Last month Beavercreek Police Chief Evers indicated to us that a lawsuit might be set in motion against them soon. He noted that they had received several calls asking about the limits of the City and Department’s insurance policies. Today, his fears have been confirmed.

Lawyers for John Crawford’s family have filed suit against the Beavercreek Police Department and Walmart which it says both colluded with police in the aftermath of the shooting and also failed to protect their customers.

The fatal police shooting of the unarmed 22-year-old African American, holding a BB-gun from the shelves of the Walmart has been at the center of attention for police accountability and social justice activists in the area since the events of August 5th.

Counter Current News reporters were the first on the scene, before local or national media, with exclusive, and candid interviews with shoppers and employees, who made it clear that the panicked customers were not fleeing from an African American man with a gun, but from a “crazy gunman who is shooting shoppers.” In other words, shoppers were fleeing from Officer Sean Williams, dressed in a polo shirt and shorts, armed with an M4 assault rifle, and opening fire on Crawford, who he did not even give two full seconds to respond.

“The criminal justice system has refused to hold the officers accountable, so the civil system must,” attorney Michael Wright of Wright & Schulte LLC said at the press conference. “This is the only recourse that the Crawford family has.”

Wright & Schulte is well known in the area for their expertise in all areas of federal and local gun laws.

Wright has only asked for a meager $75,000 total from Beavercreek and the Walmart Corporation in damages from Crawford’s death.

“My motivation is that from a prosecutorial standpoint, not from a monetary standpoint,” John Crawford’s father explained. “We live in a reality where there are children involved and left behind, so they need to be taken care of.”

Attorney Shean Williams said that Walmart’s naming in the suit is a matter of violation of industry standards. “We hold Wal-Mart just as accountable as we hold the officers and the Beavercreek Police Department,” he explained.

Attorney Wright added that “John Crawford did nothing wrong,” and so the fault ultimately rests with the Beavercreek Police too.

“We want to bring change in the policies of the Beavercreek Police Department and the merchandising practices of the Wal-Mart corporation. We want to make sure this tragedy does not happen to any other family.”

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(Article by Moreh B.D.K.)

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