Based on the Hopi Creation Story a New Thought on the Valley of the Kings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(This is but one version based on Hopi Creation)

A very long time ago…the world was nothing but water. Far to the east and to the west lived two female goddesses. Hurung Whuti…of the East was the goddess of rocks, clay, and minerals. Her house was a kiva. She usually had one gray and one yellow fox skin that was tied to the top of the ladder leading into her house. In the West…there lived another Hurung Whuti in a similar kiva.

She had a large turtle-shell rattle on her ladder.
The Sun rose and set on this world of water.
Shortly before Sun appeared in the east he would dress himself in the gray fox skin.
This would create the white dawn of the Hopi.

After a bit, he would he took off the gray skin and put on the skin of the yellow fox.

225aThis brightened the sky into the yellow dawn of the Hopi.

Then, he rose from the north end of the kiva in which the Hurung Whuti of the East lived.
When he had crossed the sky… and arrived in the West,

Sun would announce his arrival at the western Hurung Whuti’s kiva by fastening the turtle-shell rattle on the top of her ladder.

Then he entered into the kiva and passed through an opening in its north end and would continue his course eastward under the water.

It came to pass that the two Hurung Whuti decided there should be some dry land in the Underworld and they caused the waters to recede eastward and westward so that some dry land appeared.

The Sun passing over the land noticed that no living being could be seen.
When he mentioned this to the goddesses, the one in the West invited the one in the East to come and talk about it.

Hurung Whuti of the East journeyed over a great rainbow to confer with her sister of the West. After a long council they decided to create a little bird.

Huruing of the East made a wren of clay and covered it up with a piece of native cloth.
They sang a song over it and after awhile, a live bird came forth.

Since Sun always passed over the middle of the earth, the deities thought that he might not have seen living creatures in the North or South.

They sent the little wren to fly all over the earth, but it returned and said that no living being existed anywhere.

(Actually, Spider Woman, Kohkang Wuhti, lived in a kiva somewhere in the southwest at the edge of the water, but Wren failed to notice her.)

Thereupon, the Hurung Whuti of the West created many birds and animals in the same way as the wren had been created. She sent them out to inhabit the earth.

As her sister had created the birds and the animals, the Hurung Whuti of the East created a man and woman out of the same kind of clay and covered them with the same cloth. Again the Hurung Whuti sang their special songs, and the man and the woman were endowed with life. The two Hurung Whuti taught the man and the woman a language, and the deity of the East led them back over the rainbow to her home. There they lived for a short time before they and their children wandered out over the eastern land to make homes of their own.

While the Hurung Whuti were busy creating the birds, the animals, and the first man and woman, Spider-Woman decided that she, too, would create men and women.

Thereupon she gave life to all kinds of people… and with the help of Mockingbird, Yaupa, she taught each group its own language before sending it off to live.

After a talk with her sister, the Hurung Whuti of the West decided that she must create more people to inhabit the lands of the West. These were the ancestors of the Hopi. After this was done, the Hurung Whuti parted and went to live for all time in their homes under the waters far to the East and far to the West.

The Hopi still remember the Hurung Whuti and make many prayer offerings to them.

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