Below is a brief video regarding the history of wage and employment struggle in Cambodia. More and more people are starting to recognize that, in several developing countries, many multinational corporations are exploiting their workers. Despite the fact that these corporations make billions of dollars, and could easily provide more pay, benefits, and decent working conditions, they choose not to.

When there are protests, the corporations are always protected. We live in a system of exploitation and we continue to fuel these corporations (mostly North American based) by working for them, buying their products, and turning a blind eye to how their products are manufactured and delivered to us. We’ve become so dependent on them that we’ve stopped questioning and caring about the process these products go through to be made. It’s quite horrifying if you think about it. How can we allow something like this to continue? It’s like watching someone suffer or be tortured but continuing on with your day, and we are all guilty of it.

We see big athletes and celebrities represent them and we see the corporations denying their involvement in any type of exploitation, despite the fact that this type of thing has continued for years and is well-documented.

There are many examples, from children and adults working in toxic, filthy conditions to employees at Apple committing suicide often enough that a factory in China had to put up suicide nets outside the building. You can read more about that story here.

Some people say “they are being provided an opportunity to work, and they have no choice.” This is a ridiculous statement, that’s like saying there is a giant pool of fresh water, but one can only have a drop of it once a week.

Certain multinational corporations and the people that hide behind them dominate our world today. They dictate governmental policy, destroy our planet, and represent the “one percent” of the very wealthy people. They control all of the world’s resources and sit atop of our financial, health, food, pharmaceutical, and educational institutions.

On the positive side, the world is waking up at a rapid pace. Working within this field for the past six years, I personally cannot believe how much progress we’ve made. We are living in exciting times and we have to keep pushing forward.

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