Herald-Journal – Aug 26, 1934

Indian Skeletons Found Under Oklahoma Mound

Braden, Okla., Aug. 25 (AP). -Indian relics-estimated to be from 600 to 2000 years old and including the thigh bone of a giant brave-are being taken in large numbers from a huge burial mound 4 1/2 miles southwest of here. 

The Pocola Mining Company, composed of six Arkansas and Oklahoma men, is in charge of excavations, which began last February.

Although it is a private enterprise, each time taken from the mound is cataloged and photographed, and careful records are being kept of the disposition of the artifacts, human bones, beads of wood and stone, peals and large conch shells.

Situated in the middle of a field near the Arkansas River, the mound is approximately 100 feet long and 40 feet high at the peak. It is of sand, making digging comparatively easy. Excavations about twenty feet deep have been made.

Among the treasured finds is a large femur, indicating its owner must have been about nine feet tall. Bones and skeletons of other human beings are of normal size.

Charred remains, some with remnants of flesh still clinging to them, have been located, indicating the redskins of many centuries ago cremated some of their dead.

Valuable pearls-several of them as large as the end of a person’s thumb-have been discovered, only to crumble when brought to light. Almost 40 seed pearls were found, piled in a heap with crushed shells. These were strung for preservation.

Arrowheads found in the mound area of exceptionally fine workmanship. One collector has purchased 1,100 arrowheads.

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