Life is like a dream — you never know you’re asleep, trapped in an illusion until you wake up.

In our three-dimensional plane of existence, the world is not what it seems. What appears to be solid is basically empty space. Everything we perceive, such as earth, stars, animals, vegetation, people, buildings, etc., is made up of atoms. An atom consists of electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons. It’s an assembly of energy, not solid matter. And it’s more than 99 percent empty space.

Therefore, everything we perceive as solid is basically a glob of energy.

Furthermore, what we call “everything” (the universe and beyond) is made up of a vast array of frequencies or vibrations. Human senses are based on a very limited number of frequencies. Humans are only able to visualize “objects” that reflect light. The frequency range of human sight is exceedingly small compared to what exists all around us.

Therefore, humans are unable to perceive alternate dimensions driven by other frequencies. It is just that our five senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell do not detect the many other different types of forms that exist in the universe. We are unable to fully sense the Oneness of the Universe but instead, our senses create the illusion of separation as we are unable to perceive the connections between everything else. Actually, there are no objects in the Universe but only One Intelligent Flow of Energy.

Eastern religions (Hinduism, Sikhism, etc.) believe the material world is an illusion. They call this illusion Maya. Unlike true reality, which is changeless and eternal, Maya (illusion) is all that has a beginning and an end.

The path of spiritual enlightenment is based on the understanding of the Seven Pillars of Ancient Wisdom.

1) All things, organic or inorganic, from atom to galaxy, contain a living presence.
2) Every living presence resides within the body of a greater being.
3) Every being is made in the image of an ultimate greater being.
4) The vibration of every living presence is felt by every other living presence in our solar system.
5) Our solar system is constructed from energies which vibrate to seven levels.
6) Energy and matter are interchangeable. The material world is an illusion.
7) There is no death, only a change of state.

In a world where people exist in a temporary life spanning seven or eight decades, feverishly attempting to accumulate things, modern science appears to be catching up with ancient wisdom.

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In 1982, physicist Alain Aspect (University of Paris) discovered that “under certain circumstances, subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them.” It doesn’t matter if they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart, somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. This may be one of the most important discoveries in history.

This revelation would confirm step 4 in the Seven Pillars of Ancient Wisdom, which would seem to lend credence to the previous three steps as well. The universe is basically a living entity made up of living entities.

Physicist David Bohm (University of London) believes Aspect’s findings suggest that material reality does not exist. Despite the apparent solidity of the universe, it’s actually a hologram (an illusion of a three-dimensional solid reality). Bohm contends that the subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another because their separateness is also an illusion.

If true, this would verify step 6 of the Seven Pillars of Ancient Wisdom that the material world is an illusion.

Aspect’s discovery would explain such human paranormal phenomena as psychic abilities, remote viewing, out-of-body journeys, near-death experiences, precognitive renderings, premonitions, etc. A woman in Detroit has a bad “feeling” about her son in Seattle just before he has an auto crash, or a person who nurtures his plants with kindness has a garden that flourishes. Everything is connected, regardless of time or distance…there is no physical world…We are not objects….We are only perceivers of objects

Source: Illusion of Reality

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