By Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism Jeremy Hammond , the Anonymous hacker who released information taken from Strategic Forecasting Inc. (SFI) in 2011, has been sentenced to a decade in prison under the guise that Hammond committed cyber attacks on the US government, intelligence agencies and private sector data-gathering corporations. According to the prosecutors, Hammond took 60,000 credit card numbers and records for more than 860,000 clients of SFI. Donations were made to the tune of $700,000 from those credit card numbers taken from SFI by Anonymous (like modern-day Robin Hoods). Non-profit organizations were the recipients of the funds. Hammond had the information he took published on WikiLeaks to expose connections between SFI with corporations such as Coca-Cola Company and banks such as Goldman Sachs. The prosecution claimed that Hammond is the “world’s most dangerous cyber terrorist” because he caused “maximum mayhem” for hacking into SFI to bring to light their corrupt activities regarding information collection on American citizens, and how they sell that information to governments, agencies, private sector corporations which violates the 4th and 5th Amendments. Hammond began corresponding with Hector Xavier Monsegur (a.k.a. “Sabu”), a hacker who was part of LulzSec , an off-shoot of Anonymous. Sabu turned in members of the hacktivist group in exchange for a plea bargain from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) whom he worked closely with as the agency attempted to take down Anonymous. In June of 2011, LulzSec bid their farewell after taking down the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) website. The SFI website explains the “methodology” of their corporation as beginning “with a framework for understanding the world and applies methods of gathering and analyzing information.” The focus of their intelligence gathering is “on the various constraints upon their behavior — geographical, political, economic — that are concrete but never admitted to publicly. Geopolitics allows us to place an event or action within a larger framework so that we can determine its potential significance, as well as identify connections among seemingly disparate trends.” SFI supplies information to the Pentagon and the UN; among countless other governmental factions and intelligence agencies. Hammond exposed how SFI was involved in thwarting protests against Monsanto and Dow Chemical after a devastating accident in Bhopal, India left factory workers and most of the town dead. Other agencies and corporations Hammond hacked into and exposed were: • FBI Virtual Academy • Raytheon • Arizona Department of Public Safety (ADPS) • Brooks-Jeffret Marketing, Inc. • Special Forces Gear • Vanguard Defense Industries • Jefferson County website • Alabama Sheriff’s Office • Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association • Combined Systems Inc.

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Source: Occupy Corporatism

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