Do you know what they are preparing? Do you know what’s going on?

Loud booms and lots of noise at Fort Hood, TX

Fort Hood currently has several units training on the ranges with tanks and artillery as part of battle focused training. While we have training occurring at all times, sometimes the conditions are just right with low cloud cover, temperature, prevailing winds moving toward homes off the installation that make the explosions sounds much louder. The current training is scheduled through Feb. 28.

Camp Pendleton is having Army training the whole week. Camp Roberst too!

US jets sonic booms in Germany

But the US are also flying abroad. This graphic shows the actual increase of noise complaints linked to army exercises and sonic booms over Germany only for the month of February. There is an (alarming?) jump over the last two days… What it means? I don’t know… But maybe the worse!

The number of complaints over sonic booms in Germany for each day of February 2015. There is a dramatic increase in the last few days. But the reason is unclear!

Moreover, the US army wants to reenforce its presence in Germany and reopen already ancient bases as reported in the next articles.

US store heavy chain and wheeled vehicles at Coleman Barrack in Germany

Tanks, howitzers and mine-clearing vehicles for changing combat units / upgrades in Europe in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine have been deposited at Coleman Barrack.

The US Army wants to reopen already dismantled based in Germany

How many of the already dismantled bases in the north of Mannheim will be reactivated by the US military administration? Military equipment such as trucks and tanks should be stationed in the near future at Coleman Barracks. The material should remain “several years” in Mannheim before being transferred to Eastern Europe.

Live fire war games are pretty obvious:

So I ask you: Why all of these activities around army bases around the world?


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