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In the 1920’s Lester Hendershot, in working on a new type of aviation compass, stumbled across a method of generating energy. The “Hendershot magnetic motor” made headlines and attracted such big-name investors as Charles Lindberg. Hendershot ran into political difficulties in promoting his device, attempted to take his business to Mexico, and finally faded into obscurity having taken a “couldn’t refuse” payoff to never work on his device again.

Hendershot believed that his device was not “perpetual motion”, but instead was tapping into the earth’s magnetic field and rotation for an energy source.

The Hendershot Device is a self-acting oscillator. It consists of a pair of large air-core coils in “basket weave” format, hand-made cylindrical capacitors inside the coils, several high-value capacitors, a couple of standard transformers, and a permanent-magnet “buzzer” as a regulator. The two large coils are tuned to resonate together. The device generated an AC output and could light a bank of lightbulbs.

It seems that only Hendershot was able to adjust his device for successful operation. There have been occasional rumors of recent successes at lighting light bulbs, but no solid facts. Hendershot’s son is currently attempting to reproduce his father’s discovery, but as yet reports no success.

Hendershot’s son sells a set of plans, contact the Laura Lee Radio Bookstore for info, www.lauralee.com. More info and a different set of plans are available via mailorder from Rex Research “Infolios

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