You know now how Possum has a thin tail like a snake, no hair. Hangs from a tree. I tell you story of Possum and tail.

Many seasons. Possum has a beautiful tail, thick, bushy. Possum was very proud of its tail. The most beautiful tail of all animals. He would strut around saying, “Look at my beautiful tail.”

One day Rabbit comes to Possum, and Rabbit says to Possum, “Bear has called Council of all animals. I think Possum you should sit next to Bear. With your beautiful tail, he is sure to call upon you to speak first.” And Possum says, “This would be true, for I have a beautiful tail. Is not my tail beautiful?” And Rabbit says, “It is. But if you going to Council, let me fix tail for you so it is even more beautiful and all the animals will see.”

So Rabbit mixes up medicine. All-time talking to Possum how beautiful his tail. And he spreads medicine on tail, and then wraps tail in snake-skin much tight and says to Possum, “Your tail will be very beautiful, all fur will be lovely and luxurious.” And Possum says, “Thank you Rabbit. How long must I leave this medicine?” And Rabbit says, “You come to Council with wrapped. Longer, better. Then in Council, you can unwrap tail and show all animals how beautiful.”

So, all animals go to Council. And Possum walks in and take an honoured seat next to Bear. Bear look, “Humph.” Bear open Council, and Possum spring to his feet as Rabbit push him from behind and say, “Speak now Possum.” And Possum stands in the middle of the circle and says to all animals, “I am honored animal at this Council. I have been chosen ’cause I have the most beautiful tail. You all know I have the most beautiful tail. I will show you now how much more beautiful my tail has become.” And Rabbit wink at Possum.

And Possum in great display unwraps snake-skin from the tail. And as he unwraps snake-skin all fur comes off the tail with snake-skin. Tail naked, no fur. Thin like a snake, no fur at all. Rabbit chuckle in the corner, and Possum so embarrassed that he pretends to be dead. And all the animals laugh. And Council breaks up in laughter.

To this day Possum has no fur on tail, thin like a snake. Rabbit trick him. Why Rabbit trick him? (Blue Sky: “Because he was too proud of himself”) And conceited. When I praise, say “I am proud of my children”, when I say, “Good pipe”, when I say, “You do well”, it is so. It is not so that you say, “I am better than other animals”. It is so.

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Remember the lesson, you make me proud.

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