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Project Bluebook. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 17:43:53 PDT)
~Subject: Project Blue
One of the people who it has been my pleasure to meet
personally is Harley A. Byrd a person who knows a lot
about Valient Thor (a space man living here on Earth). Here
are some of his statements in regard to Val;…….During
the winter of 1956-57, the Washington, D.C. area was
extremely cold, but it was a good feeling to be working in
a high security position in the Pentagon. I lived only a
short distance away in Georgetown, the old section of the
Nation’s Capital. Senator J.F. Kennedy lived on “O” Street
just a block away from our house on Prospect.
During a successful tour with the U.S. Naval Ceremonial
Honor Guard, we had met with astronauts Glen, Cooper,
Waly Sherrar, who were the first wave of successful space
travelers. Also we had visited the Tomb of the Unknown
Soldier numerous times. It seemed like every time a visiting
dignitary came to Washington, they lay a wreath at the tomb.
We had met the Queen of England several times at the airport,
as these were some of the duties I performed as a young
officer in the Navy. After carrying the 2-Star flag at the
funeral of my late uncle, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, I
was recommended for a security clearance and was granted a
Top Secret Clearance after a lengthy six-month background
study (B1 complete 1957). After being transferred to the
Chief of Naval Information (CHINFO), I worked in the
Security Clearance section before being indoctrinated into
the branch office of the Air Force called PROJECT BLUE BOOK.
It was a joint service office; that is, two Marines, two
Army, two Navy and three Air Force officers.
The work was routine, opening incoming mail, sorting
out what was called actual sightings as opposed to many
fake UFO photos. We also acted as a Public Information
Office (PIO), much like a public relations office. Every
publisher’s dream was to get the real low down on the UFO
situation, which was suppressed by the group that dictated
national policy on the UFO matter.

In mid March, 1957, we received an urgent message from
the Alexandria Police Department. The message indicated
that two of their on-duty police officers had picked up
an alien who had landed some 14 miles south of Pentagon
Boulevard, and the occupant was transported to the Pentagon
to meet with the Under Secretary of Defense and then
shuttled underground to meet with President Eisenhower
and Vice President Richard Nixon. The meeting lasted
for nearly an hour and then, the alien visitor was put on
VIP status and was shuttled back to the Pentagon where
he spent the night in the Army reception office on the
first floor near the concourse. This alien’s name was
Valiant Thor.

Commander James was on duty at the Security Clearance
and Review for the branch officer of the Project Blue Book.
He oversaw the meeting through official channels and
reported the landing and meeting of the “space emissary”,
as he was labeled by the Department of Defense, to a
governing group of high military officials including
Secretary of Defense F.F. Forestall and other scientific
men of which there were twelve. They in turn made
recommendations to the President and Cabinet members, the
CIA, FBI, NSA, and so on. The landing of Valieant Thor
was perhaps the first documented landing of a human-type
alien by military officials. He contacted an individual
in the Pentagon who was an advocate of the UFO alien
situation. “Nancy Warren” in turn contacted a minister, who
was also a private investigator and theologian, a Dr. Frank
E. Stranges, who then met with this individual. Dr.
Stranges had been a guest speaker at the National
Evangelistic Center for two weeks.

Val Thor landed in Alexandria and met with the President
to discuss the world’s problems and offer advice and counsel
on how to deal with and eliminate them. He indicated to Mr.
Eisenhower that the world was in a precarious situation and
that if the world continued to proceed on a war footing – it
would cause an economic imbalance throughout the world. Val
Thor stayed on Earth until March 16, 1960, and then
disembarked to his home planet Venus. He indicated that his
race of people lived and dwelled underground and that many
of the planets throughout the universe sustain life in this
same manner. He also mentioned the waves of aliens who
would land around the world to help with the Earth’s
seemingly insurmountable problems. He stated that a group
from a distant planetary system would be coming to give aid
and data to help the Earth’s progress. Val Thor spoke of
Christ’s presence in the universe and that it was
heartwarming to see Christ’s advanced teaching continuing.
This visitation at the Pentagon marks perhaps a new era in
knowledge, wisdom and understanding on our planet.
Harley Andrew Byrd
Nephew to the late
Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd,
United States Navy

JW It would be interesting to hear what ex-president
Richard Nixon would have to say about all of this information

Source of Information: Stranger At The Pentagon, 4th edition.
by Frank E. Stranges, PHD.
Part 1. Posting Number 2.
John Winston



When Did Some Space People First Visit Earth. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 17:56:58 PDT)
~Subject: When Did Some Space People FIRST Visit Earth?

When Frank Stranges talked to Val Thor he found out the people from
Venus came and visited Earth many thousands of years ago. Val explained
it like this;…………………………………………………..
….The story began centuries ago with the first reconnaissance-
exploration voyage which confirmed that there indeed
was life on this third planet from the Sun..
There had been occasions which presented a dilemma
to both the “observed” as well as the “observer”. These
included several pilots being “beamed” into the ship in
order to save their lives. This was a far cry from the first
incidents of men throwing rocks in an attempt to repel the
ship. It was during 1945 that the Earth was surrounded
by 100 ships in order to protect the fragile atmosphere
which surrounds it. A chain atomic reaction could eas-
ily have resulted because of the separation of the elements
of the air. Earth could have been destroyed thus creating many
problems , a ripple effect so to speak, throughout the
universe. After reporting the observations of various voyages, sev-
eral recommendations were made. The first was that an aerial
display be performed in order to provide evidence of the
physical existence of life, as it is known here, on other plan-
ets in the solar system. This happened during Truman’s time.
Newspaper reported the occurrence complete with
details of “the chase”. What they didn’t report was that the
UFO’s were not visible below the planes which had been sent
up…they were only visible to those on the ground.

The second recommendation was for physical contact
with world leaders, beginning with the United States.

The First Meeting
March 16, 1957, in Alexandria, Virginia, one of the
finest leaders of the planet Venus, operating under the direc-
tion of the Central Control and who had been chosen to
make the contact as well as direct the project, landed his craft
and was met by two police officers, weapons drawn. A
thought transference quickly convinced them that he meant
no harm and he was ushered into the back seat of their patrol
car. After crossing over into Washington, D.C., they were met
by the secretary of Defense along with six of his staff mem-
bers. Soon police from every conceivable district and agency
had joined in, all trying to claim their right to escort him to
President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Through his own version
of the power of positive thinking, he was to dismiss them
all and soon passed through the security posts followed by an
Air Force Captain.

Meanwhile, his presence in the area had thrown every-
one into a dilemma. The introduction he held from the High
Council worried them because, though not written in any
Earthly language, their minds were given power to properly
translate the inscribed message. Captain Gould (not his real
name) asked him to remain and after downing two plain
bourbons muttered..
“My god, why couldn’t this have happened on my day off.

JW So there you have it folks. Our government seems to be able
to keep secrets very well.

Source of Information: Stranger In The Pentagon, by Frank
Stranges, PHD.
Part 2. Posting Number 3.
John Winston.


A Tall Tale. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 17:59:23 PDT)
~Subject: Strange People.

In my investigation of space people many types of strange people
have shown up. There are the reptilian type people who have scales
on their bodies and they are from Sirius. It was even mentioned
that some people from other planets have feathers, you might call
them the bird people. There are also many people on Earth who are
different from us. Let me tell you about some people who are little
bigger than most of us;…………………………………….
….A scientist working in the jungles of Africa has made the most
astonishing find in history: a tribe of 18-foot-tall giants!

Anthropologist Dr. Stanley Wistveld discovered the titans in a
remote valley near Lolo in Zaire while studying native tribes in
the area.

“The Zacus are just enormous, three times the size of normal men
and women,” says Dr. Wistveld, 52, who is preparing a paper on his
discovery for an international anthropology conference this fall.

“In most other respects they are normal, although they appear to
be slower-moving and a bit more intelligent than average humans.

“Interestingly enough, they are very timid. That may explain why they
have remained hidden for so long. Members of nearby tribes had seen
them but never communicated with them because the Zacus always ran

Dr. Wistveld first made contact with the giants two years ago after
he rescued one of their infants from a raging river.

The year-old baby, as large as most 5-year old children, had been
swept from his mother’s arms upstream – and within seconds, a group
of hysterical Zacus rushed to surround the startled scientist.

“I was very frightened at first because these people towered over
me and they were very upset and savage-looking,” Dr. Wistveld said.

“But soon I realized that they were scared, too. They were grateful
to have their baby back, but they watched me like they thought I was
going to hurt them. I managed to reassure them with body language and
they permitted me to accompany them to their huts. After that I visited
them two or three times a week for more that a year and gradually gained
their trust.”

The towering tribe consists of 17 men, 19 women and 32 children who
live in grass huts, and support themselves by hunting, fishing and
gathering nuts and berries.

“They’re very mild-mannered and quite intelligent,” Dr. Wistveld

“Because of their great size and remote location, they have no en-
emies, so they don’t have to be very aggressive.”

Dr. Wistveld says he is currently seeking grants to study the tribe

“They are a living miracle and we need to understand much about them,”
he said.

JW I wonder if these dudes know how to play basketball?

Source of Information: WEEKLY WORLD NEWS, June 15, 1993 by Salley
Carrubba, Special correspondent.

John Winston.

Posting Number 2-a.


Nixon Meets A Spaceman. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 18:01:50 PDT)
~Subject: Nixon Meets Man From Space.

There is a book in the Calif. Library System which states that
our former president, Mr. Richard M. Nixon, once carried on a con-
versation with a man from space. I wonder what he would say about
the information stated in the book? Here is the information;….
…At that moment, another gentleman rushed into the
room. It turned out to be Vice President Richard Nixon. He
appeared to Val to be very sharp, quick-witted, with fixed
eyes and an amazing aptitude toward speed and profiency.

“My name is Valiant,” he said as the Vice President
thrust his hand without hesitation.

“You have certainly caused a stir…for an out of Towner.”
The Vice President smiled as he continued, “Of course, we
are not totally convinced of anything just yet. But suffice it to
say we are checking and double checking everything you say
and do. When Sergeant Young from Alexandria radioed in
and stated that you had just landed in a flying saucer, we
though,” he continued, “Sergeant Young had flipped. Say,
were you in on that UFO flap over Washington? You cer-
tainly had us all in a dither, if you were.”

After assuring them that this planet had been under close
scrutiny for hundreds of years before the 1945 bomb blast and
with his special letter still in the slightly quivering hand of the
President, he was requested to follow the Secret Service back
the way they had come.. to the Pentagon and into a beauti-
fully furnished apartment where he would spend the next
three years. Fortunately, he was prepared for such a lengthy
visit and kept in constant communication with the starship.
There were many occasions during which he teleported him-
self in and out of those quarters often exercising “trans-
imagery” to cause the security guards to visualize his face on
a nonexistent I.D. badge.

Photos Taken

Soon after his arrival, together with three members of
his crew, he joined a “convention” in the back yard of the
home of Mr. Howard Menger in High Bridge, New Jersey.
The month was April, 1957. A certain group of individuals
who were interested in UFOs were meeting that day. Val and
his crew members, Donn, Jill and Tanyia, had changed into
the same type of clothing worn by their Earth friends. The
meeting was very interesting and these people were on the
right track. He was dismayed to learn the undignified manner
in which these people were treated by the press. Neverthe-
less, these people were pursuing their beliefs and is was
good. A curious young photographer, August C. Roberts,
snapped several pictures, thinking he was doing so without
Val’s knowledge. The photographer seemed to be greatly
troubled when he attempted to talk to him. Yet, it was those
very photographs which were to bring me together with this
unusual man on that cold December day.

Holding the message from the High Council in his hand,
the President stated that Val’s offer to help the human family
would upset the economy of the United States and could
plunge her into the abyss of chaos. In brief, he politely told
Val that the people of this planet were not ready to cope with
such conditions as would come into existence if the recom-
mendations of this unearthly visitor were put into action.
Nevertheless, he was invited to assist a number of scientists
who were out working on medical projects directly associated
with the space sciences.

JW Val was also asked to help work on an orbital bomb system, but
he told them that he wasn’t interested in that sort of thing.
Source of Information: Stanger At The Pentagon, 4th edition, by
Frank Stranges, PHD.

Part 3. Posting Number 5.

John Winston.



Ike Turns Down Spaceman. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 18:04:20 PDT)
~Subject: Why Didn’t Ike Take The Spaceman’s Offer.

One might wonder why you late President Ike didn’t take the offer
that was given to us for help by the people from Venus. Here are some
of the reasons why he didn’t take them up on the offer for help……
….His last meeting with the President did not reap any last-
ing results. He wanted to let the world know of Val’s pro-
posed plan, but the Secretary of Defense, the head of the
Central Intelligence Agency and the Military Chiefs of Staff
were opposed to his suggestion. The President attempted to
effect a joint meeting before the General Assembly of the
United Nations. But this plan too was rejected. He was
informed that the U.N. would receive a special “press release”
in the form of a memorandum to the Secretary General no
later than February, 1966. These leaders of the U.S. Gov-
ernment argued long into the night, fearing that if the people
of this nation learned of the plan Val was offering, they might
choose to follow him instead of them. When a man feels that
his personal peace and tranquility may be threatened, the
human reaction is always that of swift self-preservation. At
one point, the Vice President insisted that the “pressure boys”
allow the President make the choice. He was vetoed with-
out even a chance complete his statements.

World conditions were not growing any better. Much
international pressure was being brought to bear upon the
administration. They fought diligently and enforced rigid
regulations with stiff penalties for revealing Val’s presence.
Even a major newscaster who inadvertently learned of his
visit through one of his paid informants was silenced by none
other than the Central Intelligence Agency, which has con-
sistently disclaimed all knowledge concerning UFOs. Mean-
while, they maintain secret files that could actually prove the
existence of intelligent life in the universe beyond all doubt.

The morning of March 15, 1960 saw Val meeting with
“Nancy Warren” who would continue to work inside the
Pentagon and be one of his contacts in the Washington, D.C.
area. She would continue communication with others who
would become part of his Earth contacts.

There are still to this day many adversaries to human
freedom. These parasites have imbedded themselves in all
phases of human society and will never be exposed except by
extraterrestrial intervention. There are confused individuals
who have perfected a saucer-type aircraft. Some of these are
the result of an attempt by some to institute a master race.
Remnants of this group still exist. These craft which they
designed are still seen from time to time in areas of South
America where some of those involved in the original plans
still reside. These should not be confused with e spacecraft
originating from other worlds or those coming from the inte-
rior of this planet. Nor should the occupants of craft origi-
nating from other worlds be confused with those “evil
messengers” who do not originate from Earth but were cast
INTO it after the first “war” ever recorded.

JW I feel that I will probably loose a few of you when he
mentioned the interior of the Earth but then some of you may
still believe that the sun comes up in the morning. If you
have any problems in that area just consult the local male
chicken and he will inform you that he made the sun come up
due to his vocalization.

Source of Information: Stranger At The Pentagon, by Frank

Part 4.

John Winston.


Spaceship On The Water. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 18:06:34 PDT)
~Subject: UFO On The Water.

It has been stated in the past that Val Thor has a space craft that
is on the water of Lake Mead near Las Vegas. Here is some information
about that UFO. ……………………………………………..
Then I saw it. An actual, saucer-shaped vehicle was sit-
ting on the water. I noticed a strange phenomena. The waves
were gently rocking a power boat tied to the rough mooring,
causing the boat to rise and fall. However, I noticed that the
space craft DID NOT MOVE. I was to be informed later that
the ship was equipped with a pencil-fine beam that when
fixed on any solid object kept the ship from moving even one
degree from that fixed position. As we neared the ship, it glis-
tend in the light of the sun that was beautifully setting,
rapidly. We sailed close to the craft with the motor cut off.
Then an aperture opened, revealing two smiling faces. One
man and one woman greeted me by name, took my hand,
lifted me into the ship and then reached down for Val. A
short time later, the small power-craft was also raised aboard
and stowed in a compartment where a much larger power
craft was also seen.

My first impression was one of great exhilaration min-
gled with joy and excitement. I had read from time to time
true accounts that had changed the lives of other UFO
researchers and investigators. I have read many books that
carefully outlined the experiences of those who had experi-
enced actual space contact. But now it was different. It was
happening to me. I remembered how my colleagues in the
Christian ministry looked with disdain upon anyone who
would dare relate incidents about “space people”, “space
vehicles” and such. But now I found myself caring less what
anyone would possibly think of me because of my own expe-
riences. I was there!!!

Purifying Sensation.

I was ushered by these wonderful people to a room
where I was requested to completely disrobe. I did so with-
out question. I then walked through a compartment that
resembled a shower…only without water. I felt a purify-
ing sensation all over my body. I no longer required my eye-
glasses to see. This is another phenomena on board the ship
that was quite “unscientific”. I felt extremely good in body,
soul and spirit.

After walking through the “shower compartment” I was
issued a white outfit that resembled what we would call
“overalls”. The fabric was lightweight just as Val’s garment
had been when he showed it to me at the Pentagon. However
it was a different fabric than his.

JW You know this sounds a lot like the TV show Star Trek The
Next Generation.

Source Of Information: Stranger At The Pentagon, by Frank

Part 5.

John Winston.


State Of Internet. (Fri, 9 Jul 93 18:08:35 PDT)
~Subject: The State Of Internet.

The President of the United States usually gives a message to the
people called The State Of The Nation, governors give speeches called
The State Of the State speeches and last of all heads of companies
give speeches called The State Of (then they put in the name of their
organization. In these talks they let the people know how things are
going and what their plans are for the future. I will now attempt to
put down such a bit of bytes about Interest. Please lend me your ears
and eyes;…………………………………………………..
….Millions of the world’s most
plugged-in people spend hours each
week surfing at near-warp speed on a
wave of information called the Inter=net.

Launched by the U.S. Defense Depart-
ment to promote communications be-
tween the military and industry, and nur-
tured by university researchers, this net-
work of networks – 11,000 in all – links
users, in 200 countries from A (Australia)
to Z (Zambia). They dig into databases
and exchange mail, research and gossip on
topics from aeronautics to zymurgy.

The number of people hooked to the inter-
net has grown exponentially – from about 2,-
000 in 1981 to about 15 million today. About
a million more are linking up each month.

The Internet moves data by relaying traffic
in packets from one computer network to
another. If a particular network or computer is
down or busy, the network is smart enough to
reroute the traffic automatically.

Here are some of the data banks where information
can be obtained; Electronic mail, user sends
e-mail to Internet address at the White House.
( Libraries; User searches Library
of Congress database. (telnet

Use of the high-speed (45-mega-
bit-per-second) backbone of the
network is free, because it is fully
subsidized by the U.S. govern-
ment. Users pay for access to the
other, privately operated comput-
er networks tied to the backbone.

Many people who have access
may not realize it. Most universi-
ties provide free Internet access to
every student, and many electron-
ic bulletin-board services, such as
CompuServe and MCI Mail, pro-
vide a gateway for exchange of
electronic mail with Internet users
throughout the world.

So Many people are signing up for
access to internet that it will run
out of individual computer address by
2003, unless a standards committee
changes the way computers address each
other, according to Susan Calcari, net-
work-information-service specialist for
General Atomics which operates CERFnet.

Computers do so much of the
work that it seems they are in total
control of Internet. That’s close to
the truth. There’s no central au-
thority, apart from the committee
that sets technical standards and
another that tries to insulate the
network against intruders and
JW. Well, friends Romans and flamers, there
you have it in a nutshell. If you so desire
you may find we posting in the Alt. Alien
Visitors of Internet or Usenet or Netnews All
(call it what ever you like). I have been
know in the past to say something about UFOs
ESP and other weird stuff. Please don’t tell
anyone I said any of this because I get enough
flames as it is.

Source of Information: Internet Society; “The
Whole Internet,” Ed Krol; “Surfing the Internet,”
Jean Armour Polly. San Francisco Chronicle.
Tuesday, June 1, 1993.

John Winston.


Waste Disposable Aboard A UFO. (Sun, 11 Jul 93 07:11:17 PDT)
~Subject: How To Defecate On A Flying Saucer.ok

In case you go aboard the space craft that is on Lake Mead, I have
some good news and some bad news in case you get a call from nature to
go to the little boy’s or girl’s room. The good new is that they do
have such a room and the bad news is that they don’t have paper that
would normally be used for such a purpose. The following information
will clear up what you have to do;……………………………..
…Later I was shown to my own guest quarters which were
quite unique. Again no square corners. The color was pale
blue made even softer by the indirect lighting which appeared
to come from the ceiling. Walking across the floor was like
standing in the thickest, puffiest clouds you can imagine. It
seemed to “fit” the form of your foot as you walked. The
room actually looked quite bare when you first walked in.
Everything to serve your needs was located in the wall and
with the push of a button, it was at your service. The bed, the
desk, all at your fingertips. A view screen was visible in the
wall at eye level as you sat in the chair provided for your com-
plete comfort.

One amusing incident occurred when the needs of
nature had to be attended. I went into the bathroom and was
embarrassed to note the obvious absence of toilet tissue.
Then it happened. I heard a voice within my mind which I
immediately recognized as belonging to Val.

He said, “Frank, look to your right. You will find three
buttons. Push the first, then the second and then the third, in
that order.”

I could hear Teel’s laugh as I proceeded to press the first
button. The sensation was that of a rapid warm wind similar
to a jet of air, blowing beneath the seat. the process entirely
crystallized the waste matters and caused it to drop from me.
Then the second button was another jet blast of a different
pressure and temperature. Finally, the third button. This pro-
duced a pleasant, fragrant substance that made me feel as
though I had been washed, cleaned, powdered and perfumed.

As I came out of the bathroom, no one paid any atten-
tion to me although I had a strong feeling that everybody in
the room knew what had happened.

Suddenly Teel (JW a pretty space lady) broke the silence by
saying, “Well, do you want take one home with your?”
A few of them laughed and went on about their business.

After meeting privately with Val, I proceeded to sleep for
a few hours and in the morning, Val drove me back to San
Diego where I again boarded a plane bound for Los
JW So there your have it folks, a manual of defecation.

Source of Information: Stanger At The Pentagon, by Frank

Part 6.

John Winston.


READ  1994:The Lemurian Influence

Where Are All Of Those Spaceships? (Sun, 11 Jul 93 07:14:34 PDT)
~Subject: Victor 1 Where Are You?

The space craft that Val Thor has on Lake Mead is parked in a certain
place. Here is some information about it;…………………………
Parked near the shore of the western-most reach of Lake
Mead, east of Las Vegas, Nevada, is VICTOR ONE, a space-
craft from an extraterrestrial culture in which the name
Commander Valiant Thor is prominent. This is the craft
which he commands and uses as his “home” on Earth. VIC-
TOR ONE is northwest of Hoover Dam, southeast of Nellis
Air Force Base, northeast of the town of Henderson, Nevada,
and south of the Gypsum Plant. As of early December, 1988,
it was just south of Las Vegas Wash about a mile northeast of
the junction of Highways 147 and 166. It can move about.
VICTOR ONE has been in this vicinity for eleven years.
There are other Victor Class spacecraft which have been
observing Earth for thousands of years. Several thousand peo-
ple of Earth know of VICTOR ONE…approximately 2000
are U.S. Government officials currently in office. A limited
number of people of Earth have visited VICTOR ONE,
including several scientists. No government officials have ever
visited VICTOR ONE.

The “Victor Class” Sector

A space craft of the Victor Class is a 300-foot diameter
discus, twenty-two feet high at the rim, increasing to ninety-
seven feet on the axis. The permanent crew is approximately
200. Its audio-visual-laser-type camera can select and pick up
any person’s actions and words as well as record them, all this
up to a distance of 1200 miles from the spacecraft. There are
presently about 450 persons under surveillance by VICTOR
ONE. Only 20% are of a positive nature. The rest present
some kind of threat to the planet.

Approximately 103 victor Class spacecraft are on or near
the surface of the Earth, active between some 287 locations
The first Victor Class ship visited Earth nearly 6,000 years
ago. When Albert Einstein’s four papers of technical develop-
ment first appeared in 1905, the need for close scrutiny
increased. Deployment reached the present level of 103 in
1981 during the peak threat of nuclear war.

All of e Victor Class ships were carefully constructed
on board the Starship. There is a level compartment on the
very bottom of the Starship where these ships are constructed
and housed until they are dispatched. The crews are carefully
chosen with the ranking officers being those who are consid-
ered seasoned to command such a craft. The design of the
Victor Class ships is constant. There are no variations. There
are other scout ships that are smaller (such as the one which
Val used to go to Alexandria, Virginia and visit the Pen-
tagon). These have a capacity of one, two, three, four, six,
eight or ten persons. All of these are also constructed of the
same basic material as the Victor Class ships. The shapes vary.
As a mater of fact they have been built in every shape
known to man. A mini-class ship with an elongated
configuration in shape of a torpedo is used to transport
supplies. These are those which have been seen coming out
of the sides of mountains in California, Nevada and Arizona.
Bases inside these mountain areas house these craft as well.
You may have heard some of the stories the Indians tell of
these bases.

All of the Victor Class ships have the capability of inter-
planetary travel if and when it’s necessary.

JW I would like to go into this craft someday.

Part 7. Posting Number 10.

Source of Information: Stranger At The Pentagon by Frank


Location Of Spaceships. (Sun, 11 Jul 93 07:18:33 PDT)
~Subject: Where Are All Of These 103 Spaceships Located?

You may be wondering where all of these Victor Series spaceship
are scattered around the Earth. Here is some information that will
let you know a little more about that subject;

Location of the Ships

The 287 locations of the Victor Series ships by land
masses, oceans or countries are as follows:

North & South Pacific Ocean……………………………38
USA (48 States)………………………………………21
North & South Atlantic Ocean…………………………..18
China & Mongolia……………………………………..17
India, Afghanistan through Viet Nam…………………….17
Middle East………………………………………….17
Africa & Madagascar…………………………………..17
Indian Ocean…………………………………………13
Philippines & Indonesian Islands……………………….11
Australia & New Zealand………………………………..9
South America…………………………………………8
Arctic Ocean………………………………………….4
Greenland & Iceland……………………………………3
Central America……………………………………….2
Others (due to vagueness of boundaries)…………………10

The total number of crew on VICTOR ONE, as previ-
ously mentioned, is 200. With Valiant Thor as Commander,
there are four crew members who serve in the capacity of
Vice Commander. These include Donn, Thonn, Teel and
the Medical Officer who is known as “Doc”. These com-
manders have been chosen to serve until further advised. The
rest of the compliment are those from the home planet Venus
who have elected to serve under the direct command of
Commander Val Thor. From time to time, however, there are
those from other systems who volunteer to serve on VIC-
TOR ONE for short periods to time…about three Earth
months. This is done so that those of the crew members who
wish to return home for a time may do so without disrupting
the vital functions of the ship. Remember, life is not the same
on their planets as it is here on Earth. No person or job is
looked upon as any more or less important than any other
person or job.

Cosmic Teachings

Three to five crew members directly assist V.C. Teel in
the preparation and teaching of the various classes conducted
aboard VICTOR ONE. Most of these classes are conducted
by her and pertain directly to the following subject:
A. Earth Sciences
B. Earth people and their habits
C. The fall of mankind and the Salvation of Jesus Christ
D. The psychology of the human being

JW Boy I sure would love to be in some of those classes and
bring along my video camera, but what would I plug into
when I need to recharge my batteries?

Source of Material: Stranger At The Pentagon, by Frank

Part 8. Posting Number 11.

John Winston.


How Busy Is Val Thor? (Sun, 11 Jul 93 07:22:04 PDT)
~Subject: How Busy Is Val Thor?

Many of you might like for Val to come by and teach you all he
knows about space and everything but I don’t believe that is going
to happen. Here are his words as to why it probably won’t happen;..
…Many have requested that I come and lecture, conduct
classes, teach you what I know. This is quite impossible.
However, through Dr. Stranges, a vehicle has been designed
to fulfill that request.

It would not be practical for you to expect me to come
to teach you individually or collectively at this time as I must
perform the following tasks in my position:

1. Command the starship as well as VICTOR ONE
2. Head the Venusians Council of Twelve
3. Control certain outposts around this planet
4. Oversee the task forces used to contain radiation
around your cities
5. Make regular journeys to and from the planets
6. Conduct seminars on the Starship for the indoctrina-
tion of those visiting from other star systems
7. Monitor discussion and plans by world leaders
8. Prevent atomic holocaust by exercising certain limits
on certain human agencies
9. Work in full harmony with our Heavenly Creator

Please do remember that there are at this time seven per-
sons, of various backgrounds and experience on this Earth
who have been gifted with a keen insight regarding matters
pertaining to the future of this planet. It would do you good
to listen to these four men and three women, one of whom
is Dr. Frank Stranges. The others will make themselves
known to their groups in their respective parts of the globe.

JW Well folks that’s all for now on this subject.

Source of information: Stranger At The Pentagon, by Frank
Stranges, PHD

The book Stranger At The Pentagon can be obtained by writing
for a free catalog from INNER LIGHT PUBLICATIONS Box 653-Dept.
Mew Brunswick, N.J. 08903.

The End, part 9, posting number 12.

John Winston.


Harold Wheaton Revisited (Mon, 12 Jul 93 08:47:04 PDT)
Dear Seekers Of Truth.
A person by the name of Harold Wheaton (reminds me of Will Wheaton
from Star Trek The Next Generation who I have interviewed) requested
that I comment on his recent posting to the Net and add any correction
that I might think are not correct so here goes:………………….

He believes that space people have been around the Earth for many years.
Is it not said that the morning stars shouted with joy when the foundations
of the Earth were made? Angels were here, Job was here and space people were
here. That was 4.7 billion years ago or more. They seeded this place with
us several times. We have a tendency to destroy ourselves about every
5,000 years so we are 5,000 years behind Venus and many years behind the
people on parts of Sirius. Some of the people on Sirius are so far advanced
to us that they would seem like gods to us (Jehovah). I’m serious folks
their are people on Sirius (the Dog Star). Just ask some of the people
in Africa. They will tell you they came from there and tell you the rotational
characteristics of a couple of stars that rotate around each other on a
50 year basis, but then they are a bunch of ignorant savages so what do they

Harold mentions that the space people monitor us and this is correct. This
is sometimes done by a mechanical device called a chronomonitor. Sort of like
the robot in the show The Day The Earth Stood Still.

It was mentioned that the space people buzz us to watch us. That is correct
they have constant patrols and sometime take people aboard and tell them what
they have been doing for thousands of years, but then these people are then
treated as if they are insane by the people of earth or even worse. They do
have a code of Non-interference that they live by. They believe in letting
civilizations live out their on Karma. They do walk among us and do volunteer
to be born as regular people by our women. Some of them take the bodies
of earth people who want to give up in their life here on Earth (called

They do have an organization called a Confederation of Planets. Surface people
on Earth are not members of it now but we will be up for membership when
we straighten out our act.

Some UFOs were seen during World War 2 and were called Foo Fighters. People
in Egypt saw them and drew pictures of them in the pyramids. UFOs are not
only a recent phenomena.

End Part 1.

John Winston.


Kmart Spaceman. (Sun, 18 Jul 93 15:00:01 PDT)
~Subject: Spaceman Works At K-Mart.
It seems that we have a space person living in America now
and his only claim to fame is that he is a night shift clerk
at K-mart. How high on the social scale can you get? Here
is some information about the man and another person from
space who is a space lady. …Kmart store manager once worked
as a UFO engineer (JW I’ll bet that looked good on his
application). Paul Wellmer, whose true name is Nommos, was
born on the spaceship Monitor 74 Earth-years ago. He was among
thousands of space aliens aboard the starship, which came from
the planet of TaoPao, an Earth-like world situated in the Sirius
B System of Constellation Canis Major. When his spaceship
crashed on this planet on June 18, 1946, the extraterrestrial
starship engineer survived by invading the body of a 2-month-old
earthling and taking his name. He has been living the life of a
normal human ever since, marrying and getting a job as a night
clerk at Kmart in the small town of Fredericktown, Mo.
Wellmer says on his native planet, his physical appearance is
entirely different.
“Our bodies can adapt to living on land or underwater because
we have gills within our lungs, two circulatory systems and two
hearts,” he said.
(JW Well I don’t know much about him but I have read a lot about
the next lady I’m going to mention.)
Chicago house wife Omnec Onec is dying to meet space alien Paul
Wellmer-because she’s an alien herself and she wants another
extraterrestrial to talk to!
The blonde mother of three-whose native planet is Venus-read
an article about Wellmer in the April 6, issue of the Weekly
World News and admits she was fascinated. She says she’s aware
of other space aliens living in this country, but Wellmer-who
lives in Fredericktown, Mo. -is not know to her because he comes
from outside our solar system.
“I would love for him to come see me in Chicago,” said Omnec, whose
book UFO From Venus I Came sold out when it hit the bookstores two
years ago.
There are so many solar systems, each with many planets, and I am
not familiar with every one. I would love to talk to him and learn
about his world.”
Omnec went public about her alien origins in 1990, when she
published her book in an effort to teach earthlings about the
brotherhood of planets. She says she knows of more than 300 other
aliens from Mars, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter who occupy important
positions in American society. Worldwide, she says, there are more
than 1,000.
Wellmer, who is called Nommos on his planet of ToePao, says he’s
also eager for a space alien powwow.
“I have not read Omnec Omnec’s book but it sounds like something
I should know about,” he told the NEWS.
“And I would definitely like to meet her. We have much to talk
about, I’m sure.”
When Wellmer gets together with Omnec, it will be his first
meeting on Earth with another space alien. And the extraterrestrial
admits he’s been lonely since the spaceship wreck separated him
from others of his kind.
“A day doesn’t go by that I don’t wonder where my fellow crew
members are,” he says.
“It’s hard being the only one. I’m delighted to know that Omnec
Onec wants to get together.”
Female extraterrestrial came to earth in 1955!
Born 246 Earth years ago. Omnec Onec was raised on the planet Venus
in a town called Teutonia. She lived on an astral plane-with out a
physical body-until she was instructed by her leaders to travel to
earth with a message of peace and brotherhood.
Omnec says she was trained to live as a human in an ancient monastery
in Tibet. Eventually she was sent to live in Tennessee with an
earthling family, replacing a 7-year-old child who had died in
a bus wreck. She grew up, married and moved to Chicago, where she
raised three children. worked as a bar maid, a clothes designer
and a cashier.
She revealed her true space alien nature in 1990, when she wrote
and published her best-selling book. Today she travels around the
United States and Europe, spreading a message of peace and
brotherhood, as he was instructed to do by Venusians leaders.
JW In the past I had read the first article about Omnec and
had gone over to Don Showen’s house to talk to him about it. It just
so happened that he had a copy of her book and I obtained it from him.

Source of Material: Weekly World News July 20, 1990

John Winston.


Harold Wheaton Revisited Part ? (Sun, 18 Jul 93 15:18:04 PDT)
~Subject: Wheaton Revisited.
This is the second part of answering the request of Harold Wheaton to
put down what I consider to be the truth about his ideas about UFOs
as stated in his recent posting. Here we go with his statements first
and then my comments;

These relatively evil aliens then reluctantly made themselves known to the
U.S. government. The beings gave away a few small ships for us to “play”
with, perhaps as a motivation to “look the other way” when the abduction
phenomenon became more pronounced. I imagine it worked at first, but it
was quickly realized the Greys were only concerned about themselves. An
offensive posture was then taken against the Greys. (I wonder if the Greys
broke the Prime Directive when communication was established with the
government. Also, the government may know about the Prime Directive and
thus knows the Greys cannot seriously fight us. The reason the benevolent
aliens simply do not destroy the Greys is because war itself is not
liked by these good creatures. The Greys, though are disliked, are living
beings and have certain rights within the law.) This offensive posture is
still in effect today. The government hopes the Greys will leave but
knows it is unlikely.
JW Your pretty close in your idea here. The Greys are not especially bad.
They have a IQ of about 300 and treat us like we treat animals. They
consider us something to be experimented with just like our scientist
think. They did give us some crafts and showed us how to use them. They
have brought some of their people here for training and we now have some
of our people on their planet being trained. Things got out of hand
and they started taking too many people for experimentation and not bringing
them back alive so the government now wants out of the deal. The government
has started a thing called Project Awareness where they are funding the
movies, authors and TV to start telling the truth to soften up the public
to the truth so they can get out of the deal. The Greys have even given us a
craft that was used during the first part of the Gulf War. We really blew
the people over there to pieces and that could be the reason why they
didn’t come out with any of their planes. That UFO is now based down
in Texas. Your government and some special interests group already have
UFO here on Earth.
That’s all for now.
End Part 2

John Winston.


Information About Underground UFOs. (Tue, 20 Jul 93 18:26:49 PDT)
~Subject: Information About Underground UFOs.

In my interview of Sharula, the lady from the underground city of
Mt. Shasta she talked a lot about their life there. Here is some
more information about that subject;………………………..
LANGUAGE: While dialects vary from city to city, “Solara Maru”
translated as the “Solar Language,” is commonly spoken. This is the
root language for our sacred languages such as Sanskrit and Hebrew.

GOVERNMENT: A Council of Twelve, six men and six women, together
with the Ra and Rana Mu, do collective problem solving and serve
as guides and guardians of the people. Positions of royalty, such
as are held by the Ra and Rana Mu are regarded as ones of respon-
sibility in upholding God’s divine plan. The High Priest, an Ascended
Master named Adama, is also an official representative.

COMPUTERS: The Agarthean computer system is amino-acid based, and
serves a vast array of functions. All of the sub-cities are linked
by this highly spiritualized information network. The system moni-
tors inter-city and galactic communication, while simultaneously
serving the needs of the individual at home. It can, for instance,
report your body’s vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or then if necessary,
convey pertinent information from the akashic records for personal

MONEY: Non-existent. All inhabitants basic needs are taken care of.
Luxuries are exchanged via a sophisticated barter system.

TRANSPORTATION: Moving sidewalks, inter-level elevators, and elec-
tromagnetic sleds resembling our snow mobiles within the city. For
travel between cities, residents take “the Tube”, an electromagnetic
subway system capable of speeds up to 3,000 mph. Yes, Agartheans are
well versed in inter-galactic etiquette, and are members of the Confed-
eration of Planets. Space travel has been perfected, as has the ability
for inter-dimensional shifts that render these ships undetectable.

ENTERTAINMENT: Theatre, concerts, and a wide variety of the arts.
Also, for you Trekkies, the Holodeck. Program your favorite movie or
chapter in Earth history, and become a part of it!

CHILDBIRTH: A painless three months, not nine. A very sacred process
whereby upon conception, a woman will go to the temple for three days,
immediately welcoming the child with beautiful music, thoughts and imagery.
Water birthing in the company of both parents is standard.

HEIGHT: Due to cultural differences, average heights of subterranean
citizens vary. Generally 6’5 to 7’5 in Telos while nearly 12′ in Sham-
balla the Lessor.

AGE: Unlimited. Death by degeneration is simply not a reality in Telos.
Most Agartheans choose to look an age between 30 and 40, and stay there,
while technically they may be thousands of years old. By not believing
in death, this society is not limited by it. Upon completing a desired
experience, one can disincarnate at will.

ASCENSION: Absolutely, and much easier and more common than on the surface.
Ascension is the ultimate goal of temple training.

Part 1.

JW Sounds like those people have a pretty good thing going.

Source of Information: World Ascension Network. Issue Nine Spring/Summer
1993. 369 Montezuma, Suite 221 Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA.

John Winston.


Information About Underground UFOs. Part 2. (Tue, 20 Jul 93 20:26:50 PDT)
~Subject: Information About Underground UFOs. Part 2.
A person may wonder why one would dig a hole and pull the
hole behind him. This information will answer that question;
Why have they stayed underground all this time? In part,
because the Agartheans have learned the futility of war and
violence, and are patiently waiting for us to draw the same
conclusion. They are such gentle folk, that even our judgmental
thoughts are physically harmful to them. Secrecy has been their
protection. Until now, the truth of their existence has been
veiled by Spirit. When can we visit? Our entrance to the sub-
cities depends on the purity of our intentions, and our capacity
to think positive. A warm welcome from both worlds is the ideal,
and must be expressed by more than just the light working community.

Currently, a few hundred brave subterranean are working on the
surface. In order to blend with the masses, they have undergone
temporary cellular change, so that physically, they don’t tower above
the rest of us. They may be recognized by their gentle, sensitive
nature, and somewhat mysterious accent. We wish to introduce you
to a very special one of them. Her name is Princess Sharula Aurora
Dux. The daughter of the Ra and Rana Mu of Telos. Sharula has
been officially appointed Ambassador to the surface world by the
Agartha Network.
She is 267 years old, and looks 30. All of the above is courtesy
of her first hand experience. Sharula, currently known to thousands
shall soon be know to millions.

The purpose of her Ambassadorship is to prepare the way for the
merging of the two worlds.. to bring the ideas, the information and
the new archetypes that will help unite our planet. Sharula has
come to present a blueprint for peaceful change to those who will
listen. Now, the Agartheans have reached a point where they cannot
progress spiritually unless this merger takes place. In essence,
we are one planet ascending, not half a planet. It is God’s will
that we take the next step together. The sooner we invite this unity,
the sooner the magic will unfold. The Hierarchy has made the
emergence of the subterranean cities a priority project. They are
asking us to do our part in welcoming our brethren. The timing
depends very much upon our receptivity and our graciousness. A
successful merger is estimated within the next 10 to 20 years.
Beloved, there is nothing to fear, and everything to gain. The
gifts the Agartheans bring are many. The secret of immortality
is also your birthright. The freedom to live in abundance is also
your birthright. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted a hydroponics
tomato, and by all means, a little fun on the Holodeck should be had
by all.

Part 2 The End.

JW I’d like to go visit them someday.

Source of Material. World Ascension Network 369 Montezuma, Suite 221,
Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA.

John Winston.


Are You From Earth Originally? (Wed, 21 Jul 93 17:48:24 PDT)
~Subject: Are You From Earth Originally?

Some of you may wonder where you as a person got started. Let me
let the space people tell you what they think about your origin…
…(JW This an Earth person talking to start off with). I have been
told by the lady in my life and spiritual partner, Sandra Bowen, who
is a very accurate spiritual reader, that I have been taken on board
the spacecrafts on several occasions, some of which we have shared
previously and once when very young. She even goes so far to discuss,
that I am an Alien to the Earth, not the earth body, but the soul
essence. For myself, whether this statement is true or not, I feel it
makes no difference because all Star Seed and Wanderers must go
through the same life experiences as earthlings, the same tests, deal
with the same problems. But, as I stated at the beginning of this
section, none of the people on the Earth currently, or in our past
are native to the Earth. All of us have been brought or chosen to
come to this planet or classroom by our own free will. It is just in
the case of the Star Seed and Wanderers, they are here to help their
spiritual brothers and sister to realize the Divine Beings they are,
for somehow they have been caught up in the illusion of the material
plane and forgotten how to move forward. Below are three sources which
discuss this concept that Man as we know it, has migrated to Earth from
the stars.

From a channeled message reported by the Cosmic Science Research
Center in Portland Oregon, dated April 1, 1974, we list a few excerpts.

“This is Omnivoice, the voice of Divine Truth, from intelligence
levels beyond the limits of Earth. Omnivoice is a chronicle of events
and experience of other worlds, their inhabitants, and of the work
they do in fulfilling the Divine Creator’s plan for humanity.

We are not of your world or of your intelligence level, yet we know
of you civilization and of your world, for we have monitored it from
the beginning. We were present when your world formed from a howling
magnetic vortex, and we have watched it grow from a small, white hot
ball to its present size over a period of three billion, five hundred
million years or so, your time. We watched your world grow steadily
through a series of cataclysmic upheavals, and watched it change from
its small white-hot, dense form to a small, cooling, barren hollow sphere.
For centuries your world was barren and devoid of life, until it de-
veloped a weather system, and rains came to your world to cool it even
more, thus bringing it to within biological tolerance temperature
range limits.

At this point in the evolution of Earth we vegetated it, then in the
proper time, we populated it with the migrants from our worlds. The
civilizations we place on Earth created beautiful cities that were
built to last. Some of these earlier ruins still stand on your world
today. The people who occupied these cities have long since departed
Earth, either by death or by evacuation at the time of periodic expan-
sion of the crust and polar changes. These polar changes happen re-
gularly every five to six thousand years, [editor note: study the
history of Egypt, and you will see there are two periods of it, one
under the influence of Atlantis, after Atlantis was destroyed, which
created a superior culture/civilization, well beyond our own today,
and then most of the ruins we find currently, are what was left after
a polar shift occurred, leaving a much more primitive, superstitious
culture] and are part of the evolvement of any planet. Because the
magnetic environment has been changed after the polar change, what
life manages to survive the cataclysms perishes a short time after the
polar change, and the Earth is once again barren. Life is not con-
tinuous, but exists only from one polar change to the next. Following
each polar change, we move in again and vegetate the Earth, then in
the proper magnetic time, we colonize it once again with those whom we
were able to evacuate just before the polar change.

Even since the first Divine Creator created the first living organ-
isms, including unisex man, life must come from life, there is no
possible way for life to generate spontaneously from inorganic chemicals.
The seed of life that was, has been and will be placed on Earth had
to come from life somewhere else beyond Earth. And so it was, and will
be, not only for Earth, but for any other planet when that stage of
evolution is reached.

[This information was signed, ABRAHAM, Galaxy Control Central Committee,
Solar System of Hatton, Galaxy of Adam]

JW Now they have gone and said the name Hatton and now every flamer in
the world will be on my back.


Part 1 CC. Posting Number 19

John Winston.



Are You From Earth Originally? (Wed, 21 Jul 93 17:50:43 PDT)
~Subject: Are You From Earth Originally? Part 2. DD.

JW We will now continue our discussion about the history of the Earth.
The Intelligence which created the worlds we live in, including yours,
created orderly systems of planets, galaxies, universes and Omniverses.
This Intelligence is so vast, so total, that in its totality its enormity
is incomprehensible to even our minds. This Intelligence leaves no room
for accident, either biological or otherwise. Every event, phenomena,
occurrence, or change must be preceded by a set of magnetic patterns
which allows it to happen. Life as you know it is an excellent example
of this; life of a given type can only produce its own kind, and not
some alien creature, because the magnetic conditions which govern the
characteristics of that kind of life are passed to the next generation,
and each succeeding generation. Man is not the end product of a series
of lucky biological accidents, but the result of the execution of a very
careful plan by Universal Intelligence. Therefore, there is a destiny
and a past for each organism, and a present governed by this Intelligence,
exerting its influence through changes in the magnetic environment im-
mediate magnetic environment.

In the beginning, man was a unisex creature. There was no division of
sex for a long time. But the unisex man lacked the compassion the first
Creator thought should be there, so out of the unisex, hibernating and
dividing creature evolved sexed individuals. Man, like each and all
organisms, carries a spark of life from the Divine Creator within it.
The carrier of this little bit of life, or Light, as the case may be,
is called the soul, while the spark of life is known as the Spirit. The
soul has both male and female polarities in it; each of these expresses
as a separate sex, thus allowing the soul to express as a male and as a
female in two separate organisms.

The civilization now on Earth is comprised of descendants of the last
migration to Earth, and of inbreeding by Space People in an effort to
improve the species, and to lead them back in their natural state of
enlightment. Our ancestors were also your ancestors; your blood is like
ours, and our bodies are like yours. We are not really alien to you, nor
are you aliens to us. Here on our worlds you will find no grotesque
monsters that the evolutionists would have you believe we are. We did
not evolve out of the sea, and neither did you. The seed of life has been
passed from planet to planet, solar system to solar system, galaxy to
galaxy and universe to universe from the very beginning, and will continue
to be passed long after our worlds and yours have passed into oblivion.
To this end, Universal Intelligence, or the Divine Creator, has given us
the means and the authority to spread the seed of life throughout all
of the known Omniverse. We have been given the ability to build magnificent
high-speed interplanetary and interstellar vehicles, enabling us to travel
to distant galaxies in a short time. The speed of light is no a barrier to
us, for it is not a constant, but a manipulatable variable. The propulsion
systems of our ships are what we call magnetic inversion units, where we
manipulate the forces surrounding a spaceship to get our propulsion power.
Because we eliminate resistance to forward motion by neutralizing or
nullifying it rather than trying to bash our way through it by applying ever
increasing quantities of brute force, fantastic speeds are possible with
even small amounts of power. One of the effects of our power generating
and propulsion systems is to create interior gravitational fields, thus
eliminating problems that would be otherwise generated by inertia.

The past, present and future of Earth is being enacted elsewhere in your
galaxy right at this moment. We know from what has been recorded on some of
these worlds what to expect to happen to Earth in the near and distant future.

Unfortunately, there are Other Intelligences whose standard of conduct is
not in harmony with ours. These inhumane beings steal our spaceships at every
chance, and will go to unenlightened worlds like yours, to kill, maim and
destroy without regards to anything except themselves. We try to stop
them before they have already done some damage. We try to repair what they
have done, but because of the attitude of unenlightened man our work is
often made more difficult because of fear of the unknown. Really, there is
not that much difference between us, and there is not real reason to fear
the coming of our ships. Fortunately the Destroyers are a small, very
small minority of ships that visit your world. And we can stop most of
those who do attempt to invade your world. We visit your world for special
reasons; each ship with a special mission on Earth. Once the assignment is
finished, we depart your world until next time.

JW It sounds like they are the good guys.


Part 2, DD Posting Number 20

John Winston


UFO LIBRARY (Sat, 24 Jul 93 21:44:59 PDT)
~Subject: What The Pleiadians Have To Say.
I just went over to a magazine store looking for my favorite magazine
(UFO UNIVERSE) and found a different magazine that I couldn’t put down.
It’s called UFO LIBRARY the anniversary issue. It had some information
from the Pleiadians that caught my attention. Here is the information;..
Our Universe, which is called the Creation by the Pleiadians, is 47
trillion years old.
When our Universe was created a twin Universe was also created right
next to us which is called the Dal Universe by the Pleiadians. It is
identical to ours and supports human life just as we know it.
In our galaxy, which we call the Milky Way, there were originally over
44 million planets which evolved human life as we know it. Currently
there are over 7.5 billion planets with 343 different forms of the human
body living on them. The Pleiadians have come in contact with 1,800,000
of them.
Our planet is visited every year by about 3,000 ships most of which
only pass by and have very little interest in us. There are also other
types of non-human life forms in our galaxy and throughout the Universe,
some of which also come here. Billy was told about a race from a set
of twin planets called Zeta Reticuli that have on some occasions abducted
humans for experimenting. The Pleiadians have communicated with this
race of our behalf to stop the abductions. We have also been warned that
there are other races, both human and non-human, who are quite malicious by
our standards and would quickly take over our planet. Billy was told
that the probability is very high that the planet Earth will soon face
the reality of defending ourselves from attackers from other worlds.
It is not clear whether or not the Pleiadians or other races would help
defend us. Apparently they have in the past and do maintain a certain
surveillance over our planet. However they have stated that they are not
allowed to intervene in our political or power structure on their own.
They belong to a council or federation of planets which forbids them
from interfering in our right to free will. It seems as a planet we must
make a choice of aligning ourselves with them and other peaceful races in
order to get their help. If we choose to align ourselves with other non-
peaceful races, they will not come to our aid. There is evidence to support
the idea that our government has already aligned itself with a hostel race
in order to gain knowledge for weapons and power. If this turns out to
be true, it could be the warning the Pleiadians have given us and would
prevent them from coming to our aid.
JW So that’s what they said. The strange thing about all of this is that
some people don’t even believe that space people are visiting us on Earth
at the present time or in the past.
John Winston.


Why Is The Weather Acting So Crazy? (Thu, 29 Jul 93 06:22:51 PDT)
~Subject: Why The Weather Is Acting Crazy;
In the past a person in jest has suggested that we have had
enough rain in the middle of the US and that I should turn it
off. It’s not me doing it along. We are all doing it. On the
Net some information has been put on that addresses that
subject but it comes from two sources that that a lot of people
hate 1. The Earth, which many people think can’t talk or think
(some American Indians say it can think) and 2. Channeled infor=
mation. I would suggest that if something (even a donkey) gives
sound advice that we would be wise to listen. Here the information;

Translations from Earth
Telepathic Communications – To Tom H. Smith of Spirit-Earth

An Impassioned Plea For Love And Harmony

July 12, 1993

You are confusing my energy somewhat because you feel discomfort in
your chest, and yes your heart. This is because I have pains in my
heart and you are sensitive to this.

It makes me sad that I must cause pain and sorrow to the humanity I
dearly love. It is necessary that I heal myself of the harm you are
causing me. But it still causes much sorrow in my heart when I must
flood your cities, or cause death and destruction to your homelands
with my earthquakes. It sorrows me to see humans in such pain and
suffering. But you have brought it on yourself. You are drawing this
pain to you, just as you have done to me.

Yet, I love each of you and do not take any measure of pleasure in
seeing and knowing what I must do to heal myself, and therefore cause
you pain. If you would only look at what you are doing, and if you
would only look beneath the harmful ways your society has taught you
to act towards others and me, you would begin to understand why I must
cleanse myself of the wounds you inflict upon me. Yes, my heart aches,
not only from the harm you have caused me, but also from the pain and
sorrow you are feeling as I begin my cleansing in earnest.

Earthquakes In Japan

There are earthquakes in many parts of my being. You are hearing of
some today as I have begun the healing processes in the areas of
Japan. This is also a beginning here as I am trying to awaken the
waves of humanity to become a positive vibration towards all others. I
am asking you to love one another and then to demonstrate this with a
loving care and concern for me. Do not encourage the raping of my
forests for your material gain. I have grown the wild life of my rain
forests to help create a balance on your home. I do this by causing
the correct chemical mixtures to be released into my air and taken
into my ground. I do this by supporting the many life forms that are
so beneficial to your species, and most of you do not even know this.
You are cutting your own life line. And for what – the material
pleasures that are so fleeting.

Yes, I have warned you by the moving of my surface to shake and then
expel your negative energies. You are free to step forward and help
yourselves and help me. But if you do not, I must heal my wounds. I
will, therefore, cause 100 times more devastation than has just been
witnessed in the lands and seas of Japan.
The Floods And Heat Of Mid America

A large part of the US is beginning to feel the extensions of my
cleansing powers. On numerous occasions I have sought relief from
these mid sections of your country. But you have ignored me and my cry
for help. Therefore, I have begun the cleansing that I had hoped to
avoid with your help. My heart goes out for all those who no longer
have a home or crops due to high waters. But I must rid my body of
your harmful vibrations and your harmful chemicals. Oh, citizens of
this planet, listen to me and change by eliminating your harmful ways.
My dear and loving humans, I have given you so much, but I have no
more to give. You are draining my energies, as I must use them to heal
my wounds. I have chosen to move forward. It would be such a joyous
experience for you and me if we would do this together in harmony.
Please cause me no more harm and no more pain with your non-loving
ways towards yourself and me.

There is much heat in a great part of the US. You do not know what
heat is. You have seen and felt nothing compared to what I must do to
burn away the negativity that exists above my surface. You would not
believe what I can tell you of what will happen. But you can believe
what I say when I tell you love is the key, the answer to all of my
healing woes and to your growth towards the One. This does not mean
just loving the One Creator and asking the One to take care of
everything, including the heat and crop failures. It means feeling at
one with the Creator of us all by truly loving yourself and others.
When you truly love, you will do no harm to anyone, including me. When
you truly love, you cannot cause me harm on your jobs and in your
factories and be “different” when you return to your homes. You cannot
expect to pollute my body with nuclear radiation and waste during the
day and expect to be truly loving and healing at night in your home.
You carry your vibration with you, wherever you are.

Therefore, I am asking again, that you work and exist in harmony with
me and your brothers and sisters of the other kingdoms around you –
the animals, plants and nature spirits. Let us all know, together,
what our connection to the One means. Let us love together.

I leave in the hope of your realization of love. I love each of you
and I love the God Source, the One.


~ RM 1.0 00257 ~ “Anti-EMM! Anti-EMM! I hate expanded memory!” – Dorothy
Enter <RETURN> to continue.
So that’s it folks. I hope I didn’t make you mad for passing this infor-
mation on to you. I’ll attempt to get the permission from the person
who originally posted this at a later time.

John Winston.


The Difference Between The Greys And The Pleiadians. (Sun, 8 Aug 93 08:14:03 PDT)
~Subject: The Difference Between Greys and the Pleiadians.

There is a lady in the San Francisco Bay Area who seems to have
had some experiences with the space people but her explanation of
her encounter seems to make the Pleiadians appear to look a lot
like the Greys. See what you think about it;……

Pleiadian Power

Human messenger says dimension-traveling aliens want to help save

With concern in her voice, Katherine Carter relays a message to
Earth from the benevolent beings who have become an indelible part
of her soul: “People must come together and let go of all the
barriers they have, because that’s the only thing that’s going to heal
all of us. Before the aliens are able to be here, we need to come
together as a people.”

Carter says the dimension-traveling aliens, known in UFO circles
as the Pleiadians, want to help save humanity. “Their growth relies
on us. We don’t realize our impact on the universe. If we die, part
of the universe will die. We’re not just a little globe circling

The good-natured Novato, Calif. resident describes her numerous
encounters with ETs and shape-shifting spacecraft excitedly but
without over zealousness. She is sure of herself and her experience–
and seems quite normal.
Carter first remembers meeting the Pleiadians and playing in the
woods with them as a 4- or 5-year-old child. “When I was in high
school, they used to call me ‘the UFO lady,'” she laughs, “because
people would go out with me and have these weird things happen, like
missing time while traveling.”

But as society conditioned her with images of evil galactic invaders,
her fear escalated. “There were times in my life which it almost put
me over the edge mentally, because it was very demanding on my psyche,”
she says.

Last year Carter underwent a spiritual awakening. After reading the
UFO book Watchers, she contacted the Mutual UFO Network and shared her
experience with Saratoga resident Lisa Reynolds–who is visited by the
same aliens.

“Figuring out my relationship with them helped me also figure out
my own spiritual side,” Carter says. “I realized that these beings
have such a big love and we’re on such a low level of being able
to accept love that when they come into our lives, so many people
are frightened and have bad experiences. {The aliens} reflect all our
fears and negativity, so each person has a different experience, at
whatever level they’re at spiritually. It’s like a fingerprint.

“Some people feel like they just want to use us,” she adds. “But
their love is almost so overpowering, it’ll knock you down.”

By opening her heart, Carter was able to gain more conscious know-
ledge of her experiences. She recalls one morning when she opened
her eyes in her bedroom and said, “I’m going to have an encounter.’
That came into my head because I telepathically communicate with them.
Immediately when I said that, they were in my room.”

The aliens, examining her liver in what almost felt like an acupuncture
session, revealed themselves to her: little beings with big eyes,
bulbous fingers and soft, chalky, white-grey skin. “It was like seeing
and old friend again,” she says. “I’m part of their community and
they’re part of my community.”

Carter, who is mysteriously tonsil-less doesn’t mind submitting to
the Pleiadians’ curiosity. They’ve helped refine her channeling/
massage work and have befriended her two young sons, who call the aliens
“the men who come through the walls.”

She says that when the entities evolved, they lost their ability to
give birth–and that humans help them continue their species. “I have
always felt I have a child by them,” Carter says. “I’m not sure
how it happened or when. But it’s something I’m not really attached to,
because it’s theirs. It couldn’t live on this planet.”

The aliens advise Terrains to look at Native American and ancient ways
to find harmony in life, she says. And Carter believes that, although
the Pleiadians are not angels, they form a physical link between humanity
and God.

“When people are praying, when they’re finally on their knees, finally
saying, ‘Oh, my God, we need help,’ I think {the Pleiadians} will make
themselves known.”

JW I’ve always thought of the Pleiadians looking about like we do.

Source of Information.METRO July 22-28, 1993. by Jeff Brock.

John Winston.


Answer (Mon, 9 Aug 93 06:36:41 PDT)
Dear Earth Beings. And they were 40 days and 40 nights in the mists of
Internet and no one had killed anyone yet. We have been going on this
collection (thread) for 40 days now with 295 entries (just about the
300 mark. The members of one group are mad because the Kibo delegation
is using humor, another group is mad because of another reason and everybody
is mad because of various reasons, so what else is new? At least every-
body is getting to say what they want to say. I appreciate what Laszlo
had to say. I’ll see if I can find the address of Lisa Reynolds to see
if a person can stay overnight at her house, but remember, no hanky-
John Winston


What The Space People Say About The Great Pyramid. (Mon, 9 Aug 93 19:48:02 PDT)
~Subject: What The Space People Have To Say About The Great Pyramid.

The last time I attempted to put this information of the Net a lot
of people went crazy, some got mad and others started thinking. This
is a space person speaking. The information was transmitted to Richard
Miller by Tensor Beam and he spoke the words. I have heard the audio tape
of this in person and the information was also broadcast over a Los
Angeles, Calif. radio station many years ago. Here we go with the


March 12, 1958
Solar Cross Tape # 7-A
By: Kla-La

Greetings in the “Light” of Our Infinite One. I am Kla-La. In
speaking at this time, we deal with the subject of your Great Pyramid.
In the beginning, approximately 45,600 years before your Christ, the
Galactic Survey ships of the Confederation were to establish an out-
post and beacon upon your planet earth.

The crews from the third planet of Aldebaran approached your planet
and started construction on what is known in your day as your Great
Pyramid. Huge blocks of the substance granite were quarried form the
heart of a continent and brought by their craft to their present loca-
tion. Huge disrays cut and sliced and shaped these blocks to infinite
dimensions. The tribes at this time were frightened, thinking that the
craft in their heavens were remnants of some fabled gods descending to
the earth, and we felt it would not be necessary to discourage this.

In that edifice known as your Great Pyramid were laid generators,
totaling millions of watts energy, sending out beams and guide ways for
our craft for navigational purposes. Noticing the tremendous impact
that this structure had upon the native populace, it was felt that sub-
sidiary functions could be included. Also, at that time, it was felt
desirable to place observation teams of our people upon your planet
check the rates of progress of various races and to help in establishing
more even distribution. This was where your scientific circles find evi-
dence of many types of flora and fauna scattered through out all portions
of your globe.

Our people, setting forth in their mighty star ships, regularly
visited your planet. Seeing the needs of cultures yet to be born, cer-
tain influences were thought to be in order. These were placed, again,
in the pyramid. A shaft directly below the subterranean chamber, at a
level of 243 feet, was sunk and there the mightiest generators of a
race over a million of your years old, were installed and which, my
brother, function even to this day. These performed twofold purposes.
One, they helped eliminate an alarming degree of axial excursion present
at your north and south poles. Secondly, they provided more temperate
climates throughout many portions of your world which were still recover-
ing from a rather staggering glacial age.

Much later (circa 3,000 BC), one know to your scientists as Cheops
or Khufu, puzzling at this spectacle which our Pyramid presented, decided
that such a monument should at least be established more in an appearance
sense that it was. Thousands of the native population were set to work
and slabs and blocks of pure lime (stone) were built up around our pre-
mary efforts, providing a more textured surface. Not knowing what the
peculiar metal (copper), at that time, was adorning the top, they decided
to let it shine forth, for it could be seen by travelers many miles away.
This is where your ancient Grecian writer thought it to be a fact that
Khufu was the one to have erected the Pyramid.

Unknown to many people, regular crews of our people manned the equip-
ment, for the original intent of that area known as the Queen’s Chamber
was primarily an interstellar communications room. The area known as the
King’s Chamber was later installed by our people for healing various
physical ailments common to your peoples. Our people, under the guise
of their local priests of the time, administered treatments which were
thought by many to be miracles. In this we found an expedient way of
lending some aid where possible. And at all times the mightily throb of
hidden generators below the base of this monument, were continually throw-
ing radiant beams of energy out into the heavens of our universe to guide
our many craft. Later, eight more pyramids (built by Egyptian Pharaohs,
not the Space Friends) were constructed, bringing the total to nine,
stretching a distance of 63 miles along the western bank of the Nile.

It has always puzzled your people as to the exact dimensions of our
Pyramid. I shall now give you the exact dimensions as initially con-
structed. If these do not agree today, it is because of alterations
of earlier races and Pharaohs to the main structure.

The base of our Pyramid was 765 feet square. The total height was
486 feet. The entrance way was located exactly 54 feet above the base
on the north side and constructed in such a manner that the light of
your pole star would forever shine down the entire length of its 324
foot corridor to the subterranean chambers. A feat, my brothers, none
of your more infant races could possibly have engineered. This is also
the direction of your true magnetic north pole. The reason, this was
constructed so, was to keep t pole star centered, and thus alleviate
any further axial excursions of your planet.

Two hundred forty-three feet below the base rests machines your
scientists would forever marvel upon. The area of our entrance way was
nine square feet, ending in a subterranean chamber, from which another
passageway, extending 63 feet, ended in a blank wall. Blank for a pur-
pose, for nine feet further would disclose the sub-etheric generators.
Seventy-two feet above the base in the Queen’s Chamber, consisting of
1,134 square feet of area, and nine feet, again, above the Queen’s
Chamber, rests the present communications facilities. Nine feet below
the King’s Chamber lie those machines once installed on a higher level.
There are also three more areas unknown to your present science within
this structure.

You will notice, my brothers, that of all figures I have mentioned,
they are all multiples of the numeral “nine.” The reason for this being
that nine is the key to the mathematical science dealing with magnetic.
Your may bear this in mind.

It has been my privilege to speak. I am Kla-La.

JW So that is what he said.


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