Many seasons .. many seasons ago .. when all animals play together and talk together. Father Sun on his journey to the sky .. got caught in a tall tree. So could not find the way home to sky. Caught in a tall tree. And animals wake up. no sun! Animals like raccoon go back sleep. Hmm. Animals like wolf and fox .. think: Good. More hunting time.

Next day still no Father Sun in the sky. Animal-like rabbit go back in burrow sleep. ‘Tis good. Bear goes back to the cave .. sleep. Owl still hunt. Mouse not very happy still night all time.

So, three-four days .. still no sun. Squirrel play through trees. And little squirrel comes to tall tree. And there Father Sun .. caught in a tree. Father Sun says to squirrel: Help. I am trapped in this tree. I am losing all my strength. If you do not help me get free .. soon I will die. And if I do not get free, I will not find the way home to Grandfather Sky. And be no sun for animals on the day!

And squirrel said: But Father Sun .. You are so hot! Father Sun say: Please help me squirrel. Please help me.

So little squirrel go, “Whhhh .. Whhh .. I help.” He get real close to Father Sun. “Ooh.. Father Sun .. you have burnt off my tail! Whhh Whh”.

“Please squirrel come back. I sorry I hurt you .. but I caught in tall tree. If I do not get out, I weaken and die. And no sun for animal during day.”

Squirrel say, “I help, Father Sun. You burn off tail, I still help.” He get closer, try help father sun. All fur burnt. Still try help Father Sun. Father Sun finally free and say, “Thank you squirrel.” And squirrel say, “All skin gone. All fur gone. Tail burnt off. Brightness of your light burn my eye. Now I’m blind. My arms get longer from trying to push in tall tree.”

And Father Sun much moved ’cause squirrel still brave and help Father Sun even though hurt himself very much. And Father Sun say to squirrel, “I am so sorry. What can I do for you? Anything you want, I can do.”

And squirrel say, “Turn me back how I am.” Father Sun say, “That I cannot do. I do anything else. What have you always wanted?”

Squirrel said, “I always want to fly.” And Father Sun says, “I see some squirrel fly through the tree. But not really fly. You, I will make fly.”

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So .. that how squirrel became a bat. Blind, no fur, no tail, fly at night so no more burn by Father Sun

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