The documents that the CIA is still hiding regarding the Kennedy assassinations cover matters that go far beyond just such things as their funding of anti-Castro Cuban groups in Louisiana and Florida (who had well-publicized clashes with Lee Harvey Oswald in the summer of 1963) in the months before the JFK assassination in November 1963. They have been able to get away with it for so long because the documents concerned are either not known to exist, or deal with matters connected with the assassinations that are not known about or suspected by the public, and thereby escape being brought to light by FOIA requests.

There were at least three reasons behind the CIA’s arranging for the JFK assassination, and making it look as if Oswald acting alone did it, probably even using the same type of bullets that Oswald used. Oswald fired at the presidential open limousine from behind in Dealey Plaza from the Texas School Book Depository, BUT the fatal shots clearly came from IN FRONT, as shown by the Zapruder film, and indeed shots were heard coming from that area (the “grassy knoll”) where also a fleeing gunman was seen. Texa$ Governor Connelly, who was seriously injured, sitting beside Kennedy, and the Secret Service driver Greer, were curiously reticent in giving evidence in subsequent inquiries.

Firstly, the CIA, which was still “stacked” with many right-wing Republicans (and even some ex-Gestapo-SS staff brought from Germany after the war to escape war crimes charges), recruited in the 1950s using the “Cold War” and Communism as the excuse, including its Director, J J Angleton, had a deadly hatred of President Kennedy, who was trying to exert his authority in the face of their persistent insubordination. In desperation, Kennedy in 1963 threatened to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces”.

Secondly, President Kennedy wanted to have legislation passed to re-empower the U$ Government to issue banknotes and credit. He wanted to wrest this power from the privately-owned U$ Federal Re$erve, which in an act of stupidity in 1913 had been sold off by the U$ Govt. “for a song” to a consortium of mostly European bankers, led by the Roth$childs. Because of their wealth, and the huge income at stake from their issuing money as interest-bearing debt, it is very probable that these bankers massively bribed the CIA (and probably the Secret Service, entrusted to guard the President and other functionaries, and the FBI) to get rid of Kennedy. A Roth$child of an earlier generation once declared, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I [then] care not for that nation’s laws”, which just about sums them up.

Thirdly, on several occasions between 1961 and 1963, culminating in a rather strongly worded memo sent to the  Director of the CIA just 10 days before he was assassinated, Kennedy demanded that the CIA furnish him with copies of all its secret documents concerning suppressed UFO incidents and evidence. Even before then, MJ-12, the shadowy CIA-connected group connected of leading scientists and military personnel (including Dr. Vannevar Bush, the noted UFO debunker Dr. Donald H Menzel, Dr. Edward Teller, the “father of the atomic bomb” who died only a year or two ago, and Admiral Hilkoettler of the Office Of Naval Research which controls “Area 51”), and which was responsible for covering-up and obtaining technological data from crashed UFOs, was worried that Kennedy’s demands and activities would lead to exposure of their existence and deeds. I have a copy of this memo of 12 November 1963 as a JPG and PDF file, probably accidentally released among a batch of other, less incriminating, documents under a FOIA request.

I still remember what I was doing on 22 (the 23rd NZ time) November 1963, when news of the JFK assassination came through; it was a few weeks before I turned 16. I had just come home from choir practice at school in New Zealand, heard about it on the radio which was giving live coverage from Dalla$, Tx., and then went out to buy a newspaper at the local corner-store. The newspaper had most of its front page covered by a photo of President Kennedy, with the headline “PRESIDENT KENNEDY ASSASSINATED” in huge 72-point block letters. Walking home, I showed it to a woman on the lawn outside her home, and she said. “It’s terrible, isn’t it?”.

The assassination of Senator Bobby Kennedy in the hotel used by the Democratic National Convention in June 1968, just after he had been elected as Democratic presidential candidate for the November 1968 election (after Johnson signaled his retirement for ill-health), in which he would certainly have beaten Nixon and then brought the Vietnam War/Whore to an end by negotiating with Ho Chi Minh and defying the military-industrial complex (who profited so immensely from the war), was almost certainly the work of the CIA.

Statements made by the alleged sole assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, after he was arrested at the scene, suggest that he was a hypnotized or mind-controlled “zombie” employed by the CIA. Once again, the Secret Service, who were supposed to have been guarding Bobby Kennedy from the moment he was selected as candidate that day, failed to do their job, again raising the possibility of bribery to neglect their duty…

President Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy (who would have made an even better President) were probably the U$A’s last hopes, to avoid it’s becoming effectively ruled by the military-industrial complex and the Federal Re$erve, and it’s becoming a plutocratic police state.

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John W.

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