Part 3:  Is There A Large Pyramid Underground Between Mt. McKinley and Nome, Alaska?

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“I don’t know if the Purkeypile, Alaska, seismic sensor would identify an underground pyramid structure, but if the requirement is that the anomaly has to be on a straight line connecting the explosion at Lop Nor to the sensor in Alaska, then I think we can check that box as a straight line!”

– Retired U. S. Navy Captain, Navigator/Communicator, Tactical Coordinator, and Mission Commander

AlaskaNomeMAPlge Mount McKinley is north of Anchorage. Nome is the upper left red circle on Norton Sound west of Mount McKinley. The region between Mount McKinley and Nome is where the large pyramid structure was allegedly found during geophysical studies of the May 22, 1992, Chinese underground detonation of a large nuclear bomb at Lop Nor.

August 3, 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico

After my Coast to Coast AM broadcast July 26 to 27, I have received many emails concerning aerial discs seen in Alaska skies and the alleged underground pyramid between Mount McKinley and Nome, as well as information about the 1973 remote viewer Pat Price’s description of a “UFO base” inside or under Mount Hayes northeast of Mount McKinley. Pat Price was working in a CIA-funded remote viewing program directed by Hal Puthoff at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto.

New York Times best-selling author Jim Marrs wrote in his Psi Spies book © 2007, about Pat Price’s remote viewing of an underground UFO base in Alaska that was “weather and geological study center located under Mount Hayes.” Mount Hayes is in the direction and vicinity of the “square” on the Google map discovered by the retired U. S. Navy Commander, “about 50 miles NE of Mt. McKinley.”

But that location is many miles east of Mount McKinley and not in the region between Mount McKinley and Nome described as “whited out and not surveyed” by Doug Mutschler, retired U. S. Army CW2 counterintelligence Chief Warrant Officer in Earthfiles Parts 1 and 2.

TOP IMAGE: Mount Hayes (upper right red circle) is northeast of Mount McKinley at 63°37′15″N 146°42′55″W. At 13,382 feet (4,216 meters), Mount Hayes is the highest mountain in the eastern Alaska Range. Mount Denali (aka Mt. McKinley) at 20,320 feet (6,194 meters) is the highest mountain in Alaska and the United States. 63°04′10″N 151°00′27″W.

Not only is Denali the highest mountain in North America, but it has the greatest vertical rise of any mountain in the world and a bulk larger than Mount Everest.

PeculiarV-2Rocket27One July 2012 emailer to Earthfiles that I have long known as a serious investigator, who has substantive knowledge about the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and the history of unidentified aerial discs interfering with American efforts to build and launch German V2-style missiles from White Sands after World War II.

V-2 rocket developed by German scientists in Project Paperclip at White Sands Proving Ground (WSPG), New Mexico, after WWII. The commanding officer at Roswell Army air Field was Col. Harold R. Turner, who described the persistent discs as “peculiar phenomena.”  

PeculiarColTurner2The May 16, 1947, edition of the Las Cruces Sun-News reported about one such event:  “Lt. Col. Harold R. Turner, White Sands Proving Ground commanding officer, today blamed ‘peculiar phenomena’ for the erratic test flight of a German V-2 rocket which landed only six miles east of Alamogordo yesterday afternoon.”

Lt. Col. Harold R. Turner, Commander, White Sands Proving Ground (WSPG), July 9, 1945 to August 3, 1947. Photograph courtesy White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

Front Page, Las Cruces Citizen, Las Cruces, New Mexico, May 22, 1947.

There was more reported in the May 22, 1947, edition of the Las Cruces Citizen :  “‘Peculiar phenomena’ was blamed by Lt. Col. Harold R. Turner, commanding officer of White Sands, for the erratic test flight. The rocket carrying a warhead installed by the Naval Research Laboratory, was spotted at its landing about 55 miles from the launching site where it was fired at 4:09 p.m. A crew was sent out immediately to retrieve rocket body and warhead.”

PeculiarPhenomenaTurnerFront Page, Las Cruces Citizen, Las Cruces, New Mexico, May 22, 1947.

My long-time source about “peculiar phenomena” sent a recent June 30, 2012, image of an aerial disc above the historic Kennecott Copper mining building in McCarthy, Alaska, east of Anchorage.

Subject:   Alaska Underground Pyramid
Date:   July 28, 2012


I’ve attached a photo (above) that was forwarded to me a couple of weeks ago from a relative of my wife. It was taken on June 30, 2012, at 3:30 PM, in McCarthy, Alaska [ Kennecott Copper Corporation].

She didn’t hear anything, didn’t see anything, but after taking the photo she looked at the camera and saw the disc object over her left shoulder. She quickly turned around and nothing was there.

On the underground pyramid story, have you ever heard of the “Alaskan Bermuda Triangle”? It seems that there is an area roughly from Juneau to about where you’ve identified the pyramid east to the Yukon where a number of planes have simply disappeared. One was Hale Boggs, U.S. Speaker of the House, in the early 1970s, who disappeared on a flight from Anchorage to Juneau. The bodies and plane were never found.

[ Editor’s Note:  Wikipedia – Thomas Hale Boggs Sr. (February 15, 1914, death undetermined; presumably October 16, 1972, not declared dead until January 3, 1973), was an American Democratic politician and a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was the House majority leader. In 1972, while he was still Majority Leader, the twin engine airplane in which Boggs was traveling disappeared over a remote section of Alaska. The airplane presumably crashed and was never found. Congressman Nick Begich was also presumed killed in the same accident.]

alaskan-bermuda-triangle-1aThe so-called Alaskan Bermuda Triangle slices through four of the state’s regions, from the southeastern wilderness and fjords at Juneau and Yakutat to the interior tundra and up to the Arctic mountain ranges at Barrow. Planes go down, hikers go missing and  Alaskan residents and tourists seem to vanish. Map © HowStuffWorks.

Email continues:  Yakutat (notorious for monstrous weather) is north-northwest of Juneau. McCarthy is northwest of Yakutat. Lots of aircraft accidents/ disappearances. The famous Japan Airlines flight that picked up the UFO on its tail was flying over this region when they noticed the UFO.

My source also sent information about seismograph stations in Purckeypile and Telida, Alaska.

Subject: Alaska Seismograph Station
Date: July 30, 2012

There is a seismograph station at Purckeypile, Alaska (as well as an airstrip) that is several miles south of your GPS coordinates. The seismograph station is designated “PPLA” and has been there for a number of years.

AlaskaSeismicStations2Orange pointer at Purckeypile, Alaska, seismograph station (PPLA) in Denali Wilderness National Park not far south from the Telida (blue circle) seismograph station.

There is also another seismograph station at Telida, Alaska, which is several miles northwest of your “square” anomaly location discovered by the retired Navy Commander. Telida also has a landing strip. I ran across an old US Geological Survey report of mineralization in the area.

There are three “prospects” in the region that the staff surveyed. Significant silver, trace gold, trace copper. Somehow they got a bulldozer in there as well as diamond drilling equipment as early as the late 1940s. The base rock is granite.

Bureau of Mines report on the mining activity in the area:

The geophysicist (Paul Vincent, Ph.D.) said at the end of the interview that an underground manmade pyramid structure wouldn’t have been noticeable unless the seismographic station happened to be immediately adjacent to the manmade structure – in which case it would have been noticeable in the seismograph- especially if it was large and had a substantially vertical component.

He finished by saying “the odds of that were minuscule” without saying what I said above. You might call him back and ask “what if the seismographic station was within a mile or two of a large subterranean structure.”

If you are right about the location, based upon the Air Force officers input, then you are looking for the seismic data from U.S.G.S. station “PPLA” the day of the test. If it’s not available then, you have another mystery- why is it not available?

Lop Nor, China, Underground Nuclear Tests
Studied by Alaska Seismic Stations

UCLA Report:

The following is more email from a retired Navy Captain and professional engineer who provided analysis of a large “square” he found in Google maps in which each side of the square measures exactly twice the length of each side of the Cheops Great Pyramid in Egypt. See Parts 1 and 2 of this Earthfiles report.

Subject:   Alaska Underground Pyramid Report by Earthfiles
Date:   August 2, 2012
To:   Linda Moulton Howe <>

Re: the UCLA report link you forwarded (UCLA Report:, I did review that document last night. All I see that it does is confirm the fact that the US was monitoring Lop Nor underground nuclear tests using seismic sensors. This in and of itself isn’t news, although probably not well known by the public. I don’t see that this report adds anything except to confirm that the monitoring did take place during the general time frame of the May 1992 test. One would think that this at least might confirm a foreknowledge of the test and that one could assume that other seismic sensors were being observed or analyzed at the same time.

One other interesting thing I have been examining with regard to the anomaly and the supposed seismic sensor at Purkeypile is related to a comment that your website received after your initial posting about the TV broadcast concerning the underground pyramid. The comment indicated that the only way an analysis of the nuclear explosion could detect an underground object was if the object was located on a straight line between the explosion and the monitoring sensor, indicating that the underground mass would somehow affect the transmission of the sound/vibration as it passed by or through it on its path to the sensor.

I went back on Google Earth and created a great circle path from the square anomaly to Lop Nor. The bearing to Lop Nor is @305°, as is shown by the orange line on the attached jpeg of the Google Earth Site.

Straight Line Bearing from Lop Nor, China,
to Purkeypile and Telida, Alaska, Seismic Sensors

AlaskaPurkeypileLonPorBearingOrange “great circle path” from Lop Nor nuclear detonation site in China to the Purkeypile Airport seismic station in Alaska, which is 4,509 miles. The blue line shows bearing from the Purkeypile Airport and Lop Nor. Analysis by retired U. S. Navy Commander. 

I have also plotted the locations of the Telida Airport, where it was said that a seismic sensor existed, and the PurkeyPile Airport, which we know has a seismic sensor (at this time we don’t know how close the sensor is to the airport – however, we can assume it must be within a few miles).

The blue line shows a perpendicular from the airport to the red great circle path between Lop Nor and the anomaly. The blue arrow shows a line of bearing from the Purkeypile Airport and Lop Nor. Using the tools in Google earth I measured the length of the blue perpendicular which is 9.3 miles long, and the distance from where the perpendicular intersects the great circle path of the orange line to Lop Nor which is 4509 miles.

Using basic trigonometry, we know that the Tangent of an angle is equal to the ratio of the line opposite the angle and the line adjacent to the angle, or Tan= O/A. In this case, Tan = 9.3/4509 = 0.002063. If we now use a calculator to determine the angle whose tangent equals 0.002063 (or look up the value 0.002063 in a set of math tables), what we find is that the angle between the Purkeypile seismic sensor and Lop Nor is approximately 0.112 degrees, or 000 Degrees 07 Minutes off of the direct orange great circle route from the anomaly to Lop Nor!

I don’t think it would be possible to get a line closer to a straight line between the Purkeypile, Alaska, seismic sensor and the Lop Nor, China, explosion than 0.112 degrees, and since the anomaly is between the Lop Nor test site and the known seismic sensor at Purkeypile, I would think that if such an anomaly could be detected, the relative positions of Purkeypile, Lop Nor and the anomaly would not preclude detection.

I don’t know if the Purkeypile, Alaska seismic sensor would identify an underground pyramid structure, but if the requirement is that the anomaly has to be on a straight line connecting the Lop Nor explosion to the sensor in Alaska, then I think we can check that box as a straight line!

With regard to investigating the “square” I found on Google Map about 50 miles northwest of Mount McKinley (Denali), I would think that an aerial survey with a magnetic anomaly detector might provide some interesting data to determine if there is something below ground of sufficient mass and iron content that it would register on a magnetometer, just like a P-3 flying over a submerged submarine. An expedition could probably be staged out of Purkeypile Airport.

If any Earthfiles viewer or Coast to Coast AM radio listener has any information about the alleged underground pyramid structure between Mount McKinley and Nome, Alaska, found during Earth crust studies in conjunction with China’s May 22, 1992, one megaton nuclear underground test, please email me: All requests for confidentiality are honored.

More Information:

For further reports about government cover-ups of non-human presence on Earth, please see Earthfiles Archive.


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