely comes from the military/ intelligence arm of the government. One thing which is sure to be commented on and which some will say more than suggests this is a hoax is a fact that the document is dated April 1. That is an easy out, though perhaps worth considering. Nevertheless, no one can say that nothing genuine or significant happens on April 1.

If it’s not a hoax, then an extremely significant and rather earthshaking bit of evidence has been leaked, by someone, which in one fell swoop validates a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence and informed assumptions regarding certain ultra-top-secret government projects.

If it’s not a hoax, then I could say we’re in deeper shit than even I thought possible.

There is one other oddity about the document itself which possibly diminishes it’s overall credibility. While retyping the document I realized that the zip code in the heading is not a Washington D.C. zip code. Checking the zip code I found out that this is the zip code for Fort Myers, Florida. What’s very interesting about THIS is that Fort Myers is a major spook town known to have covert Navy projects in operation there, and also has known strong ties to the Montauk Project.

One final point: the document makes reference to the fact that the dimensional rift accidentally caused by the Proteus particle accelerator malfunction has duplicated a situation which also occurred in 1995, and which allowed predatory reptilian beings to “invade” our time-space continuum. This is an obvious reference to the extremely severe and never adequately explained wildfires in the WESTHAMPTON PINE BARRENS during August 1995. As I relayed in my report on the Montauk Project, Preston Nichols was informed point-blank by Air Force officers at the time that the wildfires were being caused by serious malfunctions of the particle accelerator/beam operations on eastern Long Island.

(What remains unknown about that event is whether or not a hostile action caused the particle accelerator malfunction or whether such a malfunction created certain conditions for hostile entities.)

As I am nearly totally over my head here, and not just regarding the technology, I am at Nichols’ request disseminating this document as far and wide as possible, in the hopes that knowledgeable individuals, who can help to either validate or invalidate the information contained within, will make public their knowledge regarding this incredible item.

I ask all recipients of this document to please assist us in such dissemination to the very greatest extent possible, by resending or forwarding the document to every conceivable individual and/or organization from which some input might be forthcoming: as well, to the general public at large.

This is without any doubt major evidence here, folks; either evidence of deliberate, massive and malicious official disinformation or evidence of a (yet another) mind-boggling and truly unconscionable covert program being operated under cover of the officially acknowledged

HAARP project.

Let’s see what, if anything, the public release of this document stirs up.

Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, John Quinn


N.U.S.C./N.U.M.A. J.C.S. 1455 Overlook Ave, Washington, D.C. 33902 Office of The Director of Security 01 April 1998 To All Security Operatives, Sector EC/NE/48+I

It has been confirmed as of this date, that a failure of the H.A.A.R.P. 15-3 Proteus Unit at Ascension Island U.K. had lost it’s targeting control during it’s first operational trial. The accelerator was damaged at shutdown, and will not be operational until 12 June at the earliest.

This failure went undetected for approximately 17 minutes and appears to have caused another series of dimensional rifts along the East coast of the U.S. and Southwest Africa. These dimensional rifts are x- dimensional and have a time frame of -100 million B.C. plus or minus about 20 million years.

As was the case in 1995, several predatory reptilian animals have entered our y-dimension and areas this is written, freely roaming in the Southern New York region, Northern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and a possible sighting occurred this morning at 2:34hours at Norfolk N.A.S. 150 meters off the beach.

All operatives are officially at level 4 alert and are to be ready to go on 60-minute notice. (DOOTP) article 15-1 through 17-4 with all addendums are to apply.

Weapons are to be available at all times, .40 and .50 caliber minimum, with FMJ and EHP rounds only, minimum handgun to be carried .357 MAG/EHP. THIS DOCUMENT IS EYES ONLY, DESTROY AFTER READING Director of Field Operations, Adm. Raymond D. Falvey III CC: DCM/NOS/USAF/DOD/SS/QCD=Adjutant Generals Office, Pent. R-6-106/9c

All Pathway Field Officers/Terminators(orders are terminate NOSAVE)


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