New Eerie Threats For February 2nd, 2004

by R.A. Coombes

Author of “America, The Babylon”

Publisher of “The Alpha-Omega Report”

We have always suspected that The Illuminati is ultimately behind the Al Qaeda Islamic terror movement. Our suspicions have only circumstantial evidence for support so we cannot comfortably claim linkage. We raise however that the possibility for such a theory is indeed plausible and merits consideration of even the most hardened skeptic.

We suspect some sort of linkage between The Illuminati movement (which does exist) and all of Islamic terrorism, not just Al Qaeda. We would refer any readers unfamiliar with such occultic indicators to a number of websites on the internet with various articles on the occultic aspects and issues of 9-11. Those aspects are signature hallmarks of an Illuminati operation. Some websites would include The Cutting Edge website organization. The Jeff Rense Radio Show website is a treasure trove of various articles on different theories regarding 9-11.

The purpose of this article is not to debate the merits or demerits of such theories. Instead, we’re here to consider the latest alert threats amidst previously left signs that might just validate the threat assessment in a new and chilling manner.

Since Mid-December of 2003, reports began to circulate on the internet, of a February attack date. This information came primarily from Islamic websites, and “intelligence” circles conducting online monitoring.The Al Qaeda organization claims it will launch THE terror strike of all strikes before the next Muslim holiday set to begin on February 2nd 2004. So what? We’ve heard dates come and go before. Many of those dates had extremely important Muslim “prophetic” significance and yet nothing happened.

If you were in charge of Al Qaeda and wanted to whip up the most amount of internal Muslim support you would want to rally Muslims to your cause by doing things that would fulfill Muslim prophecies in the time frame it says they will be filled. Right? We kind of thought so too. Didn’t happen for Al Qaeda in 2003. Ramadan was the PERFECT time, prophetically. A big, successful strike would have proven to Muslims that indeed Allah was on the side of Osama bin Laden based upon the prophetic doctrines we’ve read about and for which some are considered very marginal by orthodox Muslims. So, what gives? Why didn’t Osama pull the trigger? Maybe he was told to hold off? Maybe there is a date with more significance, as in occult significance. Let’s backtrack.

What do we know? Let’s review some basic factual information. The “Illuminists” have stated for a number of years that when the time came, there would be a nuclear destruction of key cities of the United States in order for the New World Order to finally come to life and make way for the arrival of the Antichrist or the Lucifer-Satanic “messiah.” The late William Cooper in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” made that point understood throughout. Fritz Springmeier in his books has provided similar information as have many other investigators of The Illuminati movement as well as a handful of ex-members who have come forward to tell their story.

What we want to also take note of is the use of key numbers and dates related to significant occult numbers. The 9-11 is of course highly significant. What most people don’t know about the 9-11 issue is its relationship to events that occurred the prior year of 2000. On 9-10-2000 A world leadership summit ended. It ran from September 4th, 2000 to September 10th, 2000. It was chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev. This summit meeting was comprised of the top economic and business leaders of the world to discuss the ramifications of global governization. Just prior to this meeting was an equally interesting summit of all the world’s key religious leaders from August 28-31, 2000. The key and underlying reasons for these summits were to establish the final structure for implementation of long-held plans to introduce the Antichrist.

Let’s look at the background of The Illuminati plans before we look at the timing of the summit meetings and their correlation to 9-11 and still more related to this coming February 2nd.

Various components of the Illuminist plans for the New World Order and the arrival of the Antichrist has been discussed in the open but not very publicly. Neo-Illuminated religious groups have held open seminars where members of the public could attend and hear speeches or talks about the future of planned events. Speakers would refer to a project called “THE NEW JERUSALEM COVENANT PROJECT.” This project has been in the planning stages since before the 6-day Israeli war of 1967. In fact, it has been in the planning stages for at least 100 or more years.

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At one time, it was thought this “New Jerusalem Covenant Project” it would be implemented by 1988 or no later than 1993. Those time frames did not work out although the overall time frame given has ranged between 1960 to the year 2040 or in other words about 80 years according to those inside the program who’ve related that time frame to members or those who’ve converted to Christianity and escaped the Illuminati program. You’ll note that in 2004, we are about half-way through this range of time projection.

Sidebar Note:

[One thing we find fascinating about the proposed timetables, is that the ringleaders do not know the time itself. We know why. It is evidence that Satan is subservient to the decrees of the Creator-God who alone knows what the time frame will be. This means that the Creator-Ruler of the Universe, the Lord God Jehovah, Father of the Lord Jesus Christ … remains in SOVEREIGN CONTROL. Nothing Satan wishes to implement is allowed to occur until God ‘permits’ it. That is not to say that God approves it, but only that He “allows” it to transpire. In other words, while God retains absolute, sovereign control, He also allows “free-will” of his created beings in order to allow them to attempt to carry out their own wills, but only at the time frame HE PERMITS or allows them to do so. So it cannot be said that God is ultimately responsible for allowing evil to happen. He permits it, only to the extent that He allows creation’s Free Will to choose for or against evil, and this permission is limited to a certain specified period, of time, which cosmically speaking is very, very short, but to a human seems very, very long. Thus, the Satanic forces must bow to the sovereign power of the Creator on the Creator’s timeline for events. ]

End Sidebar Not

Now back to our story…

The New Jerusalem Covenant Project is the key program that is the actual planked platform for the arrival of the Antichrist. It basically is the New World Order Religion and Political covenant between humanity and Satan. The previously related meetings of August and September of 2000 were the religious and political conventions which voted into existence what is to become the New Jerusalem Covenant Project.

Now, let’s review here a brief background of understanding about how Satan receives converts and new members to his band of misfits.

Anyone wishing to become a member of a Satanic organization must go through a waiting period of ONE YEAR + ONE DAY. So, if someone wishes to join the Satanic “church” on September 10th of 2000 they cannot be formally considered a member until September 11th of 2,001.

This is precisely what happened on 9-11. The “Terror attack” of 9-11 occurred – ONE YEAR + ONE DAY after the closure of the “State of the World Forum” which was the final stage of implementing the Antichrist program of “The New Jerusalem Covenant” By the way, guess where the meeting was held? Yes, New York City. One year and one day later, that conference location was “baptized” with fire begun by two airlines crashing into the two tallest buildings on Earth, the two “Babel” towers of Earth.

So, the Satanic conference holds true to form. The events that transpired ONE YEAR + ONE DAY later on 9-11 would be the confirming proof that the evil pact was accepted by Satan into his program of inserting himself, directly and physically into the human race. It would seem that Satan has begun turning the wheels of the actual Antichrist program in which his unholy spirit will appear physically in bodily form to take control of humanity and the entire planet we call Earth.

So what does all of this have to do with February 2nd of 2004?

Do you recall what happened on February 1st of 2003? Do you remember the United States Space Shuttle Columbia? On that day the NASA space shuttle mysteriously broke apart upon final re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere in the skies high above the deserts of the southwestern United States. That event also held a mysterious connotation, in the occult sense.

Columbia is the name of the mythical ‘goddess America.’ It was actually a pseudonym for the Goddess Ishtar of Babylon. The destruction of Columbia, by its very name being symbolic of the United States is a subtle but yet very real occult indicator that America’s days as an independent nation are gone, forever. In an occult sense, the destruction of Columbia was like a Satanic ritual sacrifice of sorts. It can be perceived as a “foreshadowing” of the real, final, complete destruction of the United States. At least this is how the occult theoretical doctrine is apparently supposed to be understood.

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Now, if this symbology is indeed valid, (and we don’t know for sure, ourselves) we’re only trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together as best we understand their nature to see if it is legitimate. IF, however, the above analysis is valid and correct and IF indeed we are in the process of the completion of the ONE YEAR + ONE DAY doctrine of Satan, then what would follow logically would be the destruction of the United States, or at least significant loss of power (several cities perhaps attacked) on the ONE YEAR + ONE DAY rule. Therefore, the day we are concerned about is February 2nd, 2004 which is ONE YEAR + ONE DAY after the Shuttle Columbia tragedy (sacrificial offering).

Will something happen on February 2nd of 2004? We don’t know for sure. We can point out that before Ramadan ended, there was an abundance of Al Qaeda chatter that the BIG ATTACK would take place before February 2nd or the next Muslim holy day. Subsequently, there are more indications of a major nuclear attack soon.

We also note that the financial markets are showing activities reminiscent of the days immediately preceding 9-11. The stock market activity is paralleling pre 9-11 characteristics. Another similarity of perhaps greater significance is the foreign currency market action of the US dollar. The dollar has taken significant ‘hits’ recently against the “euro” and is in remarkably weak shape just as it was in the days preceding 9-11. The bond markets are also displaying similar weaknesses just as in the pre 9-11 days.



There seems to be a pattern of indicators paralleling the 9-11 events raising suggestion that a similarly significant event to 9-11 will transpire on 2/2/04, or groundhogs day. [We even understand that Groundhogs day holds an original occult significance before anyone considered a ‘groundhog’ day observance and unrelated to groundhogs per se. ] Will there be some sort of awful terror strike on 2/2/04? We do not know nor wish to make such claims that it will or even might happen. We believe that what has been presented is all “theoretical” based upon certain assumptions. We think the information is worth consideration in terms of our readers being prepared for such a remotely possibly event that could have devastating consequences, especially for those unprepared. So, now that you have read this, and if you’re following the “terror” intelligence reports that float around the web, you can determine whether or not it is in your best interests to make any emergency preparations as might be possible, just in case the above information should prove to be even partly correct.

How does this fit with the “America, The Babylon Theory”?

We are working on a related textual study on the specific prophecies regarding this issue. We will post it as soon as we have completed the editing of our results. It will parallel to some extent material presented in “America, The Babylon” Volume 2 in Appendixes X & XI. (see ). If you are a subscriber to The Alpha-Omega Report e-mail newsletter you will receive an alert when we have posted the new article to our website. If you are not a subscriber, but would like to subscribe and be alerted via e-mail to new article postings to the website please visit our sign-up page by clicking here. SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE FREE! We do not “sell” nor give subscriber e-mail addresses to anyone.

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