Students at Crivitz High School will face drug tests throughout the new school year. Administrators say that the tests will be carried out at “random” but many suspect that particular students will be targeted, based on their appearances, while others will be left alone.

“The last couple years, I’ve noticed here in the high school we’ve started to get a growing drug problem, I think we’ve always kind of had a drug problem here in Marinette County,” Crivitz High School Athletic Director, Jeff Dorschner said.

“More or less, identifying the problem, getting the parents involved, getting our counselors involved and providing a way for students to get back on the right track,” Dorschner added.

Normally, the school would be prohibited from these sorts of “random” drug tests, without probable cause. But the administrators found a loophole.

Those involved in extracurricular activities, and anyone with a parking pass on the school can be tested as a non-student.

“Participating in extracurriculars, um in public high schools is a privilege and it’s not a right, as well as parking on our school parking lot,” Dorschner explained.

Bay Area Medical Center is funding the program. They say that every two weeks they will give the school the ID numbers of five new students to drug test.

“We do have a good group of kids here and you know I hope that none of them are users, um and if they have in the past that they are affected by it and deterred from doing that and making those choices,” Head Football Coach, Matt Bernier stated.

“I don’t think anyone is using, but if they are, I think it will probably stop them if they’re really serious about playing,” the quarterback of the football team, and Senior, Sebastian Atwood noted.

“I personally don’t think there is a problem with drugs but, in a case that someone is doing that, then they’d be able to find help and get off any drugs that they are currently on,” Senior football player, Billy Retza said.

“If we can just save one or two kids from going down that path, this program is worth it for everybody,” Dorschner added.

But critics say that this policy is meant to target people who use certain substances, like marijuana, while ignoring steroid use by some athletes.

What do you think about the new policy? Should schools be allowed to force students to take drug tests?

(Article by Jackson Marciana)

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